Beauty Release(s): Kylie Cosmetics’ Blushes, Bronzers, & Kylighters AND Three New NUDE Matte Lipsticks + Liners.

Hello, Beauties! 

Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Brand, Kylie Cosmetics is already a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. But that’s not stopping Kylie. In fact, if anything her Forbes Magazine Cover/Story only MOTIVATED her. Which is pretty badass. It goes to show that Kylie isn’t just concerned about making enough money to retire and live The Simple Life, with daughter Stormi, and BF Travis Scott. It proves that she’s a hardworking, unstoppable, motivated AF, WOMAN with some serious GP (Girl Power- ….. ya know, like The Spice Girls… DUH). And yesterday’s Beauty Launch on KylieCosmetics.Com, also proves that Kylie Cosmetics isn’t just another Beauty Brand, that launches “Collectable” and “Limited Edition”, on themed, collections that go with what time of the year it is, but that Kylie Jenner wants to make Kylie Cosmetics a STAPLE Beauty Brand, that offers EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, as far as their Beauty needs go. So without further adieu, here is every *BRAND NEW* product, that Kylie Cosmetics released yesterday!



Kylie Cosmetics January 18th *NEW RELEASES*








Kylie Cosmetics BLUSH (New Shades):



  • We’re Going Shopping- Clean Coral
  • Close To Perfect- Dusty Peach
  • Kitten Baby- Light Apricot
  • Pink Power- Pale Pink
  • Baddie On The Block- Mid-tone Clean Pink
  • Rosy- Mid-tone Berry



Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* Blushes, are seriously GORGEOUS. They are PERFECT for SPRING, and are all very natural shades, but they are PACKED with PIGMENT. And don’t worry; if you’re a fan of Kylie’s older Blush Shades, those are still a thing, and you can still buy them on Www.KylieCosmetics.Com. BUT the new shades aren’t as BOLD as the older shades, which is nice, because I have a feeling that Spring is going to be all about pale pinks, blush pinks, and nudes, as far as color trends go (in Beauty anyways).

Plus, the new Kylie Blushes are packaged in pink, plastic compacts, that click and actually CLOSE, which is a plus, since Kylie’s older Blushes and Kylighters stick together with a magnetic strip on each end (which sometimes causes for spilled product- especially in your makeup bag). The packaging is just like Kylie’s Holiday 2018 Blush, Kylighter, and Perfecting Powder, but instead of Baby Blue, they are Powder Pink!

You can purchase these Blushes, one at a time, OR you can get the Blush Bundle, BUT the Blush Bundle is, of course, SOLD OUT, because of their popularity, AND due to people buying them in BULK and then selling them on Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark for double the price… UGH. I hate that. Those people need to get seriously, WOKE. But Kylie always does a RESTOCK, so keep your pretty peepers, peeled, and make sure you check KylieCosmetics.Com, everyday for News & Restocks!





Kylie Cosmetics KYLIGHTERS (New Shades):



  • Cheers Darling- Light Champagne Gold **Birthday Collection 2018 KYLIGHTER, Champagne Showers RENAMED!!
  • Quartz- Icy Gold
  • Dreamin’ Of Diamonds- Bright Yellow Gold
  • Ice Me Out- Icy Champagne
  • Queen Drip- Peachy Gold
  • Princess Please- Icy Pale Pink



Similar to Kylie’s NEW Blushes, Kylie Cosmetics’ NEW Kylighters, are very natural and compliment the NEW Blush and NEW Bronzers, extremely well. The icy shades of pink, yellows, champagne’s, and golds, are NOT frosty- just icy, which is kind of a big difference. If a Highlighter is making your face look frosty and cakey, then that’s a BAD THING. But with all of Kylie Cosmetics Kylighters, there’s ZERO FROST. Just pure pigment with a dash of sparkle. But not GLITTER, sparkle. ICY, shimmer, is a better way to put it. And like Kylie’s NEW Blushes, they are packaged in the same, Baby Pink, PLASTIC compacts, which click n’ close, which is another UPDATED (and relieving) feature. Which means no more wasted KYLIGHTER Powder in your makeup bag or purse. *HOORAY*

You can purchase these as singles, OR you can purchase the Kylighter Bundle, but alike to the Blush Bundle, due to it’s popularity and those skeevy “Bulk Shoppers”, the Kylighter Bundle is SOLD OUT. So make sure to stay updated on RESTOCKS. Also, Kylie Cosmetics’ SUPER POPULAR, ORIGINAL Kylighters, are still for sale on KylieCosmetics.Com. So don’t worry your pretty little face- Salted Caramel and Cotton Candy Cream is STILL a thing.


Kylie Cosmetics CHEERS DARLING Kylighter, is the exact same shade from Kylie’s 2018 Birthday Collection, originally named, “Champagne Showers”, and is back by popular demand. So if you LOVED Kylie’s Birthday Kylighter like I did, you can now buy it on the regular and make it a STAPLE Kylighter in your Collection.






Kylie Cosmetics BRONZERS (New Product):



  • Khaki- Golden Bronze
  • Tequila Tan- Warm Bronze
  • Toasty- Neutral Mid-tone Bronze
  • Almond- Warm Amber Bronze
  • Tanned And Gorgeous- Warm Mocha Bronze
  • Tawny Mami- Deep Chestnut Bronze




So Kylie decided that since Spring and Summer are coming (I HOPE SOON… UGH), that Kylie Cosmetics needed BRONZERS! Which is a smart move. Because EVERYONE needs a good bronzer- for Spring and Summer, anyways, as well as for Contouring. So Kylie Cosmetics released SIX NEW BRONZERS, yesterday, and all of them are packed with sunny and warm pigments, and leaves a soft, smooth, and buttery finish to your contour, as well as your BRONZE. The pigments are NOT orange-y, like a lot of other bronzers, and she offers SIX Light to Deep shades.

The smooth and creamy powder formula, can even be used as a Perfecting Powder (think Kylie’s Holiday 2018 Collection’s Perfecting Powder in “You’re Perfect”), but for Medium to Deep Skin Tones. And for Light Skin Tones? We WILL be able to use Khaki as a Perfecting Powder/Bronzer, as soon as April hits, because let’s face it- Tan is NOT a good look for Lighter Skin Tones in the dead of Winter. But as for now, Light Skin Tones can Contour your little heart’s out with ANY shade of BRONZE– just blend, please.

Kylie Cosmetics’ BRONZERS come in the same pink packaging, that click n’ close, just like the NEW Kylighters and Blushes, so there’s no worrying about spilling any of this gorgeous and velvety bronzing powder. And you can mix and match these with the NEW Kylighter and Blush shades, which go hand in hand! You can Highlight, Blush, and Bronze (Contour) in 3 easy steps, with 3 beautiful (and Pink!) Kylie compacts! The Bronzers DO NOT come in a Bronzer Bundle, but you can buy them as singles, OR you can buy them all in the Kylighter|Blush|Bronzer Bundle, which comes with EVERY SHADE of the NEW Kylighters, Bronzers, and Blushes! Find your perfect threesome, like NOW, on Www.KylieCosmetics.Com!!







Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* Nude Matte Lipsticks:



  • Almost Friday- Pale Brick Pink
  • Lovey Dovey- Subtle Peach Nude
  • Yes Baby- Warm Taupe



As a SURPRISE to #KylieFans EVERYWHERE, Kylie Cosmetics released THREE NEW Matte Lipsticks! And the theme??? An obvious Kardashian-Jenner staple style, NUDE, is what these Lipsticks are ALL ABOUT. And I don’t think anyone with a TRUE LOVE for Beauty, could EVER get sick of NUDES. After all, The NUDE LIP, is a trend turned CLASSIC. Plus, if you LOVE Kylie’s Nude Shades, but you’re more of a “Cream/Bullet” style Lipstick fan, then this is basically a dream come true! You get the CLASSIC Kylie Cosmetics Nude Lip Colors in a bullet style lipstick- so those of you whose lip’s dry out from Matte or even Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, can rejoice to the formula of these new Lippies! And the best part? There are THREE BRAND NEW Lip Liners, that can be used hand in hand with these new Matte NUDE Lipsticks!!



Kylie Cosmetics *BRAND NEW* NUDE Lip Liners:



  • Souflee’- Dusty Warm Rose
  • Dirty Rose- Deep Rose Pink
  • Hot Chai- Golden Nude Brown




Yesterday, Kylie released TWENTY FOUR *BRAND NEW* Products! And NONE of them disappoint. And part of that release, are THREE *BRAND NEW* NUDE Lip Liners! The three new Lip Liners are shades, Hot Chai, Souflee’, and Dirty Rose, and all of them are absolutely GORGE. My personal fave, Souflee’, is a beautiful, dusty warm rose! Dirty Rose, is a deep rose pink, and Hot Chai, is a golden nude brown! These shades go well with an array of Matte and Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, AND Matte/Cream Bullet Style Lipsticks, that are already familiar to Kylie Cosmetics! AND they also go with the NEW Nude Matte Lipsticks!

Now, before you flip TF out and think to yourself that these shades DO NOT go hand in hand with the Nude Matte Lipsticks, remember that lining and using a darker Lip Liner to ombre’ and bring out your natural lip lines, to create a “plumper” lip look, is what Kylie is ALL ABOUT. Yes. They are darker. Yes. They don’t match the Nude Matte Lipsticks to a T, BUT creating definition with a Lip Liner, is what a Lip Liner is supposed to do! Think CONTOURING– but for your lips! And instead of filling your lips in completely, with a Lip Liner, LINE your lips! It’s easy. I promise.


**Lip Contouring Basics:

  • Line Outer Lip Line With Lip Liner, on TOP and BOTTOM Lip.
  • Line your NATURAL Lip Lines w/ Lip Liner
  • DO NOT BLEND IN LIP LINES (you will look like you have a zipper for a mouth at first, but that’s TOTALLY okay. 
  • Take a LIGHTER shade of BULLET/CREAM Lipstick, and fill in, IN BETWEEN the lines.
  • Press your lips together firmly, 1-3 times to create a NATURAL BLEND, OR apply a thin layer of LIGHTER, SHEER, Lip Gloss (shimmer or non-shimmer) on both your inner top and bottom lip! 
  • Now, enjoy your contoured, plumped, and PERFECT POUT. 



You can purchase the BRAND NEW NUDE Matte Lipsticks + Liners, as singles, (Lipsticks for $17 a piece, and Liners for $12 a piece), or you can buy ALL THREE Lipsticks, for $45, ALL THREE LINERS for $30, or ALL THREE LIPSTICKS + LINERS for $75! AND they haven’t SOLD OUT yet! But they will. Because it’s Kylie Cosmetics. So HURRY and get your Lipsticks + Liners, ASAP! 


*ALSO* Don’t forget about Kylie Cosmetics HIGH GLOSS RESTOCK!! AVAILABLE NOW!! 






Kylie Cosmetics NEVER disappoints when it comes to NEW RELEASES. Fresh and ALWAYS Fabulous, this NEW RELEASE, ups the bar for Kylie Cosmetics, morphing it from a SPECIALTY Beauty Brand, to a STAPLE Beauty Brand, which is HUGE for Kylie Cosmetics. And this release is definitely FRESH AF and perfect for Spring. Great job, Kylie! You’ve knocked it out of the park, for the BILLIONTH TIME, to date (no pun intended!


Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties! 





Pictures From: (Kylie Jenner’s)

This Week In Beauty: MONOCHROME.

Hello, Beauties!

Last week I had a MOMENT. A MOMENT, for me, means that I have a feeling of excitement, mixed with inspiration, part epiphany, and equal parts creativity, along with the urge to do my makeup ASAP. And that MOMENT was inspired by MAC’s MONOCHROME Line! Particularly, the Velvet Teddy shades. As you know, Velvet Teddy is a CLASSIC from MAC, which is one of the muted mauve nude shades, that kicked off the now, CLASSIC, Nude Lip Trend.

So what?



Think again!

MAC’s Monochrome- Velvet Teddy Line doesn’t just include the Classic Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick! It includes a *BRAND NEW* LipGlass, in Best Teddy, a Powder Blush (Satin) in shade Sur, a Glitter in shade Bright Bronze, an Eyeshadow (Frost) in Dear Teddy, and an Eyeshadow (Matte) in Soft Teddy!! And guess what?? THEY ARE ALL SHADES OF VELVET TEDDY! And I’m SOOOOO IN LOVE!!!

And here’s the BEST PART– MAC also released FIVE other shades of MONOCHROME products, (Diva, Heroine, Candy Yum Yum, See Sheer, & Ruby Woo, as well as their matching products) so you can match your eyes, lips, cheeks, and that pretty little face of yours, to your heart’s delight! I think I just died and went to MONOCHROME Heaven!



MAC Monochrome Collection





Velvet Teddy:





  • MAC Lipstick (Matte)|Velvet Teddy|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|Best Teddy|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Satin)|Sur|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Bright Bronze|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|Dear Teddy|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Matte)|Soft Teddy|$17 



Ruby Woo:




  • MAC Lipstick (Retro Matte)|Ruby Woo|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|Ruby Woo|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Matte)|Apple Red|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Ruby|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|Holly Folly|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Matte)|Walking Heartbeats|$17



Candy Yum Yum:




  • MAC Lipstick (Matte)|Candy Yum Yum|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|Candy Yum Yum|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Matte)|Bright Pink|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Iridescent Hot Pink|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|Candy Land|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Satin)|Fashion Frenzy|$17







  • MAC Lipstick (Matte)|Diva|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|La Dolce Diva|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Matte)|Diva Demands Matte|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Rose|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|Dare To Diva|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Matte)|Diva Don’t Care|$17



See Sheer:




  • MAC Lipstick (Lustre)|See Sheer|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|See Me Shine|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Satin)|See Me Blush|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Copper|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|See Stars|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Matte)|See The Future|$17







  • MAC Lipstick (Matte)|Heroine|$19.50
  • MAC LipGlass|Heroine|$17.50
  • MAC Powder Blush (Matte)|Undercover Heroine|$24
  • MAC Glitter|Heliotrope|$22
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Frost)|Hollywood Heroine|$17
  • MAC Eyeshadow (Matte)|What A Heroine|$17


Monochrome is all about pure, pigmented, and gorgeous color, that match to a T. And having the same shade, but different finishes of the shade, ties together your makeup look, and tops it with a a pretty, little, perfectly-knotted bow. And I know that we’ve ALL heard Beauty Buff’s in the past preach about NEVER matching your Lip & Eye Color to the exact- but that’s a thing of the past! And with all of the BOLD, BRIGHT, and frankly, unnatural Beauty Trends that have been trending these past few months, Monochrome will look perfectly poised, compared to the Bright Greens, Turquoise’s, and Blues’ that have been hitting the Beauty Scene as of late (not that BOLD and BRIGHT is a bad thing).

