Fresh Lemons.

Your Daily Dose Of Fresh Squeezed Beauty.

Fresh Lemons started out as a Beauty Blog to keep all of our Beauties updated on the freshest makeup, skincare, and beauty products.

We’ve been on hiatus for over a year, due to personal reasons, Covid-19, and the craziness that’s happening in our World as of late. So I’ve decided to change directions as far as our Blog goes; I know that everyone is struggling and extra support is needed, and while the concept of Beauty, Makeup, and Skin Care will still be one of our focuses, I think that SELF CARE and the things that go along with Self Care is extremely important to focus on right now- especially during these times of change and evolution.

It’s time to get back on my path of writing, but I’ll be talking about things that are more personal to me, and Beauty, Health, and Self Care Routines that have helped me not only cope during these times of uncertainty, but they have helped me THRIVE.

I’ve been undergoing an “awakening” of sorts that has led me on a journey to find inner peace and true happiness within myself, and as far as Beauty goes, inner peace and happiness are one of the BEST Beauty Rx’s out there.

Because Beauty starts from within.

Xo Ashley