Beauty Release(s): Kylie Cosmetics’ Blushes, Bronzers, & Kylighters AND Three New NUDE Matte Lipsticks + Liners.

Hello, Beauties! 

Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Brand, Kylie Cosmetics is already a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. But that’s not stopping Kylie. In fact, if anything her Forbes Magazine Cover/Story only MOTIVATED her. Which is pretty badass. It goes to show that Kylie isn’t just concerned about making enough money to retire and live The Simple Life, with daughter Stormi, and BF Travis Scott. It proves that she’s a hardworking, unstoppable, motivated AF, WOMAN with some serious GP (Girl Power- ….. ya know, like The Spice Girls… DUH). And yesterday’s Beauty Launch on KylieCosmetics.Com, also proves that Kylie Cosmetics isn’t just another Beauty Brand, that launches “Collectable” and “Limited Edition”, on themed, collections that go with what time of the year it is, but that Kylie Jenner wants to make Kylie Cosmetics a STAPLE Beauty Brand, that offers EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, as far as their Beauty needs go. So without further adieu, here is every *BRAND NEW* product, that Kylie Cosmetics released yesterday!



Kylie Cosmetics January 18th *NEW RELEASES*








Kylie Cosmetics BLUSH (New Shades):



  • We’re Going Shopping- Clean Coral
  • Close To Perfect- Dusty Peach
  • Kitten Baby- Light Apricot
  • Pink Power- Pale Pink
  • Baddie On The Block- Mid-tone Clean Pink
  • Rosy- Mid-tone Berry



Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* Blushes, are seriously GORGEOUS. They are PERFECT for SPRING, and are all very natural shades, but they are PACKED with PIGMENT. And don’t worry; if you’re a fan of Kylie’s older Blush Shades, those are still a thing, and you can still buy them on Www.KylieCosmetics.Com. BUT the new shades aren’t as BOLD as the older shades, which is nice, because I have a feeling that Spring is going to be all about pale pinks, blush pinks, and nudes, as far as color trends go (in Beauty anyways).

Plus, the new Kylie Blushes are packaged in pink, plastic compacts, that click and actually CLOSE, which is a plus, since Kylie’s older Blushes and Kylighters stick together with a magnetic strip on each end (which sometimes causes for spilled product- especially in your makeup bag). The packaging is just like Kylie’s Holiday 2018 Blush, Kylighter, and Perfecting Powder, but instead of Baby Blue, they are Powder Pink!

You can purchase these Blushes, one at a time, OR you can get the Blush Bundle, BUT the Blush Bundle is, of course, SOLD OUT, because of their popularity, AND due to people buying them in BULK and then selling them on Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark for double the price… UGH. I hate that. Those people need to get seriously, WOKE. But Kylie always does a RESTOCK, so keep your pretty peepers, peeled, and make sure you check KylieCosmetics.Com, everyday for News & Restocks!





Kylie Cosmetics KYLIGHTERS (New Shades):



  • Cheers Darling- Light Champagne Gold **Birthday Collection 2018 KYLIGHTER, Champagne Showers RENAMED!!
  • Quartz- Icy Gold
  • Dreamin’ Of Diamonds- Bright Yellow Gold
  • Ice Me Out- Icy Champagne
  • Queen Drip- Peachy Gold
  • Princess Please- Icy Pale Pink



Similar to Kylie’s NEW Blushes, Kylie Cosmetics’ NEW Kylighters, are very natural and compliment the NEW Blush and NEW Bronzers, extremely well. The icy shades of pink, yellows, champagne’s, and golds, are NOT frosty- just icy, which is kind of a big difference. If a Highlighter is making your face look frosty and cakey, then that’s a BAD THING. But with all of Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters, there’s ZERO FROST. Just pure pigment with a dash of sparkle. But not GLITTER, sparkle. ICY, shimmer, is a better way to put it. And like Kylie’s NEW Blushes, they are packaged in the same, Baby Pink, PLASTIC compacts, which click n’ close, which is another UPDATED (and relieving) feature. Which means no more wasted KYLIGHTER Powder in your makeup bag or purse. *HOORAY*

You can purchase these as singles, OR you can purchase the Kylighter Bundle, but alike to the Blush Bundle, due to it’s popularity and those skeevy “Bulk Shoppers”, the Kylighter Bundle is SOLD OUT. So make sure to stay updated on RESTOCKS. Also, Kylie Cosmetics’ SUPER POPULAR, ORIGINAL Kylighters, are still for sale on KylieCosmetics.Com. So don’t worry your pretty little face- Salted Caramel and Cotton Candy Cream is STILL a thing.


Kylie Cosmetics CHEERS DARLING Kylighter, is the exact same shade from Kylie’s 2018 Birthday Collection, originally named, “Champagne Showers”, and is back by popular demand. So if you LOVED Kylie’s Birthday Kylighter like I did, you can now buy it on the regular and make it a STAPLE Kylighter in your Collection.






Kylie Cosmetics BRONZERS (New Product):



  • Khaki- Golden Bronze
  • Tequila Tan- Warm Bronze
  • Toasty- Neutral Mid-tone Bronze
  • Almond- Warm Amber Bronze
  • Tanned And Gorgeous- Warm Mocha Bronze
  • Tawny Mami- Deep Chestnut Bronze




So Kylie decided that since Spring and Summer are coming (I HOPE SOON… UGH), that Kylie Cosmetics needed BRONZERS! Which is a smart move. Because EVERYONE needs a good bronzer- for Spring and Summer, anyways, as well as for Contouring. So Kylie Cosmetics released SIX NEW BRONZERS, yesterday, and all of them are packed with sunny and warm pigments, and leaves a soft, smooth, and buttery finish to your contour, as well as your BRONZE. The pigments are NOT orange-y, like a lot of other bronzers, and she offers SIX Light to Deep shades.