So if you’re into the more natural and toned down makeup look, then Monochrome is your ticket to trying a BOLDER trend, but with natural hues, like Monochrome Velvet Teddy and Monochrome See Sheer. And if you’re all about BOLD and BRIGHT, then Monochrome Candy Yum Yum and Heroine, is your ticket to up your color game! Missing the hues of Ruby and Burgundy Eyeshadows?? NOT ANYMORE! Because Monochrome Ruby Woo and Monochrome Diva, have you covered! Ruby Woo’s, Holly Folly Eyeshadow (Frost) and Monochrome Diva’s, Dare To Diva Eyeshadow (Frost), is your new BFF.




I hope that you’re as excited as I am! Because seriously, all of these product collages are absolutely GORGEOUS. And with the MONOCHROME trend, you don’t have to worry about matching certain shades of eyeshadows and blushes, to certain shades of lipstick, etc. Because MONOCHROME is all about pure, pigmented, and gorgeous color, that go hand in hand, and match perfectly!


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!




Hello, Beauties!

So in my latest blog post, I talked a little bit about Winter’s HOTTEST trend; Berry Tones. BUT today, I’ll be focusing on all of the hottest and freshest products, that are ALL ABOUT BERRY. Move over golden nudes, and get ready to get schooled about all things BERRY. From cool toned berry tones, to neutral, sparkly, metallic, and warm Berry Tones, let’s talk about EVERYTHING BERRY. And in Fashion, styles evolve and change, obviously. But Fashion repeats itself, and the same goes for makeup and beauty trends! And with the 90’s popping up EVERYWHERE in the Fashion World, I’ve been waiting to see Berry Tones come back in Beauty. From deep berry-toned, mauve lips, to purple based eyeshadows, it looks like it’s unfolding, exactly how I imagined. And it couldn’t be more beautiful! So read on, and let’s get our Berry Game on! You’ll be looking Chic AF in Berry Tones, with NEW RELEASES from Beauty’s Hottest Brands, featuring ALL THINGS BERRY.


berries bowl bowl of fruit close up




Very Berry Eyes:


If you can pull off red based eyeshadow, then you can definitely pull off Berry Toned Eyeshadow. Berry Tones are more natural, and go with warm, neutral, and cool skin tones, as well as light, medium, medium/dark, dark, and ebony skin tones! It might be a bit intimidating at first- especially Berry Toned purples and pinks, but as long as they are Berry Toned based, I promise, they aren’t as intimidating and bold as you might think. And with cool, warm, and neutral based Berry Toned Eyeshadows EVERYWHERE, you can find your most flattering and perfect Berry Toned eyeshadow match in a snap, with these gorgeous Berry Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes!



Violet Voss

Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette|Berry Burst


s2150589-main-zoom.jpgViolet Voss’ Fun Sized Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Berry Burst, is the PERFECT, highly pigmented, inexpensive, beginner’s Berry Toned Eyeshadow Palette. First off, it’s only $18. Secondly, it has ten, warm/neutral, Berry Toned shadows, to play and experiment with, to find your perfect Berry Toned eye look. And four of those eyeshadows are nudes/goldens, so you can start off with applying a nude/golden base, then add a pop of Berry across your eye crease, or on your inner, outer, or mid eyelid, to see which Berry shade you’re IN LOVE with, and either build up the Berry, or sit with the pop of Berry on those pretty lids, to find out which Berry Toned shades you are willing to go a little bolder with. Either way, you win. You’ll be rocking the Berry Toned Eye, with just a pop of Berry, or a FULL ON Berry Toned eye! And there is a mix of mattes, satins, and metallics to transfer your pop from a daytime to nighttime look, with ease!



Kat Von D Beauty

*SUPER LIMITED* Lolita Eyeshadow Palette



Kat Von D Lolita Eyeshadow Palette Instagram

Kat Von D Beauty is one of the TOP THREE MOST PIGMENTED Beauty Brand’s. So you can expect HUGE color payoff, when it comes to ANY of Kat’s Products. And the Lolita Eyeshadow Palette definitely delivers! Not only is this my absolute favorite Eyeshadow Palette from Kat Von D Beauty, but it’s also the most natural, flattering, and feminine. And it’s ALL BERRY/ROSE TONED! A mix of satin and matte finishes, you can start out by using either Besitos (Light Skin), Hermosura (Medium Skin), Lolita (Dark Skin), or Corazon (Ebony Skin), as a BASE. Then use a darker color (light to medium skin tones) or a lighter color (dark to ebony skin tones) in your crease, or a pop on your FULL lid, inner lid, or outer lid, to make the Berry Tones POP. Build up the color by going from light to dark, or dark to light (depending on your skin color) to create a natural, blend-able, ombre’ effect. This will help you achieve a natural Berry Toned Eye. BUT if you want a BOLD Look, use the shade MOST DIFFERENT from your natural skin tone, in your crease- from the inner lid, all the way up to the bottom of your brow bone. Then take the color down to your outer lid, to create a sharp, winged eyeshadow look. Blend in the color, and add a color that’s a few shades lighter than your crease shade, on your lid. And ALL skin shades can use the neutral, but rosy shade, Promesa, on your brow bone, to highlight your brow bone. You can keep the sharp and bold eyeshadow wing, OR you can blend it out with a Beauty Blender, or DRY eyeshadow brush, to blend the shade out. Either way, this palette is PERFECT for every Berry Toned Beauty Look, and is perfect for creating a Natural Berry Toned eye, or a Bold Berry Toned eye.



Huda Beauty

The NEW Nude Palette




Huda Beauty’s The NEW Nude Palette is the OG of Berry Nudes. I mean, to be fair, Berry Nudes are a new thing. BUT Berry Nudes are going to be (and already are) a HUGE trend in the Beauty Industry, for Winter 2018/19. Dare I say Berry Nudes could evolve into a CLASSIC? With the way Huda Beauty’s The NEW Nude Palette is selling out, inspiring other Brand’s to release Berry Toned Nudes, and covering the pages and screens of EVERY Beauty IT GIRL’s blog, IG’s, Snaps, Influensters’, Vlog’s, etc. I’m thinking that the Berry Toned Trend just might be here to stay….Just like the NUDE Lip is here to stay!



Dominique Cosmetics

Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette




Dominique Cosmetics has a line of adorable and pigment packed palettes, and Berries & Cream, is just one of the themed palettes that Dominique Cosmetics has to offer! Berries & Cream is one of the only Berry Toned palettes that has a Blue shade in the array of colors, so for all my Beauties who love Blue, then this is the palette for you! A mix of neutral and cool shades, these shadows pick up extremely well on any good makeup brush, and offer matte, satin, and extra sparkly finishes. Berries & Cream also has three shades which are NOT Berry Toned, so if you’re not feeling Berry Tones on a particular day, then you can still put this palette to good use!



Kevyn Aucoin

NUDEPOP Pro Eyeshadow Palette




When I think,  “Kevyn Aucoin” , the word, LUXURY, comes to mind. And Kevyn Aucoin’s NUDEPOP Pro Palette, is luxurious, AND on point with Berry Toned shade trends. Similar to shades and the overall tone of Huda Beauty’s The NEW Nude Palette, Kevyn Aucoin’s NUDEPOP Pro Palette offer’s twelve shades of Berry Toned “Nudes”.

**Are you seeing a pattern here?? Huda Kattan IS right! Berry IS the NEW NUDE** 

A mix of satins, mattes, and metallics, these silky, pigmented, and long wearing shades can be used for natural eye looks, with POPS of Berry, OR you can go BOLD, and create a Berry based smokey eye. AND this palette is perfect for beginners, who aren’t totally in love with the idea of Berry (yet), BUT are in still in love with Blush hues. Because no one EVER said Blush hues aren’t a thing anymore.



Natasha Denona|Holiday 2018

The Cranberry Palette


p436735-av-01-zoomOf course, Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Palette is on this list…. Because after all, it IS Cranberry themed. I’ve just talked about this palette so much in my last few posts, so I’ll skip the whole intro to this palette, and say this- Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Palette is a gorgeous and PERFECTLY ON POINT palette for Berry Toned Eyes.

*drops mic*



Urban Decay 

NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette





And last, but certainly NOT least, is Urban Decay’s NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette. These gorgeous cherry-themed hues, are everything you need to perfect the PERFECT Berry Toned Eye. From Brow Highlighting Shade, HOT SPOT, to deep Aubergine hued, PRIVACY, these matte, satin, and metallic finishes are you one stop shop, ticket to Berry Heavenly Eyes. From sultry and seductive, to fresh and fun, you can create, perfect, and turn heads with all hues, CHERRY. Urban Decay released an ENTIRE NAKED CHERRY COLLECTION, so you can pop your Berry’s Cherry (no pun intended…KIDDING) to your heart’s delight! Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Collection includes the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette, the Naked Cherry Highlight & Blush Palette, the *BRAND NEW* Cherry Scented All Nighter Setting Spray, two 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in Love Drug and Black Market, and three Vice Lipsticks that match the three shades in the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette Juicy, Devilish, and Cherry!





Berry Gorgeous Face:


Berry Tones are some of the most flattering, all skin tone friendly shades. And Berry Toned Blush, Highlighters, Strobing Powders, and Skin Finishes??? ABSOLUTELY GORGE. Whether you’re going for a subtle POP of Berry on your charming little cheeks, or a Highlight of sheer Berry Glow all over your face, these fresh products will have your skin glowing, sparkling, and shimmering, with all things (or hues) BERRY. And the best part? Berry Toned Blushes are a Beauty CLASSIC. From Blushing to Bronzing, and Contouring to Highlighting, get BERRY GORGEOUS with these absolutely FABULOUS palettes and products!




Blush Palette|Plum Bronze



Viseart is one of the highly innovative Beauty Brand’s that has recently blazed the beauty trail with the motto, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. Along with Beauty Brand’s like Natasha Denona, Hourglass, and Pat McGrath, these high quality and highly pigmented products are expensive, but SO WORTH IT. So what sets these Beauty Brands apart from others? It’s simple: QUALITY. Viseart, Natasha Denona, Hourglass, and Pat McGrath focus on, not only, high pigment percentage, but they focus on “good for your skin” ingredients, longer wear time (because having to touch up makeup all day or night makes for wasted product AND time), the amount of product you’re receiving in each pan and applicator, the amount of product that’s actually picked up on a makeup brush, AKA avoiding product fallout and wasted product, along with making sure you get high, opaque, color payoff with just one swipe of a makeup brush, as well as avoiding skin, eye, and lip irritants. Bottom line? These Beauty Brands’ actually CARE about their customers satisfaction, body, health, AND wallet. Which is pretty damn amazing (and rare AF).

Viseart’s Blush Palettes are some of the best in the industry, and Plum Bronze is a shining example of HIGH QUALITY, high pigment percentage, and rich color payoff. Viseart’s Plum Bronze Blush Palette houses six different shades of Plums and (you guessed it)… Bronze, which is perfect with Winter 2018’s Berry Tone Trend. You can Blush, Bronze, Contour, and Highlight (Dark and Ebony Skin Tones), with Plum Bronze, and there’s a perfect shade for every skin tone and mood. Whether your Berry Toned Eye and Lip call for a more subtle and natural cheek, then the Bronze side of Plum Bronze is PERFECT, as well as applying a contour. And the Plum side of Plum Bronze has three Berry Toned, Plum based shades, that can be layered, blended out, or customized with the other shades in Plum Bronze. So with that being said, Viseart’s Plum Bronze is friendly for ALL skin tones, and it’s perfect for your Berry Gorgeous face.



Natasha Denona

Diamond & Blush Palette|Darya




One of the most popular and innovative Beauty Brands, Natasha Denona, released her Diamonds & Blush Palette(s), quite a while ago; BUT with that being said, Natasha Denona’s DARYA Diamonds & Blush Palette, is PERFECT for Berry Toned Highlighting, Blushing, and Contouring, that pretty little face of yours. Natasha Denona’s other Diamond & Blush Palette option, CITRUS, is perfect for brightening your face, but DARYA, is a better option for a more toned down and natural look, offering neutral and Berry Toned shades. It’s a little on the pricey side, but with the high pigment percentage, and long wearing properties, it’s definitely worth it!




Tarteist PRO Glow Highlight & BLUSH





Tarte has come a long way, these past few years, in the Beauty Game. From their CULT FAVORITE, Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Blushes & Highlighters, to their Shape Tape Concealers and Foundations, Tarte has earned the trust, respect, and love of Beauty Babes EVERYWHERE. And Tarte’s Tarteist Collection, of high quality blushes, eyeshadows, highlighters, mascaras, brushes, concealers, etc. has become STAPLE in Millions of Makeup Collections across the Globe. And Tarte’s Tarteist PRO Glow & Blush Palette, is one of those *MUST HAVE* palettes for every Berry-Obsessed Babe’s pretty, glowing, and flawless face. The Tarteist PRO Glow & Blush Palette, houses six different highlighters, blushes, and contour bronzers. But instead of having 3 highlighting, and 3 bronzer/contour options, like other contouring/highlighting palettes on the market (which means you probably only use ONE highlighter and ONE bronzer/contour shade, and the four other shades just sit in the palette, untouched), there are 6 different shade options that are flattering on EVERY SKIN TONE, and can be used for EVERYTHING– not just highlighting and contouring. *HOORAY* There IS a highlighting shade, and there IS a bronzer/contour shade, but the rest of the shades are Berry Toned Blush shades, which can be used as BLUSH for Light, Medium, Dark, and Ebony Skin Tones, and Highlighting/Strobing Powder for Dark to Ebony Skin Tones! You can mix these shades together to create a totally unique, and customized shade of Berry, and you can lighten and deepen the shades with the included highlighter and bronzer/contour shades! And if you are a TRUE Makeup Artist, you know that using specific products, for specific areas, is a bunch of BS. So if you’re so inclined, you can use these BERRY Friendly Shades, on your eyes, too! TARTE, has the word, ART in it. And Makeup IS ART. 




