Natasha Denona: The MINI Nude Palette

Hello, Beauties! 

It seems like Natasha Denona has had a lot of NEW RELEASES lately! And The Mini Nude Palette might just be my FAVE. And since Natasha Denona USUALLY releases Mini Versions of her FULL SIZED Palettes (Think Star Palette, Sunset Palette, and Lila Palette), the big questions are, will there be a FULL SIZED Nude Palette??? And is the Mini Nude Palette just as gorgeous as other Natasha Denona palettes?? Let’s discuss:



So, Natasha Denona, (Tel Aviv Based MUA) released her Gold Palette last Fall, but there’s No Mini Gold Palette (yet). So could the BRAND NEW Mini Nude Palette be a hint to something bigger?? I’ve searched everywhere regarding Natasha Denona’s FULL SIZED NUDE PALETTE, and I can’t find anything. But with Natasha Denona, she LOVES to surprise her fans with new gorgeous, fresh, and coveted palettes. We can only hope that a FULL SIZED Nude Palette will be released; because the MINI Nude Palette is absolutely GORGE.

So, about Natasha Denona’s Mini Nude Palette….

Natasha Denona’s MINI Nude Palette contains five, matte and metallic shades, with one chroma crystal light topper in the mix. Each shade, especially the matte shades, provide INTENSE pigment, as always when it comes to Natasha Denona. Deep, matte shade, SOIL, is a rich, red based, brown, which is perfect for adding dimension to your eye, by using it on your (eye) crease.  Shimmer based shade, BRONZAGE, is perfect to use as a pop of color, by painting the shimmering gold on your lid, OR your inner (top) lid, to add a pop of shimmer. I also used BRONZAGE as a liner, (with a thin, flat, liner brush) right beneath my lash line (bottom lid), which looked like I used a gorgeous, gold liquid liner, but really, it was a powder based eye shadow! So this palette is very diverse, and can be used as is, (eyeshadows), or as a liner (NOT on your water lash line, of course). You can also wet any good eyeshadow brush, by misting it with a makeup setting spray, or reworking mist, OR you can use a mixing medium, by dipping your brush in the mixing liquid, and then using the highly pigmented eyeshadows (use at your own discretion).  Shade, Sienna, is the Crystal Chroma Lid Topper, in this palette, and it POPS and adheres to lids, like a DREAM! Matte shade, QUOIN, is the PERFECT SHADE, to blend out and create the perfect color transfer on your lid.  And shimmer based shade Lumino is perfect for those lighter lid pops, and brow highlights.




This palette of gorgeous color is the perfect palette to create the new, beautiful trend, called, The Sunset Eye. And NO. I’m not talking about Natasha Denona’s Sunset Palette, or that Sunset Palette Eyelook…. I’m talking about a new look that is all about creating beautiful ombre’d NUDE colors (from Natasha Denona’s Mini Nude Palette), that melt into each other and create a natural, but absolutely STUNNING eye look. And the best part? It’s all about BLENDING, so there’s no color block eyeshadow application (which can sometimes be tough) involved! Here are some GORGE Natasha Denona Mini Nude Palette looks, to inspire your SUNSET EYE!






Step By Step Sunset Eye W/ Natasha Denona’s Mini Nude Palette:

  • Prime your eyelids with a good primer or liquid foundation.
  • Apply BRONZAGE (120M) to both of your eyelids w/ a SOFT FOCUS SHADER BRUSH.
  • Blend out BRONZAGE (120M) from your lids, OUT to create a a soft, bronze shimmer, w/ an ANGLED BLENDING EYESHADOW BRUSH.
  • Apply QUOIN (211CM) to your inner lids, and swipe up to your inner brow bones, w/ a TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH.
  • Use a DOMED BLENDING BRUSH, to add SOIL (213CM) to each eye crease.
  • Use a SHORT SHADER BRUSH to add a pop of LUMINO (212M) to the inner corners of your lids.
  • REUSE your TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH (again) with shade same shade, QUOIN (211CM), to blend your lid, into your crease (this will help create the perfect ombre’ AKA Blend).
  • REUSE your SOFT FOCUS SHADER BRUSH, with BRONZAGE (120M) (again), to blend LUMINO (212M) into BRONZAGE (120M) (inner lid to lid).
  • Use a FIRM SHADER BRUSH to apply the brow bone highlight of your choice- If you have Medium to Deep Skin Tones, you can highlight w/ QUOIN (211CM). If you have a Lighter Skin Tone, then either leave your brow highlight BLANK (which will highlight your brow naturally from the other colors), or use your favorite brow highlighter.


** All above mentioned Eyeshadow Brushes, are from SIGMA BEAUTY; They are my preferred Eyeshadow Brushes, and they can be replaced with your choice of Eyeshadow Brushes, which best fit each Brush Description!! SIGMA is having a SALE on Makeup Brushes!! SO STOCK UP ASAP!!






Natasha Denona’s Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette is absolutely perfect for SPRING AND SUMMER! The warm shades compliment any skin tone and color, and again, are PACKED with pigment, just like all of Natasha Denona’s Palettes/Products! The Mini Nude Palette is available, NOW, at or in Sephora stores, for $25!!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties! 




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