The smooth and creamy powder formula, can even be used as a Perfecting Powder (think Kylie’s Holiday 2018 Collection’s Perfecting Powder in “You’re Perfect”), but for Medium to Deep Skin Tones. And for Light Skin Tones? We WILL be able to use Khaki as a Perfecting Powder/Bronzer, as soon as April hits, because let’s face it- Tan is NOT a good look for Lighter Skin Tones in the dead of Winter. But as for now, Light Skin Tones can Contour your little heart’s out with ANY shade of BRONZE– just blend, please.

Kylie Cosmetics’ BRONZERS come in the same pink packaging, that click n’ close, just like the NEW Kylighters and Blushes, so there’s no worrying about spilling any of this gorgeous and velvety bronzing powder. And you can mix and match these with the NEW Kylighter and Blush shades, which go hand in hand! You can Highlight, Blush, and Bronze (Contour) in 3 easy steps, with 3 beautiful (and Pink!) Kylie compacts! The Bronzers DO NOT come in a Bronzer Bundle, but you can buy them as singles, OR you can buy them all in the Kylighter|Blush|Bronzer Bundle, which comes with EVERY SHADE of the NEW Kylighters, Bronzers, and Blushes! Find your perfect threesome, like NOW, on Www.KylieCosmetics.Com!!







Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* Nude Matte Lipsticks:



  • Almost Friday- Pale Brick Pink
  • Lovey Dovey- Subtle Peach Nude
  • Yes Baby- Warm Taupe



As a SURPRISE to #KylieFans EVERYWHERE, Kylie Cosmetics released THREE NEW Matte Lipsticks! And the theme??? An obvious Kardashian-Jenner staple style, NUDE, is what these Lipsticks are ALL ABOUT. And I don’t think anyone with a TRUE LOVE for Beauty, could EVER get sick of NUDES. After all, The NUDE LIP, is a trend turned CLASSIC. Plus, if you LOVE Kylie’s Nude Shades, but you’re more of a “Cream/Bullet” style Lipstick fan, then this is basically a dream come true! You get the CLASSIC Kylie Cosmetics Nude Lip Colors in a bullet style lipstick- so those of you whose lip’s dry out from Matte or even Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, can rejoice to the formula of these new Lippies! And the best part? There are THREE BRAND NEW Lip Liners, that can be used hand in hand with these new Matte NUDE Lipsticks!!



Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* NUDE Lip Liners:



  • Souflee’- Dusty Warm Rose
  • Dirty Rose- Deep Rose Pink
  • Hot Chai- Golden Nude Brown




Yesterday, Kylie released TWENTY FOUR *BRAND NEW* Products! And NONE of them disappoint. And part of that release, are THREE *BRAND NEW* NUDE Lip Liners! The three new Lip Liners are shades, Hot Chai, Souflee’, and Dirty Rose, and all of them are absolutely GORGE. My personal fave, Souflee’, is a beautiful, dusty warm rose! Dirty Rose, is a deep rose pink, and Hot Chai, is a golden nude brown! These shades go well with an array of Matte and Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, AND Matte/Cream Bullet Style Lipsticks, that are already familiar to Kylie Cosmetics! AND they also go with the NEW Nude Matte Lipsticks!

Now, before you flip TF out and think to yourself that these shades DO NOT go hand in hand with the Nude Matte Lipsticks, remember that lining and using a darker Lip Liner to ombre’ and bring out your natural lip lines, to create a “plumper” lip look, is what Kylie is ALL ABOUT. Yes. They are darker. Yes. They don’t match the Nude Matte Lipsticks to a T, BUT creating definition with a Lip Liner, is what a Lip Liner is supposed to do! Think CONTOURING– but for your lips! And instead of filling your lips in completely, with a Lip Liner, LINE your lips! It’s easy. I promise.


**Lip Contouring Basics:

  • Line Outer Lip Line With Lip Liner, on TOP and BOTTOM Lip.
  • Line your NATURAL Lip Lines w/ Lip Liner
  • DO NOT BLEND IN LIP LINES (you will look like you have a zipper for a mouth at first, but that’s TOTALLY okay. 
  • Take a LIGHTER shade of BULLET/CREAM Lipstick, and fill in, IN BETWEEN the lines.
  • Press your lips together firmly, 1-3 times to create a NATURAL BLEND, OR apply a thin layer of LIGHTER, SHEER, Lip Gloss (shimmer or non-shimmer) on both your inner top and bottom lip! 
  • Now, enjoy your contoured, plumped, and PERFECT POUT. 



You can purchase the BRAND NEW NUDE Matte Lipsticks + Liners, as singles, (Lipsticks for $17 a piece, and Liners for $12 a piece), or you can buy ALL THREE Lipsticks, for $45, ALL THREE LINERS for $30, or ALL THREE LIPSTICKS + LINERS for $75! AND they haven’t SOLD OUT yet! But they will. Because it’s Kylie Cosmetics. So HURRY and get your Lipsticks + Liners, ASAP! 


*ALSO* Don’t forget about Kylie Cosmetics HIGH GLOSS RESTOCK!! AVAILABLE NOW!! 






Kylie Cosmetics NEVER disappoints when it comes to NEW RELEASES. Fresh and ALWAYS Fabulous, this NEW RELEASE, ups the bar for Kylie Cosmetics, morphing it from a SPECIALTY Beauty Brand, to a STAPLE Beauty Brand, which is HUGE for Kylie Cosmetics. And this release is definitely FRESH AF and perfect for Spring. Great job, Kylie! You’ve knocked it out of the park, for the BILLIONTH TIME, to date (no pun intended!


Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties! 





Pictures From: (Kylie Jenner’s)

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