Dual Intensity Blush|Fervor 





NARS never ceases to impress me. Especially with all of NARS’ new releases and revamped, classic, products! And this Dual Intensity Blush Duo, in Fervor, is an oldie, but goodie. Fervor is a dual blush, that’s complete with one, shimmering and soft pink, and one, sparkling and deep coppery rose. You can use these shades separately, or you can  turn up the intensity, and sweep any good blush brush over both shades, and watch these complimenting colors, melt into each other, creating the perfect shade of BERRY BEAUTIFUL-NESS. The shimmering and soft pink, and the sparkling and deep coppery rose, bring out the best in each other, and leave an intense and long lasting, shimmering and sparkling Berry Toned Blush, on your pretty cheeks! And NARS Dual Intensity Blush is perfect for ALL Skin Tones and Shades! You can lighten it up with the shade on the left, or deepen it down with the shade on the right!



Melt Cosmetics

Blushlight|Fire Fury




Melt Cosmetics is a Beauty Brand that’s edgy and innovative- Especially with their newly released SMOKE OBSESSIONS Collection, which is all about the GREEN, if you get my drift. But something that isn’t included in the SMOKE OBSESSIONS Collection, are Melt’s BlushLights; A Blush and Highlighter Medley, which include Blush appropriate colors, and the shimmer and sparkle of a Highlighter (and are PACKED with pigment). Fire Fury is one of the edgiest and bold colors Melt has to offer, so Beauties that like to keep it Au Naturale, be warned. Fire Fury can also be used as an eyeshadow, which is on point with both Berry Toned Eyes AND CHEEKS.

#Love it.



Sephora Collection

Contour Blush Palette





When you think of Sephora, what comes to mind? For me, a high end Beauty retailer, that offers all of the best and hottest Beauty Brand’s comes to my mind. But aside from all of the Beauty Brand’s, there is Sephora’s VERY OWN Collection, which is one of the TOP THREE BEAUTY BRANDS THAT USES THE MOST PIGMENT IN COSMETICS. And even though there are SO MANY awesome Beauty Brand’s and products at Sephora, it’s sometimes easy to overlook Sephora’s IN HOUSE Pro Collection, which is where this pretty little palette comes in, and you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Sephora’s Contour Blush Palette, contains six highly pigmented shades, that can be used for Blushing and Contouring (and Highlighting for Dark and Ebony Skin Tones). The matte and satin/shimmery shades are packed with pigment and long wearing. The colors that are offered in the OG Sephora Contour Blush Palette, are perfect for Berry Toned Beauty Looks, and compliment ALL Shades Berry. So whether you decide to go with a deep and dramatic Berry Toned Eye and Lip, or whether you choose a Light and Natural POP of Berry, Sephora’s Contour Blush Palette has six shades of wonderful that will go hand in hand with your Winter Berry Hues!



KKW Beauty 

Classic Blossom Blush|Karma




KKW Beauty’s Classic Blossom Collection, is ALL ABOUT BERRY.  And KKW Beauty’s Blossom #3 Blush in KARMA, is the perfect Berry Toned Blush for ALL skin tones and shades- Don’t let the deep Berry Tones fool you, because this gorgeous shade, works for Light, Medium, Dark, & Ebony skin shades! The blend-ability of this blush is awesome, BUT it’s also long wearing. So for lighter skin shades, use less product on your Blush Brush, and then blend out! And for darker skin shades, the beautiful Berry Hues will look FLAWLESS on your skin! And it will make dark eyes POP! The neutrality and diversity of this shade is a HOME RUN for KKW Beauty! And for Berry Toned Obsessed Beauties, everywhere!





Berry Delicious Lips:

To complete that beautiful face of yours, you need to top off your look and finish it with a Berry Delicious Lip! Lipstick is like the Cherry On Top Of The Cupcake. It completes a freshly caked face, and can make or break your Berry Delicious look! And with Berry Tones, you need to either match your lip, to the Berry Toned hues on your eyes, OR go nude. There are a lot of options for BOTH, so don’t worry your pretty little pout! It’s easier than it seems. And since there is an array of different Berry Toned EVERYTHING (when it comes to Beauty Brands/Products), you can find your perfect Berry Delicious Lip Look, with ease!



Fenty Beauty

Stunna Lip Paint|Uncuffed




Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint, is one of my favorite Lipstick Formulas like, ever. Out of Bullet AND Liquid Formulas! Not only does it stay on ALL DAY, but it doesn’t crack, cake, transfer, OR dry out your lips, even with it’s matte finish! And Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncuffed, is the perfect cherry for your cupcake. This mid-tone, neutral rosey- mauve, is PERFECT for Lips that go with light and cool/neutral Berry Toned hues, from Huda Beauty’s The NEW Nude Palette, and Kat Von D’s Lolita Palette!



Kylie Cosmetics

Matte Liquid Lipsticks

  • Twenty
  • Clove
  • Angel
  • Hollyberry

$29 (Liquid Matte Lipstick + Liner) $17 (Liquid Matte Single)



Twenty, Clove, Hollyberry, and Angel, are some of Kylie Cosmetics TOP SELLING shades. And for good reason! Hollyberry and Clove are perfect for eye looks with deeper Berry Tones, from any of the deeper Berry Toned shades from any Berry Toned palette, like Devilish, Drunk Dial and Privacy, from Urban Decay’s NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette! They also look GORGEOUS with lighter eyeshadow Berry Tones, as long as the eyeshadow shades are along the same lines of Berry hued bases.

Angel and Twenty are more on the lighter side of the Berry, and are perfect berry based, mid-tone nudes for darker skin shades, and are great choices for deeper mauve shades, for lighter skin shades! These colors are also go hand in hand with any lighter Berry hued eyeshadows! The mauve bases in Angel and Twenty, are perfect for Daytime Berry Based Looks, or can be ombre’d out with a darker lip liner (try Dolce K Lip Liner for $12 at or M.A.C’s Chicory Lip Pencil for $18 at for Nighttime Berry Based Looks!



KKW Beauty

Pink Creme Lipstick Set

$144 (All 8 Shades) $18 (Per Creme Lipstick)

Pink Creme Lip Liners

$12 (Per Lip Liner)



KKW’s Pink Creme Lipstick Set, is PERFECT for Berry Toned Lip Looks AND Eye Looks! Considering that KKW’s Classic Blossom Collection IS inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossoms, it’s perfect or every shade of Berry! From light to dark Berry Toned Eye Looks, KKW’s Pink Creme Lipsticks go hand in hand with all shades, Berry.

KKW’s Pink Creme Lip Liners’ versatile 3 shades, in Pink 1, Pink 2, and Pink 3, are perfect for ombre’-ing your Berry Delicious Lips! The only Pink Creme Lipstick shade, that does NOT go with any of the Pink Creme Lip Liner’s, is Pink Creme Lipstick #8 (Hot Pink), but as shockingly vivid as #8’s neon/bright pink hue is, I don’t think you’ll need to ombre’ anything to add more dimension!



NARS Cosmetics

Super Wanted Audacious Lipstick Palette



fvbsuvNARS Super Wanted Audacious Lipstick Palette is the perfect array of NUDES that go extremely well with Berry Toned Eyeshadows. These nudes aren’t neutral, or brown/yellow based, (which can wash out Berry Tones on your face and eyes, and cast a grey color to your Berry Gorgeous Makeup Finish) like a lot of Nude’s, so these specific assortment of shades are great for Light, Medium, Dark, and Ebony skin shades, for the perfect Nude Lip that goes PERFECT with ANY Berry Toned Eye Look! Especially Daytime and Work Day Friendly, Berry Based Looks.



NARS Cosmetics

Wild Thoughts Audacious Lipstick Palette



0607845084716NARS Wild Thoughts Audacious Lipstick Palette is the EPITOME of BERRY. Especially deeper, vivid, and bolder Berry Lips, that go with Dominique Cosmetics Berries & Cream Eyeshadow Palette, and Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette! BUT even though matching Berry Eye Looks with Berry Lip Looks is essential in most Berry Toned cases, the deeper, vivid, and bolder colors can’t be TOO BOLD– which means DO NOT match Hot Pink Lips to Hot Pink Eyes…. etc. etc. etc. So with that being said, the tones of the above mentioned palettes, PLEASE stick to the LIGHTER shades of Berries & Cream, and Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Palette, if you are going with a BOLD and BRIGHT Lip Look.



Hourglass Cosmetics

Confession Refillable Lipstick Duo

  • My One Desire
  • At Night




Hourglass Cosmetics created the perfect Lip Duo for Berry Loving Beauty Babes. The mid-tone rosey-mauve, (My One Desire) is a Limited Edition Holiday 2018 shade, that looks gorgeous on EVERY skin tone. And the deep, brown based red (At Night) goes hand in hand with other Burgundy based Berry Toned Eye Looks, and other shades of Aubergines. AND they are easy to take on the go, due to the slim, elongated, refillable lipstick applicator. Hourglass Reillable Lipstick Duos are rich in color, creamy in application, and as always, 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free!




Berry Tones are PERFECT for starting off The New Year, as FRESH and FABULOUS as you can get! Winter 2018/2019 is all about the BERRY. And like I said before, with as popular and skin tone friendly, as Berry Tones are, I truly think Berry Tones will be here to stay! So find your perfect BERRY BLEND, ASAP! 


Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties!



The Look: Six Holiday Beauty Persona(s), & The Freshest Beauty Products To Achieve The HOTTEST Holiday Look(s)

Hello, Beauties!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, The Holidays and WINTER, are in full swing! That means, that color trends are deepening, reds are EVERYTHING, and cool/neutral toned, glittery highlighters, are what you need on your sweet cheeks, to really make a Winter-y statement! And with Black Friday (I like to call it, Friday Noir, because it just sounds SO much better, and you know, CLASSY) and Cyber Monday behind us, I’m sure all of my Beauties got a very sparkle-filled, and glittery, beauty haul(s)! So which products go with which Beauty Trend?? Let’s discuss everything! From products, to Beauty Trends, to the Hottest Holiday Collections, let’s talk about what’s worth it, what’s not, and which products have us absolutely OBSESSED, along with every Winter/Holiday 2018 look and trend, that will have you at the top of your Beauty Game!


Winter 2018 Trends:


Winter is the Season of MAGIC. Shimmering, white, snow tops the mountains, Reds, Golds, and Silvers, are everywhere; whether the colors shine from a Holiday Tree, or from rooftops, sporting silvery, frozen, icicles in between Holiday light strands. Holiday Parties fill your calendar, Holiday Cards fill your mailboxes, and there’s a certain feeling of love, happiness, and excitement in the air. Winter is the Season of Shiny, Pretty, Things” –MAC Cosmetics, and truly, there’s no better way to describe the Beauty Trends that go hand in hand with Winter. The following Beauty Trends are based on the hottest (or coldest, if you get my pun), Holiday Collections, Looks, and Beauty Influencer Beauty Trends, that are filling up the pages of Magazines, Instagram feeds, Snap Chats, Shop Windows, and Promotional Marketing, everywhere this Winter Season!



Look No. 1

The Snow Bunny


The Snow Bunny Look, is one of my absolute FAVORITE LOOKS this Winter Season. From all white, to fur lined coats, to fur lined Sorels and UGG’s, and fur topped beanies, every Snow Bunny will be lined with fur…. (FAUX FUR, hopefully… But this is all about BEAUTY. So let’s leave politics at the door, please). Anyways, The Snow Bunny, is NOT afraid of the Snow, Cold, or Chill of Winter. They enjoy everything that Winter/Snow has to offer, and they aren’t afraid to play in it. And by the end of the day, frozen/snow covered lashes, bright, nude, shimmering eyes, snowy, sparkly, snow kissed cheeks, silvery, sparkling skin, and a nude/natural lip, is what this trend is all about. Shimmering, sparkling, snowy, and frosty makeup looks, is what The Snow Bunny, represents.


The Snow Bunny’s Go To Products:


Huda Beauty

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette







Huda Beauty’s The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette, is one of the most gorgeous palettes on the market, today. And it’s mauve/blush-based nude eyeshadows, are absolutely perfect for Winter! The array of shadows are TRUE neutrals, that flatter every shade of skin, so this palette is perfect for EVERYONE. The New Nude, includes four different lid toppers, and three different glitter shades, which is perfect for adding a pop of sparkle to your Snow Bunny Makeup Ensemble’. Whether you want to go truly au naturale, on the slopes, or create a perfect neutral based, shimmering/glittery eye for a Winter-y all night party, then Huda Beauty’s The New Nude, has you covered!



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

-Snow Angel|Kylighter ($20)

-You’re Perfect|Perfecting Powder ($18)

-Winter Kissed|Blush ($18)



These BRAND NEW Holiday 2018 Kylighter, Blush, and Perfecting Powder, are ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. The Kylighter in Snow Angel, is absolutely STUNNING, giving the high points on your face, a long lasting and universal shimmering highlight. The Blush in Winter Kissed, is a cool pink, that looks gorgeous on ANY skin tone, giving you the “fresh, snowy weather, flush”, that every Snow Bunny craves! And the Perfecting Powder really is what it is; PERFECT. While blurring imperfections, mattifying shine, and giving your face a matte finished, fresh glow, this powder is the perfect powder for touching up, and/or finishing your face. Too light for your skin? Medium to Dark Skin Tones, can use this powder as a matte highlighter for contouring!



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

-Chill Baby Eyeshadow Palette ($44)



The Chill Baby Eyeshadow Palette, is appropriate for ALL looks on this list! But I chose to feature it under The Snow Bunny Look, because of the frosty finishes, and shimmery gorgeous-ness, that these shadows provide! Whether you are going for a light, frosty, and silvery-light daytime eye look, or if you want to transform your day look to a nighttime look, with ease, this palette is capable of BOTH! The powder formula is creamy and velvety, and the pigment percentage is high, for opaque color payoff! It picks up extremely well with ANY good eyeshadow brush, and is long wearing! Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection, is ON POINT, and Fresh AF.



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

-Kissmas Lip Kit




Let’s just start out by saying, Kylie Cosmetics’ 2018 Holiday Collection, is the epitome of SNOW BUNNY. So basically every piece in the collection, aside from the Lip Sets (which will pop up later in this post) scream Snow Bunny! From the silvery and sparkly, Chill Baby Eyeshadow Palette, the peachy-nude Kissmas Lip Kit, to the cool toned pink-berry Winter Kissed Blush, this collection has everything you need, to #Nail the Snow Bunny Makeup Trend.



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Creme’ Shadow

  • Slay Bells
  • Snowflake
  • Northern Lights




These GORGEOUS Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Creme Eyeshadows are perfection. Especially the shade, SNOWFLAKE! These highly pigmented, creamy, long wearing eyeshadows, are perfect for a day on the slopes- WITHOUT creasing, smearing, and without fallout, which is important if you’re wanting to turn heads at the Ski Lounge, after skiing or boarding down a few runs. They are easy to apply, and can be layered for intensity too!



Morphe Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Out & A Pout Lip Trios

  • Bare Babe Lip Trio
  • Afterhours Nude Lip Trio
  • Naughty & Spice Lip Trio

($16 – $20) 





Morphe’s Out & A Pout Lip Trios, are your secret weapon to creating the PERFECT Winter/Holiday Lip! Complete with not only a lip liner, and a lip gloss, but it also includes a bullet style cream lipstick, that is perfect getting opaque, high coverage color, and adding moisture to your lips; a thing that matte liquid lipsticks have a hard time providing…. So they are PERFECT for true Snow Bunnies! Winter tends to be rough on skin- especially if you play in the snow… So going with a bullet style cream lipstick, AND adding a gloss for extra moisture, is absolutely GENIUS. And for the Snow Bunny look?? Shades, Bare Babe, After-hours Nude, and Naughty & Spice, are the perfect nudes for EVERY skin shade, so #nailing that Snow Bunny Nude Lip, is a snap!



Fenty Beauty

-Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil ($38)

-Gloss Bomb|Diamond Milk ($18)




Fenty Beauty keeps on impressing us! Especially with their highly pigmented Freestyle Killawatt Highlighters, Fairy Bomb Shimmer All Over Powder, and Liquid Body Lava! So when Fenty Beauty announced they were releasing a Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil, I knew we’d all be impressed! Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil, isn’t just another highlighter…. it’s also an allover shimmer veil, which can be used to add extra dimension and sparkle to your face and body- not only your high points. And what is the Snow Bunny trend all about?? SHIMMER AND SPARKLE. Add Fenty’s Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk, on your pretty pout, either alone, or over your go to lip color, and you’ll be shimmering in no time!



Too Faced|Christmas 2018 Collection

Peach Tinsel Loose Sparkling Party Powder & Lipstick Set

  • Peach Tinsel Loose Sparkling Party Powder
  • Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Lipstick in Sunday Funday



Next, is the Too Faced Peach Tinsel Loose Sparkling Party Powder, and Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Lipstick in Sunday Funday! This duo is perfect for ALL Snow Bunnies! Peach Tinsel Loose Sparkling Party Powder, is a peachy gold shimmer powder, that can be used on your high points of your face, for a highlight that makes you shine, or you can use it all over your body, for a beautiful shimmer that will bring out your natural glow! Complete your Snow Bunny look, with Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Lipstick, in nude shade, Sunday Funday, and you’ll stand out with a beautiful, Winter-esque, Snow Bunny glow!



Jouer Cosmetics|Limited Edition

Funfetti Collection Set




Jouer’s Funfetti LIMITED EDITION Collection Set, scream’s SNOW BUNNY.  The Deluxe Highlighter, in frosty white shade, Funfetti, the Deluxe Long Wearing Lip Topper, in Funfetti, and the Deluxe Ultra Foil Liquid Shimmer Eye Topper, in Funfetti, is your key to Snow Bunny success! And the Deluxe sizes, are smaller than the original size, so taking them with you when you’re on the go is a piece of cake; whether you’re touching up your FROSTY lids, cheeks, or lips, on the mountain, at a Snowy Resort Opening Party, or a fun sleigh ride through the snow, these will fit right in your coat pocket, or your bag.




Look No. 2

Sexy Little Santa


Sexy Little Santa, is everything HOLIDAY. Sexy Little Santa is everything 50 Shades of Red. And Sexy Little Santa is the Queen of Holiday Parties. From smokey and sultry eyes, to pouty, red, lips, Sexy Little Santa isn’t on the Nice List. But Santa loves her (or him) anyways… The Sexy Little Santa waits under the Mistletoe, wraps themselves up in something sexy with a bow around her (or him), and gives themselves as a gift to their significant other. She (or He) matches their red lipstick to their Louboutins, and can’t get enough gold and shimmery sparkle, on her pretty, little, caked and baked face. Inspired by the deep, red color of Santa’s velvety, soft, suit, but reinventing the design of the Santa’s Suit by the hands of Karl Lagerfeld or Donatella Versace, this look mixes Classic with everything glittery, shiny, and new.


Sexy Little Santa’s Go To Products:


Anastasia Beverly Hills|Holiday 2018 Collection

Mini Metallic Liquid Lipstick Set 

  • Blizzard|Tiny Pink Pearl Glitter in an Icy White Base
  • Phantom|A True Bordeaux
  • Mai Tai |A Metallic Peachy Gold




Santa Baby… just slip a Sable under the tree, for me…. Or rather, slip these Mini Metallic Liquid Lipsticks under the tree! Because these are GORGE. From icy white with pink shimmer, a deep and true Bordeaux, to a peachy gold, Sexy Little Santa’s everywhere, can perfect their daytime to nighttime looks with each color! The long wearing, foil finished, metallic color, lasts all day, due to the liquid, long wearing, properties! And they are COMPLETELY KISS PROOF! Which means they don’t transfer! Don’t like liquid lipsticks because they dry out your lips?? Anastasia Beverly Hills has perfected their liquid lipstick formula, so the wear is COMFORTABLE. Which is a Holiday Miracle! Seriously.



Becca Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Limited Edition Collection

Golden Glow Trio Kit

  • Champagne Pop
  • Opal
  • Moonstone



Becca Cosmetics has seriously become my FAVORITE highlighting, contouring, and strobing product company! And if you haven’t tried them out yet, this Holiday 2018 Golden Glow Trio, is the perfect excuse to try Becca’s INCREDIBLE Highlighting/Strobing Powders! The Golden Glow Trio, is PERFECT for Sexy Little Santa’s EVERYWHERE, and each shade, Champagne Pop, Opal, and Moonstone, is the perfect golden glow, for every skin tone! These Pressed Powder’s are powder based highlighters, unlike Becca’s Poured Cream Highlighters, so they’re easy to work with and easy to apply, without disturbing your set foundation, and the highlight isn’t over the top like other highlighting and strobing powders; You get a fresh, not frosty, subtle, but buildable glow, that is noticeable, but doesn’t make your face look orange-y or TOO shimmery, which is perfect with Winter Lighting! Day or Night!



Huda Beauty

Ruby Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette




Huda Beauty is a Beauty Brand that is all about Sexy, Sultry, and Seductive. And nothing is more sexy than deep, smokey, red eyeshadows, with a sexy red pout. And Ruby Obsessions is EVERYTHING you need to perfect a red based smokey eye! Packed with pigment, and long wearing, Ruby Obsessions is the perfect palette, for all of your Holiday Party AND Sexy Little Santa makeup needs. And of course, Red, is THE color of the Season, so grab this little palette, and bring out your Holiday Persona, you Sexy Little Santa!



Pat McGrath Labs|OPULENCE: THE COLLECTION|Holiday 2018


Omi + Elson




Pat McGrath is mentioned in the post, quite a few times! And for good reason! Pat McGrath’s OPULENCE|HOLIDAY 2018 COLLECTION, has many options for EVERY look on this list! And Omi + Elson are the PERFECT Reds, for the Sexy Little Santa Look! Longwearing, matte, highly pigmented, opaque color, will last all night on your pretty little pout, without drying out your lips! Omi, is a deep rosewood, which is perfect for daytime looks this Winter! And Elson, is a classic blue-red, which will match Sexy Little Santa outfits perfectly! This duo is a MUST HAVE for the Sexy Little Santa look!



Pat McGrath Labs.





The PMG X THE MET MOTHERSHIP V Palette, is the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette on this list! Hands down! From sultry, aubergines, to true golds, this palette will have you looking Chic AF, whether it’s day or night! The creamy, powder based, eyeshadows pick up with any good makeup brush, blend like a dream, and go on opaque; So what you see is what you get! You can blend out the shadows, for softer looks, or you can build them up, for intense, bright, pure, color. Pat McGrath is a huge fan of Mehron Mixing Liquid, so you can add a bit of Mehron Liquid on your brush, and turn these velvety powders into creams/metallics. This palette is pricey, BUT it’s SO worth it! And Pat McGrath is the MOTHER of Runway MakeupSo she STARTS the trends. And Sexy Little Santa’s love this palette, because not only is it packed with Holiday Hues, but once applied, it stays put! So you can party you’re little Holiday Heart out, all night without fallout, smearing, or budging.



Hourglass Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Ambient Lighting Edit- Unlocked



Hourglass Cosmetics is one of the most luxurious and high quality Beauty Brands in the industry. And their Ambient Lighting Powders are not only their BEST products, but they are the BEST highlighting, finishing, and strobing powders, like, EVER. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? HELL YES. Hourglass Cosmetics used PHOTO LUMINESCENT TECHNOLOGY, which not only creates a FLAWLESS finish, but it re-creates specific lighting on your face, while “softening and diffusing surrounding light”. Like every Hourglass Cosmetics product, Ambient Lighting Edit- Unlocked, is 100% CRUELTY FREE & 100% VEGAN. And the best part?? Each Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit- Unlocked Palette, sold, a portion of proceeds will go to the, “Non-Human Rights Project- which is a civil rights movement for non-human animals”. So not only will you look fierce AF, at EVERY Holiday Party, but you will feel good about what you’re purchasing and what you’re putting on your gorgeous face.

This palette is a six in one, finishing powder, blurring powder, highlighter, bronzer, blush, and strobing powder, that conveniently fits in your party clutch, for touch ups and lighting changes. And it’s not shimmery or glittery… It literally gives you a true, lit from within, GLOW. So your skin will look fresh and flawless, in all of your Holiday Snaps and IG posts! And when you look that flawless, your inner Sexy Little Santa look, will be THE LOOK, of any and every Holiday Party…. In every lighting scenario!



M.A.C Cosmetics|Shiny Pretty Things|Holiday 2018 

Sweet Scrub Set- Black Cherry





Lipstick|Shiny Pretty Things|Matte Metallic 

Straight Fire







Studded Kiss 




M.A.C Cosmetics’ Red Lipsticks are the epitome of CLASSIC. I know I can always count on M.A.C to have deep, rich, and all skin tone friendly Reds, to vamp up my look every Holiday Season. From cool, blue-reds, to deep Oxblood reds, M.A.C has a variety of shades, finishes, and different tone Reds to create an entire wardrobe of Red Lipsticks. Studded Kiss is a Matte, but since it’s a cream formula it doesn’t dry out your lips, which is a MUST, for the Winter Season! The new Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection, released a Matte Metallic Red Lipstick called Straight Fire, for those of you who want to add some sparkle to your Classic Red. And last but not least, is Black Cherry, for my Beauties who love Liquid Lipstick! And the best part? The Black Cherry Sweet Scrub Set, comes with a Lip Scubious Lip Exfoliator, which is a necessity for polishing and exfoliating those dry, Winter kissed, lips, before applying a matte based Liquid Lipstick- so there’s no cracking or uneven application. AND it also comes with M.A.C’s Prep+Prime Lip Primer, to moisturize your pretty pout BEFORE applying the Liquid Lipstick in Black Cherry (or ANY Liquid Lipstick out there).



Anastasia Beverly Hills|Holiday 2018 

Loose Glitter

  • Star Power
  • Electric






Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Loose Glitter is perfect for this Holiday Season. Especially for Sexy Little Santas! These can be applied over a cream lipstick, cream based, wet eyeshadow, or any cream based/wet product, OR you can mix these glittery pieces of Heaven into a mixing liquid or mixing medium, clear gloss, eye gloss, primer, etc. to get pure glittery eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, or liners, etc. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Loose Glitter in Shades, Star Power and Electric are the perfect shades for the Sexy Little Santa look, offering both soft and cool based golds.




Look No. 3

The Spice To Your Sugar


The Spice To Your Sugar Look, is all about those deep, spice-y, shades, from spicy nudes, warm browns, to the deepest, richest reds, whether those hues are on your eyes, lips, or cheeks, The Spice To Your Sugar Look, is sexy and smoldering. The Spice To Your Sugar Gal (or Guy), is all about WARM & Cozy- curling up with their boo, by the fire, wrapped in a faux fur or knitted throw, while the scent of warm, mulled cider fills the air. The Spice To Your Sugar, takes warm, earthy tones, and transforms them into rich, sparkly, spicy, and seductive Holiday Looks. Whether you’re curled up by the fire, or at a cozy candlelit dinner, looking out on the snow falling on frosted pine trees, The Spice To Your Sugar takes nude/warm/spice shades, to a whole new, sexy level. Warm and spicy shades heat up, The Spice To Your Sugar’s, gorgeous face, and bring out, even the deepest of brown eyes. The smoldering shades, make heads turn, and she (or he) knows it. They end the night at a cabin in a popular ski town, drinking Cabernet, and roasting marshmallows by the fire…..


The Spice To Your Sugar’s Go To Looks:


KKW Beauty|Kylie Cosmetics


($42) |






It’s a F****** Holiday Miracle!! KKW X Kylie Cosmetics released their SECOND collaboration, and the results are absolutely breathtaking, and right in time for The Holidays! These four spicy, deep, gorgeous shades, are perfect for The Spice To Your Sugar, makeup trend, offering mattes, velvets, and a metallic gloss! From bronze based gold, to deep chestnuts, and spicy mauves, the KKW X Kylie Lip Set is EVERYTHING you need to get your Spice To Your Sugar persona on lock.



Huda Beauty

Topaz Obsessions



Huda Beauty’s Topaz Obsessions, is another piece of Huda’s Obsessions Collection. And Topaz Obsessions just so happens to be PERFECT for The Spice To Your Sugar Look. Nine spicy, warm, and glittery shades will make your pretty peepers, POP, when applied to your lids. Highly pigmented, and long wearing, you can wear these AS IS, or you can add a mixing medium to any good eyeshadow brush, and make these, already stunning, shades even more METALLIC and SHIMMERY!



Sephora Collection

Contour Blush Spice Market Blush Palette





Sephora’s Contour Blush Spice Market Blush Palette, contains six SPICY shades of gorgeousness. You can contour, highlight, and blush n’ flush, your little heart out with these highly pigmented, spice inspired shades. And since Sephora is in the TOP THREE Most Pigment Packed Beauty Brands, you don’t have to worry about fall out or touch ups.  The all skin tone friendly, Contour Blush Spice Market Blush Palette, is your ticket to warm, sultry, spicy cheeks, highlights, and contours.



Kat Von D Beauty

Best Of Nudes|Mini Studded Kiss Lipstick Set




Kat Von D Beauty hit it out of the park when she released her Best Of Nudes|Mini Studded Kiss Lipstick Set! Six pigment packed, gorgeous, all skin tone friendly nudes, are The Spice To Your Sugar’s secret weapon to spicy, warm, nude lips. All six shades look gorgeous on any skin tone, and depending on your skin tone, you can use these as deep hued nudes, light hued nudes, or TRUE hued nudes. And the MINI size, is PERFECT for The Spice To Your Sugar Beauties, who are on the go; Just slip it in your purse, clutch, or pocket, for touch ups! The cream based Mini Studded Kiss Lipsticks are long wearing, BUT will NOT stain your lips, and will NOT dry out your lips, which as mentioned before, is essential during the dry, cold, Winter Season!



Marc Jacobs Beauty|Holiday 2018 Collection

See-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadow

  • Copperazzi


marc-jacobs-beauty-see-quins-glam-glitter-eyeshadow-copperazi-86Marc Jacobs’ Holiday 2018 Collection is to DIE. Seriously. And one of my absolute FAVE products is the SEE-Quins Glam Glitter Eyeshadows, which are seriously GLITTERY and Glamourous! The richly pigmented, creamy, shimmering, eyeshadows, go on opaque, and packed with color. They are long lasting, and are the perfect topping to any Sugar To Your Spice’s, eyeshadow look. The warm tone of the shade, Copperazzi, will make brown, hazel, and honey eyes POP, in even the dimmest Holiday Party light.



NARS Cosmetics 

Little Fetishes

  • Dolce Vita|Capri




I was so stoked when I saw NARS Cosmetics released their Little Fetishes Collection, of highlighters and blushes, because A) NARS’ Blushes are some of the best blushes out there; ORGASM being the No. 1 selling Blush in The US, year after year. And B) The color selection is superb. And if you do use ORGASM, (which is great for all skin tones, AND absolutely gorgeous) you should try branching out and trying other shades that NARS has to offer. And Little Fetishes is the perfect opportunity to try one of NARS’ deeper, and spicier shades, Dolce Vita, which is a universal dusty rose, which looks beautiful on all skin shades. The deep and spicy rose shade, is perfect for The Spice To Your Sugar, look, and it goes well with other warm and spicy shades on your fabulous little face. Along with Dolce Vita, comes  NARS’ Highlighting Powder, in shade, Capri, which is a gorgeous highlighting option, for ALL skin tones, due to it’s universal color properties (crushed pink pearl/peach), meaning it doesn’t give off a “grey cast” on medium dark, to dark/ebony skin tones, which is a luxurious upside compared to a lot of other highlighters on the market today.

**NARS Highlighting Powder in Capri, is extremely comparable to Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter in Snow Angel (from Kylie’s Holiday 2018 Collection) which keeps SELLING OUT. So if you are wanting Snow Angel, but can’t seem to find it, I highly suggest trying NARS Little Fetishes in Dolce Vita|Capri. Not only is it just a great as Kylie Cosmetics’ Kylighter in Snow Angel, if not better, BUT you get a GORGEOUS NARS Blush in Dolce Vita, to go with your NARS Highlighting Powder in Capri!



NARS Cosmetics

NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette





Another little slice of cake from NARS Cosmetics, is NARS’ NARSissist WANTED Eyeshadow Palette. Created with NARS’ all new pure pigment formula, you get highly pigmented, opaque, color payoff, with just one stroke. These universal spicy shades, are PERFECT for ANY of The Spice To Your Sugar’s deep and spicy eyeshadow ensemble’(s). Complete with twelve shades, this palette offers matte, satin, glittery, and metallic finishes, which can easily transform a day look, to a nighttime look, with ease. NARS’ NARSissist WANTED Eyeshadow Palette, is currently SOLD OUT on NARS’ website, BUT Sephora and Nordstrom also carry these gorgeous, Holiday inspired palettes, so make sure you go out (or get online) and grab one of these palettes ASAP!



Fenty Beauty

Stunna Boss Nudes Lip Trio

  • Unbutton
  • Uncuffed
  • Unveil




Okay, so remember my review for Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored, last year? And I practically BEGGED Fenty Beauty to release Stunna Lip Paint (because of the AMAZING, non drying, pigment packed, smooth, non-cakey formula) in NUDE shades?! WELL, GUESS WHAT?! Fenty Beauty just released three NUDE shades in this incredible formula! And each NUDE shade compliments every skin shade! UM….PERFECTION! Unbutton is a pale, peachy-beige, nude. Uncuffed, is a rosy, mauve nude. And Unveil is a brown sugary nude. And each shade looks GORGEOUS on light, medium, dark, and ebony skin tones! You can buy Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint, individually, OR you can buy them in the, Stunna Boss Nudes Lip Trio, which includes all three shades, for $72.



Becca Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Limited Edition Collection

BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Kitchen Kit

  • Confectionary Glow Powder|Cinnamon Sugar
  • Lip Soufle’|Red Velvet
  • Glow Soufle’ Eyeshadow|Cinnamon Churro
  • Glow Soufle’ Highlighter|Cinnamon Churro




Becca Cosmetics and Chrissy Teigen go together like foundation and baking powder. Seriously. And their collabs are always the BEST. And Becca X Chrissy Teigen’s Glow Kitchen Kit, for Holiday 2018 is no different. The Glow Kitchen Kit, is everything you need to achieve The Spice To Your Sugar’s entire look, from face, to eyes, to cheeks, to lips. Complete with Confectionary Glow Powder, in Cinnamon Sugar, which is a highly pigmented, but blend-able Glow Powder, Lip Soufle’ in Red Velvet, which is a spicy mauve, liquid lipstick, Glow Soufle’ Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Churro, which is a warm, spicy, and shimmery cream to powder eyeshadow, and Glow Soufle’ Highlighter in Cinnamon Churro, which is a pigment packed, cream based highlighter, and is long wearing, and perfect for getting a warm, golden glow. This is the perfect foursome of products, for The Spice To Your Sugar’s face game. And like I mentioned before, Becca has some of the best glow powders, highlighters, and strobing powders in the industry.



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Mini 8 Piece Lip Set




Kylie Cosmetics’ Baby It’s Cold Outside, 8 Piece Mini Lip Set, is a collection of sugary and spicy shades of liquid lipsticks, that can be used day or night. Packed with pigment, these Mattes, Velvets, and Metallics are perfect for The Spice To Your Sugar’s Daytime Lip, Happy Hour Lip, Holiday Party Lip, and Nighttime Lip. And they come in one, pretty, Holiday-esque package, and the mini sizes are easy to take on the go!




Look No. 4

The Sugar Plum Fairy


The Sugar Plum Fairy Look, is everything sweet and whimsical. The Sugar Plum Fairy is extremely girly and fun, with blush pinks, purples, and glittery lips, cheeks, and eyes! Life is too short to NOT have fun with makeup! And The Sugar Plum Fairy is all about fun!! She (or He) loves soft, whimsical colors, but likes to go bold when applying! She (or He) always has a smile on their face, and indulges in the magic of The Holidays! The Sugar Plum Fairy is OBSESSED with strobing, and loves muted, rainbow inspired colors, from every spectrum, and can’t get enough spark in her sparkle! She’s the cutie who drinks a glass of Rose’, and her fun, true, self starts to SHINE.


The Sugar Plum Fairy’s Go To Products:


Natasha Denona|Holiday 2018

The Cranberry Palette



Natasha Denona released her coveted and most wanted, Cranberry Palette, from her Holiday 2018 Collection, and everyone is LOVING it! Although I wish Natasha Denona would have released two Holiday 2018 5 Pan Palettes, like last year’s Aeris and Joya Palettes from Natasha Denona’s Holiday 2017 Collection, The Cranberry Palette is still sure to impress! The Cranberry Palette includes 4 brand new shades, and 1 shade from the Holiday 2017 Aeris PaletteDaisy|Sakura|Botanic|Blossom|Nude. The Sugar Plum Fairy loves this palette, due to it’s shimmering finishes, and soft, purple, pink, and light gold/nude shades, as well as it’s two deep red and burgundy shades, which are the perfect colors for The Sugar Plum Fairy’s ideal eye look.



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

4 Piece Lip Set

  • Dream On 
  • Snow Way Bae
  • Sleigh My Name
  • Better Not Pout



Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 4-piece lip set



Kylie Cosmetics’ Holiday 2018 Collection, is pure perfection, when it comes to not only, The Snow Bunny, but The Sugar Plum Fairy, as well; Especially, The 4 Piece Lip Set, which includes shades: Dream On|Snow Way Bae|Sleigh My Name|Better Not Pout, and each shade is perfect for The Sugar Plum Fairy’s ideal lip. Two Mattes, and two Metal finishes, are included in this Pink/Berry based color scheme, which are EVERYTHING The Sugar Plum Fairy needs for the perfect Sugar Plum Fairy look!



Kylie Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Metallic Lipsticks 

  • Cold As Ice
  • BRRR
  • Snow Cute
  • Stay Cozy





Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection, includes four brand new bullet style, metallic cream based lipsticks, in shades: Cold As Ice|BRRR|Snow Cute|Stay Cozy. Each shade is packed with fine, tiny, pieces of glitter, for a shiny, metallic, shimmer, and applies a sheer layer of color, with a shiny, metallic sheen to the finish. These are perfect for The Sugar Plum Fairy, due to their metallic and shiny gorgeousness, which includes shade, Cold As Ice, which is a soft, shimmery, lavender with a pink flip, which is the signature color of The Sugar Plum Fairy.



NARS Cosmetics

Ignited Eyeshadow Palette





NARS Cosmetics’ BRAND NEW Ignited Eyeshadow Palette, is absolute perfection for The Sugar Plum Fairy’s Holiday eyeshadow game. NARS’ Ignited Eyeshadow Palette, includes 12 brand new LIMITED EDITION Eyeshadows, that are packed with pigment, and high in color payoff. Every, single, shade in this palette looks absolutely GORGEOUS on any and all skin tones, and are perfect for achieving whimsical, feminine, and Sugar Plum Fairy realness. The deep berries, pale pinks, and shimmery nudes, are on point with Winter 2018’s hottest colors; Which is why The Sugar Plum Fairy, is such a staple look this Holiday Season.



Morphe Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

8S Stellar Impact Highlighting/Strobing Palette



Morphe Cosmetics’ Holiday 2018 Collection, as a whole, is ABSOLUTELY FAB. And the 8S Stellar Impact Highlighting/Strobing Palette, is Chic AF. The 8S Stellar Impact Palette has 8 different Wintery shades, that are perfect for Winter Lighting– especially in CoolSnowy Light. The shimmering mix of cool and warm shades, are packed with glitter to reflect all things Holiday, with purples, pinks, golds, yellow golds, and a light red shade. And for The Sugar Plum Fairy?? These shades are ON POINT with The Sugar Plum Fairy’s look, persona, and makes for a perfectly strobed/highlighted face.



Too Faced|Christmas 2018 Collection

Sugar Cookie Eye Palette

Tickled Peach Eye Palette




Too Faced is another beauty brand, especially with their Christmas 2018 Collection, that is perfect for The Sugar Plum Fairy’s Makeup Look. These two eyeshadow palettes, The Sugar Cookie Eye Palette (Cool), and the Tickled Peach Eye Palette (Warm), are perfectly packed with berries, peaches, pinks, purples, and peachy golds, which go hand in hand with The Sugar Plum Fairy’s PERFECT Eyeshadow Look. Not only do the colors goes hand in hand, but the finishes, which are mostly shimmery satins, are perfect for the soft, whimsical, and magical properties of The Sugar Plum Fairy Persona.



Huda Beauty

Amethyst Obsessions 



Huda Beauty’s Amethyst Obsessions is another palette from Huda’s Obsessions Line. This gorgeous, purple based palette, is a violet lover’s DREAM. A mixture of mattes, satins, and metallic/glitter finishes, The Sugar Plum Fairy NEEDS this palette in her (or his) makeup collection. After all, Sugar Plum, is just that- PLUM.



Hourglass Cosmetics

Ambient Lighting Edit- Volume 4




Hourglass Cosmetics, the 100% Vegan, Pro Animal Rights, Luxury Beauty Brand, released their Holiday 2018 Edition Ambient Lighting Edit- Volume 4, and it doesn’t disappoint. Complete with three shades of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting and Strobing Powder, as well as three of their Lighting and Strobing Blush’s, this palette is perfect for highlighting, strobing, and finding the perfect lighting for daytime, afternoon, and nighttime lighting- especially those Holiday Parties that Sugar Plum Fairy’s will be attending by the dozen’s, this Holiday Season. And the pink and purple based Ambient Powder Blush’s are PERF for The Sugar Plum Fairy Look!



Fenty Beauty

Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette





Last but not least for The Sugar Plum Fairy, is Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette, which is every Sugar Plum Fairy’s ticket to an array of bright and bold statemented hues, that include blues, purples, pinks, whites, oranges, peaches, and a gold flecked, soft red, which will have every Sugar Plum Fairy’s STROBE, looking Chic AF. And the best part? Each color is on the cooler side of the spectrum, so whether you use these shades to strobe or softly highlight, the Winter Light will bring out the best, most flattering hues in these shades, which will keep The Sugar Plum Fairy SHINING, at all angles, and in all Holiday-esque lighting.




Look No. 5 

Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018



Christmas in New York is unlike any other. The busy city streets are filled with Holiday Shoppers, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Carolers, and the distant sound of Holiday Music fills the air. 5th Avenue has the PERFECT View, especially for the Holidays, looking down from a New York City Penthouse. And now the night is young, and Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018, is off to a Holiday Party at another Socialite’s Penthouse on Park Avenue. Champagne, soft white glittering lights, and a New York High Society Christmas Party is on tonight’s agenda. And since it’s New York, who knows what this magic filled night will bring! As long as her Holiday Party ensemble is as well put together as her (or his) Luxe Penthouse Decor, then tonight will be absolutely perfect! Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 is all about sleek, classic, luxury. High end, luxurious, and Classic Brands are what this Beauty is all about! And she (or he) only buys the best, most expensive makeup, clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc, which is one of the reason’s she (or he) lives on 5th Avenue. Saks 5th Avenue & Neiman Marcus are a short walk away, and FASHION is her PASSION. She (or he) spritzes on their Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and touches up her (or his) pretty pout; Now, it’s time for some Moet and mingling, with everyone who is anyone, in New York’s Upper East Side.


Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018’s Go To Products:


Dior|Limited Edition

DiorShow Pump ’N’ Volume Set

  • DiorShow Pump ’N’ Volume Mascara
  • DiorShow Maximizer 3D Lash Primer





Dior’s CLASSIC and ICONIC DiorShow Mascara, is an anomaly in the world of Beauty. Plumping, lengthening, thickening, and volumizing, DiorShow is one of the best mascara’s in the biz. Enter DiorShow Pump ’N’ Volume… Lashes go to a new level of PLUMP, with this Volume focused mascara. And Dior’s Limited Edition Set, complete with a FULL SIZE DiorShow Pump ’N’ Volume Mascara, and a Deluxe Size of DiorShow Maximizer Lash Primer, so lashes are full, plump, and shockingly striking. Get classic, gorgeous, and full lashes with Dior Show Pump ’N’ Volume Set. And we all know, Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018, is all about the luxury Dior has to offer.



Anastasia Beverly Hills 

Sultry Eyeshadow Palette




Anastasia Beverly Hills recently released their Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, which is one of their sexiest, smokiest, and most sultry palettes (hence the name) they’ve ever released. 14 cool toned nudes and smokey shades, fill this palette, which is high in pigmentation, color payoff, and guaranteed to give you the sexiest eyeshadow looks you’ve ever been able to achieve. And Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 is all about sultry. Shades Cinder, Teak, Steampunk, and Ember, are all metallic/glitter based shades, and will add a gorgeous pop to your smokey eye. Shade(s), Dystopian and Noir are matte based shades, which are perfect for your eye crease, to create the smokey, sultry, dark, and sexy, classic smokey eye, of your dreams.

**NOTE: These shades have a higher color payoff when used with a good eyeshadow primer, or over a liquid/cream foundation or concealer on your eyelids. The pigmentation is good- it’s just a lot better when used with a primer. Personally, I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, in Banana, over my lids. My lids have a red tone to them, and the yellow hues in Banana, cancels out any redness, not only on your lids, but anywhere else on your face. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation also has more moisture and is rich in emollients, but DOES NOT cause eyeshadow or setting powder to crease, crack, or wear off. If you have oily or combination skin, I suggest using this ONLY as a lid primer. 




Pat McGrath Labs|BlitzTrance Collection

BliztTrance Divine Lipstick Duo

Omi MatteTrance +BlitzTrance Rebel Red




Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 LOVES to sparkle and shine at every Holiday Party in the Upper East Side of New York City. So Pat McGrath’s BlitzTrance Lipstick Duo, which includes a MatteTrance Lipstick in Omi, and a BlitzTrance Lipstick in Rebel Red, is the perfect mix of Classic and Nouveau. Omi is a Classic, Holiday red, and Rebel Red, is a sparkling, glittery red, that adds the perfect pop of sparkle to your Holiday Party Lip. And as usual, Pat McGrath’s products are always long wearing and packed with pigment, as well as luxurious AF.



Natasha Denona|Holiday 2018

Gold Palette 



Natasha Denona’s Gold Palette, is a modern twist on Classic. Golds, Beiges, Browns, and two gorgeous Teal shades; one matte and one metallic, completes this 15 pan palette. Each shade is high in pigmentation, and picks up well with any good makeup brush. You can use these shades with, or without an eyeshadow primer, but I’ve noticed that with the cold and dry Winter air, EVERY powder based eyeshadow should be used with a good primer or foundation, pre-application (Check out my **NOTE under ABH’s Sultry Eyeshadow Palette). Plus, using these colors over a good primer or foundation/concealer, will make these pigments POP, even more than they already do. A mix of cools and warms, will complete the perfect gold based eye, on ANY skin tone, and if Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 is feeling daring, she (or he) can add a pop of Teal, to your Classic Golden Eye.



Marc Jacobs Beauty|Holiday 2018 Collection

The O!Mega Glaze All Over Foil Luminizer






Marc Jacobs Beauty|Holiday 2018 Collection

The ALL OVER Face & Body Brush





Marc Jacobs Holiday 2018 Collection, is ON POINT with Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018. From the golden glow you achieve with the O!Mega Glaze All Over Foil Luminizer, to the Silver & Gold Packaging that all of these Holiday products are housed in, these are some of my favorite Holiday 2018 Releases. The O!Mega Glaze All Over Foil Luminizer is perfect for highlighting, not only your high points of your face, but also adding a golden glow to your neck, chest, arms, etc. And Marc Jacobs’ Holiday 2018 ALL OVER Face & Body Brush gets the job done. The soft brush fibers, and the dense shape of the brush, can be used to layer on the shimmer, by packing it on with the top fibers of the brush, OR you can get a softer glow by sweeping product on with the sides of the brush. Either way, these products go hand in hand, and are perfect for achieving that warm, sparkly, and perfect Holiday Glow.

**NOTE: If you have acne prone or oily skin, I suggest using a separate highlighting brush for your face and body. Otherwise, sanitize this brush after every use. The different PH levels on our skin, can transfer bacteria, oil, etc. onto our face from our chest, arms, etc. which can cause breakouts. 



Hourglass Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

Confession Lipstick Collection

  • 15 Shades of Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipsticks
  • 1 Limited Edition Metallic Pink Interchangeable Lipstick Applicator





Hourglass Cosmetics has done it again, and has released another MUST HAVE product. Introducing Hourglass’ Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipsticks, in the Holiday 2018 Confession Lipstick Collection. This Vault has 15 Luxurious Lipsticks, that can be interchanged with the Metallic Pink Lipstick Applicator. The shape of the applicator alone, makes lipstick application a snap, due to the elongated applicator. And each Lipstick interchanges out of the Lipstick Applicator, so it’s easy to slip into your purse, clutch, or pocket, when you’re on the go, or at a Park Avenue Holiday Party. The Lipstick itself, goes on smooth and creamy, and is long lasting, but NEVER dries out your pout. And each shade included in the Confession Lipstick Collection, is perfect for every Holiday Trend. From rich reds, to playful pinks, to all skin tone friendly, perfect nudes, this Collection is sure to please, even the pickiest of Lipstick Lovers.



Christian Louboutin|Limited Edition Holiday 


  • Tape a’ l’Oeil Metallic Eye Colour ($50)
  • Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer ($70)
  • Loubilaque Lip Lacquer ($85)


Christian Louboutin’s GOLDOMANIA Holiday 2018 Collection is just that. GOLD AF, which is perfect for Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018. High in pigment and luxury, these products from Christian Louboutin’s GOLDOMANIA Collection are sure to impress. The Loubilaque Lip Lacquer, creates an opaque and gorgeous TRUE GOLD Holiday Lip, while the Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Laquer, creates perfect length and volume over natural lashes, OR lash extensions/false lashes. The Tape a’ l’Oeil Metallic Eye Colour is a liquid eyeshadow that can be used as a liner, all over eyeshadow, or creates a golden, metallic eyelid. And as usual, Louboutin’s signature, elongated applicators (like Hourglass’ Confession Ultra Slim Refillable Lipsticks’ applicator) ensure’s that product application is easy and comfortable, just like Louboutin Nail Lacquer, which is my all time FAVORITE Nail Lacquer, due to the elongated applicator.




OPULENCE|Everything Kit




Another Pat McGrath appearance on this list, comes from her OPULENCE|Holiday 2018 Collection. And this time, in true Pat McGrath fashion, the entire OPULENCE|Holiday 2018 Collection comes in the Brand New OPULENCE EVERYTHING KIT, which includes all three OPULENCE Eyeshadow Palettes (Blue, Pink, & Red), and three lipsticks per Palette, for a total of NINE OPULENCE MatteTrance Lipsticks. The OPULENCE EVERYTHING KIT, is still “COMING SOON” as of right now, but you can sign up to be notified when the OPULENCE EVERYTHING KIT is available to purchase! And Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 is all about having EVERYTHING, so this PMG EVERYTHING KIT is a MUST HAVE.



Chanel|Holiday Collection 2018

LE LION DE CHANEL|Illuminating Powder



Chanel is 100% Luxury; In Fashion AND Beauty. And Le Lion de Chanel Illuminating Powder, is no exception. The fine glitter in Le Lion de Chanel Illuminating Powder, doesn’t make you look frosty or over the top glittery- it creates a gorgeous, even, and lit from within glow, that illuminates the high points of your face, and blends into your contour, blush, setting powder, foundation, etc. like a dream. Miss Rockefeller Christmas 2018 is ALL LUXURY, so spending $70 on a FABULOUS, Illuminating Powder is totally worth it. Packed with pigment, the silky soft powder feels like a veil of pure, amazing-ness, on your pretty, glowing, Holiday-esque face, and it’s truly worth every penny.




Look No. 6

The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree


Holiday Tree’s are the most important piece of decor in the home, during the Holidays. And every year, there are gorgeous, new, and glamorous ornaments and decor trends, for Holiday Trees. EVERYONE wants their Holiday Tree to be the BEST/MOST COVETED. And that’s what The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, is all about. She (or he) always has the latest Fashion and Freshest Makeup, before they even START to trend, on Snap Chat, IG, Pinterest, etc. The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, SET’S the trends. They are daring, outgoing, and are the LIFE of the many Holiday Parties that they attend. Friends ask them for Fashion/Beauty advice, they are constantly flocked with people who obsess over their Makeup Artistry and Fashion Ensembles, and they most likely work in Fashion, Lifestyle Blogging, or in the Beauty Industry, as an artist or Creative Director at the latest, edgiest, Makeup Company or Fashion House. They follow Fashion and Beauty, religiously, and over the top/edgy is what they have, do, and will always, represent. Bright colors, daring statement makeup, and the hottest runway Beauty/Fashion Trends, are what The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, is all about.



The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree’s Go To Products:


M.A.C Cosmetics|Shiny Pretty Things|Holiday 2018 Collection

Mini Glitter & Pigments|Pink




M.A.C’s Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection, is all about SHINY. So M.A.C didn’t skimp on the glitter and shimmer, when it comes to their Mini Pigments & Glitter Sets– Especially the PINK Edition. Four Mini Pigments and Glitter come in this bright and gorgeous set, and each pigment and glitter can be used alone, with a mixing medium, over a primer, or mixed into cream shadows, lip mixes, or over lipsticks and glosses, as a topper. Bright Fuchsia is definitely my FAVE. The BARBIE Pink is fluorescent, and pops on eyes or lips. Try topping M.A.C’s PRETTY PUNK Glaze Lipstick in Glamour of Punk, with Bright Fuchsia! Your lips will be the highlight of the entire Holiday!



Morphe Cosmetics|35 FAM

35M BOSS MOOD Eyeshadow Palette




Even though Morphe 35M Boss Mood Palette was released a few months ago, it doesn’t mean it’s any less fresh. In all reality, this 35 pan eyeshadow palette is FRESH AF. And the color combinations in this palette are ON POINT. The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, is all about bright, highly pigmented, statement colors, and this palette makes quite a statement, which is probably why it’s called BOSS MOOD.



Pat McGrath Labs.

BlitzTrance Lipstick 





Pat McGrath’s NEW BlitzTrance Lipstick is anything but ordinary. Layer on the sparkle and shine, with eight, BRAND NEW shades, from each side of the rainbow. From fluorescent pinks, reds, purples, yellows, and beyond, The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree will absolutely LOVE BlitzTrance Lipstick, because of the array of  not so ordinary shades. BlitzTrance Lipstick can be worn alone, or over your favorite PMG Lipstick, to add extra shimmer and shine to your pout. And as always, Pat McGrath delivers high pigment, and bold color payoff!



Beauty Bakerie

Cotton Candy Champagne|Blush Palette




If you haven’t checked out Beauty Bakerie, you definitely need to! From the high pigmentation, to the adorable packaging, and the high quality cosmetics offered, Beauty Bakerie was created by Entrepreneur, Cashmere, who created this Fresh and New Beauty Brand, with Beauties of Color in mind. And it has absolutely exploded on to the Beauty Scene, and is becoming a GO TO Beauty Brand for women/men of ALL Colors, Shapes, Sizes, etc. And Beauty Bakerie’s BRAND NEW Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette is soft, sweet, but bold. The high pigmentation pops of ANY skin tone, and adds sweet and savory COTTON CANDY color to your cheeks.



Morphe Cosmetics|Holiday 2018 Collection

15T Your True Selfie Palette



Morphe’s 15T True Selfie Palette is the perfect palette for The Holidays, 15 shades of greens, reds, shimmers, mattes, and satins. Your eyes will pop like the Shiny Ornament you are! And it’s called the TRUE SELFIE Palette, because once you perfect your perfect, 15T Eye Look, you won’t be able to stop taking selfies. Seriously. It’s Holiday Eyeshadow Perfection! 



Fenty Beauty

Stunna Lip Paint

  • Uninvited





Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Uninvited, is made with the same liquid lipstick formula that all of the other Stunna Lip Paint’s are made with, and guarantee pure, smooth, and non-cakey color. And the gorgeous, deep, black shade, Uninvited adds the perfect amount of edge, to any Holiday Look. The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, is all about edge and risk. And Uninvited is the perfect mix of CHIC AF and Risque’.



COLOURPOP|Holiday 2018

IS THIS REAL LIFE?|Super Shock Shadow Vault





Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows are every makeup obsessed, beauty junkie’s GO TO cream based eyeshadow, when it comes to shockingly bright, pigmented, long wearing, pure, high color payoff, which is why SUPER SHOCK is an appropriate name for these cream based shadows. The color’s offered, from natural and soft, to bright, shockingly intense colors, come in matte, satin, and metallic finishes. And Colourpop’s Holiday 2018 Collection, now offers the IS THIS REAL LIFE?|Super Shock Shadow Vault. From neon’s to brights, to shimmers, to multi colored pigment pots, this is The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree’s DREAM, when it comes to one of a kind, pure, gorgeous color.



Anastasia Beverly Hills|Holiday 2018

Loose Glitter

  • Mystic Teal
  • Royal
  • Pink Sapphire








Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Glitter in Mystic Teal, Royal, and Pink Sapphire are absolutely perfect for The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree Look. The rich, highly pigmented Loose Glitter, can be used as lip or eye toppers, or can be mixed with mixing mediums, gloss, lip mixes, cream eyeshadows, or Mehron Mixing Liquid, to create a pure, glittery and metallic eyeshadow, liner, or lipstick! And best of all? There’s a shade for EVERY Holiday Look on The List!



COLOURPOP|Holiday 2018

Flying Colours|Liquid Lipstick Vault





Colourpop’s Holiday 2018 Flying Colours Liquid Lipstick Vault is the perfect gift for The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, OR the perfect gift from The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, to themselves. Flying Colours Liquid Lipstick Vault includes 14 different Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks, which are high in color payoff, and just as high in intensity! From clear and shimmery, to matte burgundy, Flying Colours covers each shade of the rainbow! Which means soft and natural, to bold and bright colors. So whatever mood you’re in, you have the perfect shade to match it! Whether it’s a daytime look, or a Holiday Party at your FAVE Fashion Designer’s Warehouse, you’ll be sure to turn heads!



M.A.C Cosmetics|GIRLS Collection

Pretty Punk 

  • Pretty Punk Eyeshadow Palette
  • Pretty Punk Lipstick
    • Glamour Of Punk|Glaze
    • Black Night|Cremesheen
  • Pretty Punk LipGlass
    • Buzz Cut
    • God Save The Sheen

($17.50 – $41)




M.A.C Cosmetics doesn’t skimp on creative and innovative products. And M.A.C GIRLS, is no different. Especially their new Collection: The PRETTY PUNK Eyeshadow Palette, LipGlass’, and Lipsticks. The PRETTY PUNK Eyeshadow Palette is anything but ordinary, complete with neon purples, greens, blues, and pinks. And The Shiniest Ornament On The Tree, is all about bright, edgy, and fun makeup trends, so The PRETTY PUNK Collection, is PERFECTION for that certain Persona. The Cremesheen Lipstick in Black Night, is edgy and fun. And the Glaze Lipstick in Glamour of Punk is a fun pop of girly pink, that goes perfectly with the PRETTY PUNK Eyeshadow Palette Shades.

Meet The Other Girls From The M.A.C Girls Collection:






Whether a look on this list completely defines you, or you like to mix it up for different Holiday Events and Parties, you can’t go wrong with any of these products or makeup look categories! One thing is for sure though; The Holidays are all about Shimmering and Shining! So don’t let anything or anyone dull your shine or take the spark out of your sparkle! The Holidays are a time of giving, love, peace on Earth, happiness, and joy. And Beauty/Fashion is the one thing that makes EVERYONE unique, and brings out our inner persona; That’s what’s so great about Makeup! No matter what size, shape, nationality, race, gender, skin color, etc. YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU! And that’s an AMAZING THING! No one else is exactly like you! And Makeup helps us bring out our inner selves, and helps us feel confident! I love ALL of my Beauties! And I hope everyone has an amazing Holiday Season!


Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties! 


This Week In Beauty: *THE HOLIDAY LIST* PT. ONE

Hello, Beauties!

The HOLIDAYS are upon us, and with that being said, we all know what that means in The Beauty Industry; LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS AND SPARKLY, NEW, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & PALETTES!! The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for EVERY Beauty Buff, because we are absolutely spoiled when it comes to BRAND NEW products! From Limited Edition Holiday ONLY Eyeshadow Palettes, to absolutely GORGEOUS and GLITTERY Collections, October is the month that most Beauty Brand’s release their highly anticipated Holiday Collections. And to assure you that you’ll be in the know, for each of the *MOST WANTED* collections and releases, I’ve put together, THE HOLIDAY LIST; a guide to this year’s most anticipated Holiday 2018 Collections and their release dates!




Pat McGrath Opulence: THE COLLECTION 

$38 – $55

Release Dates(s):

10/18 on






Hello, HOLIDAY 2018!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for The Holidays when it comes to Holiday 2018’s Beauty Collection Releases. It’s no secret, that Pat McGrath has become THE makeup artist/beauty brand, that has been the most talked about, anticipated, and has THE highest of high quality products, of 2018. And with all of her absolutely FABULOUS releases this year, we can only imagine what kind of GORGEOUSNESS, she has in store for Holiday 2018!!

Enter, Pat McGrath’s Opulence: THE COLLECTION. I’m literally about to pass out from happiness, when it comes to this collection! Pat McGrath doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality of product, pigmentation percentage, and most of all; PRESENTATION. Working on NYFW, as well as being THE MUA, for Fashion Designers and Fashion Houses around the Globe, Pat McGrath has learned that presentation, is KEY to success. And like all of  Pat McGrath’s products, from lipstick packaging, to eyeshadow palette artistry, and especially, her sequin filled LAB packaging, Pat McGrath knows how to keep her followers excited, and filled with anticipation before every new release! And her Holiday 2018 Opulence: THE COLLECTION, is no different!




Opulence: THE COLLECTION, is full of new, LIMITED EDITION, Holiday 2018 products, including three BRAND NEW Eyeshadow Palettes, along with three different MATTETRANCE Lipsticks, for EACH Palette Color/Theme.



      • 1995
      • Flesh 3
      • Guinevere


      • Elson
      • Flesh 3
      • Omi


      • Christy
      • Flesh 3
      • Forbidden Love


Obviously, Flesh 3, is a hot Holiday 2018 color, so it goes hand in hand with each palette, no matter which Opulence Collection Color Theme, you decide to go with. But I’m not complaining; Flesh 3 is an all skin tone friendly hue, and is THE MOST WANTED color of the season. So… Trust In Thy Mother. 

Opulence: THE COLLECTION, launches October 18th, online at And it’s sure to SELL OUT quickly, so make sure you’re on top of your game, and hit Pat McGrath’s website, at like, MIDNIGHT, on 10/18. No joke.





Fenty Beauty CHILL OWT Collection

$19 – $129

Release Date(s):

10/12 online at &



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has become one of the most popular Beauty Brand’s in the WORLD, due to their extensive, all skin tone friendly, array of foundation shades. From Ivory to Ebony, Fenty Beauty doesn’t leave ANYONE out, when it comes to skin tone and color, which is something I admire about not only Fenty, but Rihanna. From her Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters & Duos, to her INCREDIBLE, Stunna Lip Paint, Fenty Beauty keeps getting better and better, each release. And Fenty’s CHILL OWT Collection, is stunning, living up to Fenty Beauty’s ultimate goal; to keep EVERYONE in mind.

From Fenty Beauty’s Freestyle Highlighter Palette, the BRAND NEW Mattemoiselle Plush Matte 10 PC Lipstick Collection, to their BRAND NEW Avalanche All Over Powder, the Frost Bunny Metallic Eye & Lip Crayon, and the BRAND NEW Frosted Metal Lipsticks, Fenty has this past year’s, number one trend in mind; EVERYTHING Metallic.


Fenty Beauty’s CHILL OWT Collection, launches TODAY, (10/12) online and in stores at Sephora, and, and online at!





Kylie Cosmetics Halloween 2018 Collection

$17 – $195

Release Date(s):

10/12  at 3PM Pacific Time, online at



I love Halloween. EVERYTHING Halloween. So I was really excited to check out Kylie Cosmetics Halloween 2018 Collection. And while I do love the Lip Kit in Bite Me, and the Kylie Gloss in Handsome Devil, as well as the Creme Lipstick in Creep It Real, I’m not too crazy about everything else. And I’m a HUGE Kylie Cosmetics fan. BUT for those of you who are in love with the collection, and the colors offered, here’s the breakdown!



The Kylie Halloween 2018 Collection consists of:

  • Halloween 2018 Kyshadow Palette, with nine shades;
    • Nightmare
    • Bat Shit Crazy
    • Main Boo
    • Hey Pumpkin
    • Best Witches
    • Howl-o-ween
    • Freak On
    • Hex On Your Ex
    • Sweet Poison,


  • Lip Kit
    • Bite Me


  • Kylie Gloss
    • Handsome Devil


  • Matte Lipsticks
    • Spider Bite
    • Creep It Real


  • Metallic Lipsticks
    • Haunt It
    • Monster


  • Kylighter
    • Go Ghost


  • Glitter Eyes
    • Hello Ghordeous
    • Witch & Famous.



Kylie Cosmetics released her Halloween 2018 Collection at 3 PM (Pacific Time) earlier TODAY. It’s now 9:30 PM, (the night of October 12th) and nothing has seemed to sell out, yet, aside from the Matte Lipstick in Creep It Real, (and just BARELY SOLD OUT) which is the only non-Halloween based color in the collection, which is unusual for a Kylie Cosmetics release…. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way about the Halloween 2018 Collection.

On another note, I really hope that Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection will redeem itself for the Halloween 2018 Collection. And with the instantly successful, lovable, and GORGEOUS-NESS of the Holiday 2017 Collection, which included the Sugar & Spice Lip Collections, and the Naughty & Nice Kyshadow Palettes, along with the Ornament Lip Glosses & Metallic Lipsticks, in Dancer, Jolly, & Naughty, along with Lip Kits Merry & Vixen, the Holiday 2018 Collection will have A LOT of products to try to out do, and live up to. And I’ll definitely be keeping you updated on more news about Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection!





MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection- Shiny Pretty Things

$19.50 – $35

Release Date(s):

10/15 ONLINE at

10/18  IN STORES at MAC, Nordstrom, Macy’s, & Ulta


mac shiny pretty things visual 2


MAC Cosmetics produces the most adorable, shiniest, and most Holiday-esque collections, along with the largest assortment of products to choose from, each Holiday. And this Holiday, MAC is introducing their Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection!! Complete with five different Holiday 2018 Lipsticks, Lipglass’, & Shiny Pretty Eyeshadows, and two different Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters, along with four Dazzleliners, packaged in silver, on trend, metallic packaging.


The theme is obviously glitter, glamour, and everything shiny, which is perfect for 2018’s “strobing craze”, along with Holiday present-like Bows, pressed into select powder based products. There are also pictures of two different Holiday 2018 Glow Kits, that look identical (packaging wise) to MAC’s Hyper Real Glow Kits, that have been surfacing on Instagram, and inside Sephora’s Beauty Community, so I’m sure there will be other products for Holiday 2018, like these cosmetic bags, (pictured below) makeup brushes, and Limited Edition Holiday 2018 Kits, Sets, etc.




MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection List:


  • Shiny Pretty Things Lipsticks
    • Both Cheeks
    • A Wink of Pink
    • Babetown
    • At Leisure
    • Straight Fire


MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lipstick


  • Shiny Pretty Eyeshadows
    • Just Chilling
    • Major Win
    • Joy To
    • P For Pink
    • Make A Wish


MAC Shiny Pretty Eyeshadow


  • Dazzleliners
    • A Little Moonlight
    • Statuesque 
    • Midnight Toast
    • Holiday Time




  • Lipglass
    • Tudor Rose
    • Ice Orchid
    • Scarcely Seen
    • Caketop
    • Rose Buddy


MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lipglass


  • Extra Dimension Skin Finish
    • Oh, Darling
    • Snowflushed




MAC is giving everyone an early Christmas present, that’s sure to put a smile on every MAC-obsessed Beauty Babe’s face; Instead of releasing their Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection, in late November- usually the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday, MAC is releasing The Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection on October 15th ONLINE, and IN STORES October 18th. That’s over a month early than past Holiday release dates, so be sure to get online, at, to get three day early access, to MAC’s Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection!






Natasha Denona’s Holiday 2018 *LIMITED EDITION* Cranberry Palette 


Release Date(s):


10/25 in Sephora stores

**available in select Sephora stores NOW




Natasha Denona (and every other Beauty Brand in the Industry as of late) has been releasing products and palettes like CRAZY! Natasha Denona’s GOLD Eyeshadow Palette, and her SAFARI Eyeshadow Palette, were recently released, as well as her Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette. But unlike these said gorgeous palettes, her Holiday 2018 Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, is LIMITED EDITION, which catapults it to the top of Natasha Denona’s MOST WANTED, and the most highly anticipated palette out of all of her current releases.


Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, has four brand new shades, and one Limited Edition shade, from last year’s Holiday 2017 Aeris Palette. True to it’s name, each shade helps create the perfect Cranberry hued eye, which is one of the HOTTEST eyeshadow shades for Holiday 2018. I mean, just look at that GORGEOUS eye that Natasha Denona created for her Holiday 2018 release promos!?! How could you not be stoked for this release?! Housed in a gold five pan palette, with extra large eyeshadow pans, similar to all of Natasha Denona’s 5 Pan Palettes, this palette is easy to take on the go, or easy to store in your vanity, without taking up much space. And you can create perfect Holiday Party eye looks, as well as more toned down, daytime eyeshadow looks, with minimal fallout, and pigment packed color.


Natasha Denona is releasing her Holiday 2018 Limited Edition Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette on October 25th, online, at, and in Sephora stores. It’s available now, in select Sephora stores, but all of the Sephora’s I’ve called, so far, do NOT have The Holiday 2018 Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, in stock quite yet. And from my past retail experience, it could be sitting in an unopened box, that just recently arrived, so it could possibly be available between NOW, and October 25th, at any given time….





Urban Decay’s NAKED Cherry Collection

$18 – $49

Release Date(s):






It’s no secret that Urban Decay’s most successful Beauty Collection/Line, has been the NAKED Collection. Whenever there is a NAKED Palette Release, Beauties everywhere, line up at Sephora’s across the Nation, to get their hand’s on Urban Decay’s cult favorite; The NAKED *insert editions, 1, 2, 3, Smokey, or Heat*. But with bright and bold hue trends emerging from their 00’s (The Year 2000’s) resting place, Urban Decay was able to go back in time, to their old roots, and add some brighter hues to their forever popular and beloved, NAKED Palette Collections.


Hello, Urban Decay NAKED Cherry Collection! And this time, Urban Decay went ALL OUT, with this Cherry Themed NAKED Collection, adding a NAKED Highlighting & Blush Palette, a Cherry scented ALL NIGHTER Setting Spray,  three beautiful and bold Vice Lipsticks, and two 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, along with the absolutely GORGEOUS, NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette! 


The NAKED Cherry Collection definitely stands out, around all of the cool-toned nude palettes and color trends this Fall (along with Morphe’s 35M Boss Mood Palette, of course), and is the perfect transitional palette for those of you who want to try out brighter eyeshadow hues, but aren’t quite ready to make a full commitment. Complete with eight neutral/daytime shades, and four bright pinks and burgundys, this palette is the perfect “beginner’s” collection of shades for adding simple and bright pops of color, a bright pink or burgundy shadow crease, or a light peach or pink hued eye, that will help you ease into the brighter and more bold hues. The velvety soft, powder based shadows, are surprisingly high in color payoff, but aren’t TOO bold, because that’s what Urban Decay’s NAKED Palettes are all about; Being Au Naturale.



And in true NAKED fashion, these twelve matte, satin, and glitter based shades, are housed in a “classic” NAKED Eyeshadow Palette tin, complete with a double ended NAKED Eyeshadow Brush, which is perfect to slip in your purse when you’re on the go. Plus, the pink to burgundy ombre’ shaded packaging, along with the cherries and a gold NAKED Logo, will have you and everyone else, gushing over how adorable the NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette is; inside and out. Complete the adorable-ness, with the All Nighter Setting Spray, the NAKED Cherry Highlighting & Blush Palette, the pink, burgundy, and peach, Vice Lipsticks, in Juicy, Cherry, & Devilish, and the glitter based 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, in Black Market and Love Drug, and you’ll be looking FIERCE AF, at any sexy Holiday Party, Masquerade, or night out.








Too Faced Holiday 2018  

(3 Exclusive Collections)




Too Faced always kills it, when it comes to all things pink, sparkly, girly, and fun. And their extensive Holiday 2018 Collection, out does itself this year. Too Faced has three different Holiday 2018 Collection “sets”, that are exclusive to, Sephora, and, with each retailer carrying one online-exclusive part of the Holiday 2018 Collection. 



*Sephora Exclusive*

Too Faced Dream Queen Collection


Release Date(s):

Available NOW and ONLY on 




The Too Faced LIMITED EDITION Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Collection, which is exclusive to Sephora, is an adorable Holiday 2018 Makeup Set, that contains one, pink, sparkly, and adorable, swan covered cosmetic bag, one Deluxe Travel Size HangOver RX Setting Spray, one Deluxe Travel Size Better Than Sex Mascara, and one Dreamy Lips Ultra Plus Lip Gloss, in Pink Swan. But the BEST PART of the Too Faced Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Collection, is the twenty four pan Dream Queen Eyeshadow Palette, which also comes with two blushes, and two bronzers. A collection of spice-inspired colors, with pops of sparkle and velvety mattes, the Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Eyeshadow Palette, is worth the splurge in itself.

You will NOT find this Holiday 2018 Dream Queen Collection online at, though. You will only find it on, and in select Sephora stores. So hurry quick, and get yours today, because this part of the collection is bound to SELL OUT!




*HSN Exclusive*

Too Faced Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Holiday 2018 Collection


Release Date(s):



The Too Faced Holiday 2018 Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Collection, is my personal favorite collection! The sixteen pan Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette, is full of golds, coppers, and a few pops of burgundy, with a mix of matte and sparkle based colors. The color assortment is definitely more of a nude/gold mix, which is why I love it so much. The Pumpkin Spice Collection also comes with a FULL SIZE Better Than Sex Mascara, and a Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss, as well as an adorable Teddy Bear Hair Vegan Eyeshadow Brush. This collection is exclusive to, so you won’t find this collection on or




Too Faced Holiday 2018 Gingerbread Spice & Under The Christmas Tree Collection

$15 – $69

Release Date(s):





For the rest of the Too Faced Holiday 2018 Collection, like the Under The Christmas Tree Collection, The Gingerbread Spice Collection, and the EXCLUSIVE Sugared Peach Face & Eye Palettes, and the Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette, can be found on the Too Faced website, and on, as well as in Sephora stores.

And let’s be honest; waking up on Christmas morning, to the Too Faced Holiday 2018 Collection, under your Christmas Tree, makes for a GREAT Christmas. ESPECIALLY with all of the pink, glittery, and girly gorgeousness, of Too Faced!




Well, I think I’ve given you all a lot of Holiday 2018 products and collections to think about purchasing… for other people of course. Because we don’t shop for ourselves during The Holidays, do we??

I’m kidding.

Anyways, whats your favorite Holiday 2018 Collection?? What other Holiday 2018 Collections, that I didn’t mention, are you excited for?

Let us know! We love to hear from you!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!



THE Fall 2018 Beauty Palettes & Collections That Will Keep You Looking Fresh & Fab!

Hello, Beauties!


The Beauty Industry is HUGE. Even before Kylie Cosmetics, and the KKW “contouring” craze, that started a few years ago, which sky rocketed Beauty Brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills to the top, the Beauty Industry was already a multi-billion dollar industry. And with Kylie Cosmetics being a BILLION dollar BRAND, on its own, you can only imagine what type of “Net Worth” the Beauty Industry is, as a whole. It seems like almost every day, a new Beauty Brand hits the scene, or a new collection from an already-successful Beauty Brand, is launched.

It gets overwhelming.

BUT; if you are looking for some truly *MUST HAVE* Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipstick Sets, and Face Palettes, and you don’t want to go through the “trial and error process” of purchasing and experimenting with palettes/kits that will only end up collecting dust in your makeup collection, then I have you covered!

The following palettes are THE Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipstick Sets, and Face Palettes for Autumn 2018:




Natasha Denona CAMEL Eyeshadow Palette



This just might be the BEST neutral eyeshadow palette, of ALL TIME. Like, no joke. Natasha Denona ALWAYS delivers when it comes to Eyeshadow Palettes, (and just about everything else) but I cannot get over how gorgeous this richly pigmented, multi-skin tone flattering, five shades fit all, Camel Palette is! And five colors may seem like a small number of pans, in comparison to other eyeshadow palettes that are on the market today, BUT this palette has become A STAPLE, in my makeup routine, and I can’t get enough of these gorgeous hues. I literally have hundreds of eyeshadow palettes, and I can’t stop reaching for this palette, daily!


Because Natasha Denona ensures high quality, as well as high pigmentation for all of her products, one sweep of color provides high coverage, opaque, and intense color payoff, and The Camel Palette, is no different. So a little goes a long way! And with three matte shades, and two shimmer based shades, you can create a daytime to nighttime transformation, with ease. The long-lasting color does NOT fade throughout the day, and the pigments “stay put” on eyes extremely well, during a night out. There are so many gorgeous styles and looks that come out of this five pan palette, including more toned down, work-appropriate looks, as well as High Fashion/Editorial looks that are easily achieved, including the “Neutral Smokey Eye”, that Natasha Denona uses for her Camel Palette Campaign, on her website.


The best part?? The Camel Palette looks absolutely STUNNING, on ANY and EVERY skin tone and shade! From Ivory to Ebony, The Camel Palette brings out EVERY eye color, and every skin color’s BEST FEATURES, which is something a lot of eyeshadow palettes and highlighting palettes, on the market today, fail to achieve. And the neutral based colors are “the key” which makes that possible.






Pat McGrath MOTHERSHIP V: Bronze Seduction Palette




Pat McGrath DOES NOT disappoint when it comes to, literally, ANY of her products. From her full coverage lip and eye pigments, to her gorgeous and experiment-friendly mixing labs, to her richly pigmented “ready to wear” eyeshadow palettes, Pat McGrath knows her stuff. Supermodels at Fashion Week call her “Mother”, and important Fashion Icons call her, “the most important makeup artist of our time”, (and if that doesn’t say something about her “makeup game”, then I don’t know what does). AND Pat McGrath’s Makeup Line, was an instant success, with products “selling out” in a matter of hours, on her website. She’s THE QUEEN MOTHER, of makeup artistry. And her new MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, is a blatant example of how luxurious, gorgeous, and highly pigmented, Pat McGrath’s makeup products really are.

The MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, not only houses ten absolutely STUNNING shades for Fall/Winter 2018, but just the packaging/cover art,  is something to fall in love with. The “spice” inspired shades, range from matte based aubergine’s, to matte cocoa’s, to shimmer based “true” golds, and pink hued rose golds, opals, and creams, which are absolutely PERFECT for Fall.


Every shade in The MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, are packed with pigment, long wearing, and extremely rich and blend-able. Each shade POPS, on ANY skin shade/tone, and you can create work-friendly/daytime looks, and transform your daytime look into a nighttime look, with ease. The artistry possibilities are endless with these ten beautiful shades, and like all of Pat McGrath’s other products, you will NOT be disappointed!




NARS Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette




If you feel like NARS hasn’t been on the top of their game lately, think again. Although NARS used to be one of THE “it girl” Beauty Brands, it seems like they haven’t really released anything very “innovative” in the past few years. BUT that’s all changed with the release of some of their more popular products and palettes, like NARS Bord De Plage Highlighting/Bronzing Palette, and their absolute *MUST HAVE* Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette. Unfortunately NARS Bord De Plage’ Highlighting/Bronzing Palette has been discontinued, BUT Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette is available and ready for purchase on!


Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette, is a collection of neutrals for eyes and cheeks, that’s extremely similar to Natasha Denona’s Camel Palette; as far as shades go, that is. But what’s great about this palette, are the two large pans, which contain a bronzer for contouring, and a highlighter for strobing/highlighting. The colors that NARS offers, are more on the warmer side of the spectrum, so it’s perfect for Beauties who prefer warmer colors, over neutral colors. It’s also nice to have a palette that includes a highlighter, bronzer, AND eyeshadow colors, because it’s easier to throw in your purse for Beauty emergencies (AKA touchups, and transforming an eye look from a daytime look, into a nighttime look when you are on the go). The colors are velvety and creamy (but still in powder formula) and each color pan produces high color payoff, and long wearing properties, so you get what you pay for when you purchase this gorgeous lil’ slice of cake.


I’m very happy with NARS Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette, and I’m also very happy that NARS is making it’s way back into the Beauty Scene. I mean, they never really left the Beauty Scene, but with all of the new Beauty Brands that have come out in the past few years, it’s hard to stay loyal to a brand who isn’t producing innovative products, unlike Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, and Natasha Denona. So GREAT JOB, NARS! Congratulations on your comeback!




Hourglass Cosmetics’ Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette



Hourglass Cosmetics has taken the Beauty Industry by storm, with their STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Ambient Lighting Powders, Highlighters, Bronzers, and Blushes. And last years Holiday Edition Palette, flew off Sephora’s shelves, and SOLD OUT online, everywhere. So I had extremely high hopes for this year’s Holiday *LIMITED EDITION* Palette. And Hourglass DID NOT disappoint!




Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, offers six shades of Ambient Lighting Powder, that will make every beauty, of every skin tone/type/shade, look absolutely radiant! Lighting Bronzers, Metallic Strobing Powders, Lighting Blushes, and Lighting Powders, all come in this convenient, six in one compact palette, which is perfect for taking with you whether you’re on the go, or if you’re trying to save space in your vanity. And this year’s palette is actually UNIVERSAL, and perfect for ALL skin types, which is a nice update compared to their past Holiday Edition Palettes. Whether you have Light, Medium, or Dark Skin Tones, each Ambient Lighting Powder can be used to highlight, contour, strobe, or blush those gorgeous faces of yours, and each shade is made with Photoluminescent Technology, which Hourglass uses in every one of their Ambient Lighting Powders, “to capture, diffuse, and soften surrounding light”, which is one of the highly effective properties that makes Ambient Lighting Powder so innovative and makes your skin look so flawless when applied.




Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, is CRUELTY FREE, 100% VEGAN, and formulated WITHOUT Parabens and Sulfates, so it’s literally, formulated for EVERYONE. AND 5% of profits sold, will go to The Nonhuman Rights Project, so when you purchase this dreamy little palette, you can feel good about where your money is going… Right in time for The Holidays!




Morphe Cosmetics’ 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette






Morphe Cosmetics keeps getting better and better, every season! And for Autumn 2018, Morphe’s 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette, is every Beauty Babe’s bright, multi-shade, dream palette, with each hue being ON POINT, with Autumn 2018’s hottest color shades. Packed with bright neons, and TONS of sparkle, this pigment packed palette, has every color you need, to create endless glitter based, bright, creative eye looks. So if you’re already feeling like Autumn is dulling your color game, then Morphe’s 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette, is probably something you should invest in…. you know, to beat those “Seasonal Blues”.




I mean, just look at those GORGEOUS glitter based shades, and those rich AF mattes! How could you NOT want this palette?! I’m more of a nude or gold based eye babe, myself, but The 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette definitely makes me want to try some bright and bold looks…. even if I feel a little over the top. But hey… over the top IS IN.





Kat Von D *LIMITED EDITION* Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipstick Set 


31629Autumn Fashion Trends, tend to ALWAYS be neutral. So Kat Von D and her Beauty Genius-self, released her *LIMITED EDITION* Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipstick Set, which is perfect for Fall and Winter. Best of Nudes comes with six Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipsticks, in all of the brands most wanted/most gorgeous Creme’ Nude Lipsticks, which caters to every skin shade, and ranges from true nudes, deep browns, toasted mauves, and muted siennas. So whether you’re feeling more of a natural lipstick shade, or a lighter nude, or darker nude, this lipstick set has you covered. And my favorite part?? Each of these shades melt into each other with ease, so you can create THE PERFECT ombre’ lipstick application. This is definitely one of my favorite Lipstick Sets of the season. This is definitely any Nude Lipstick Lover’s *DREAM*.

The Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick Set contains the following shades:


Kat Von D is one of the TOP THREE most pigmented Beauty Brands in the ENTIRE Industry. And with all of the pigment packed, popularity and staying power of Liquid Lipstick, your mind tends to wander to the blatant question of why creme lipstick is still around…. BUT, this is why; Liquid Mattes and Liquid Velvets are great for one color and done, lipstick applications. But with the gorgeous ombre’ and multi-hued lipstick application trends, Liquid Mattes and Liquid Velvets just don’t get the “ombre’” job done, like a classic Creme’ Lipstick. And with the highly pigmented color payoff that Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipsticks give you, you can create ombre’ lip applications, which melt into each other with ease, and still get that gorgeous color payoff and those long wearing properties of a basic Liquid Matte/Velvet lipstick. And the best part?? Creme’ Lipsticks don’t dry out your pretty pout, like Liquid Matte’s can. And they don’t flake off, “ball up” with re-application or touchups, or crack.





Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sultry Eyeshadow Palette



Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, is one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, that Anastasia Beverly Hills has EVER released, (even the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Master Palette By Mario) which is saying A LOT, considering all of the other GORGEOUS palettes that have been released from this, practically perfect in every way, Beauty Brand.




The Sultry Eyeshadow Palette contains fourteen cool toned shades, (two of which are BRAND NEW) and are all absolutely PERFECT, for Autumn/Winter 2018. The cool toned nude shades, a mix of matte and glitter based finishes, are perfect for a cool toned, nude, smokey eye. The silver glitter based shade, Cyborg, is the perfect addition to add a pop of silver-y glam, to any nude based eye. Bloom, a matte, peachy coral shade, adds a pop of color to the palette, as well as Noir, which adds a classic “ultra-matte” black shade, which can be used to line or perfect a classic smokey eye. And these shades look absolutely GORGEOUS, on ANY skin tone. Especially darker skin tones; The pigment-packed nudes, golds, and bronzes POP on darker to Ebony skin tones, and look absolutely FLAWLESS on those skin shades.






Melt Cosmetics’ GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette




Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 7.33.10 PM


Melt Cosmetics’ GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette, isn’t as brand new, as other palettes and collections on this list, but it’s still just as worthy for all the attention; especially when it comes to Autumn/Winter 2018. GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette was SOLD OUT, for a few months, after it’s initial release, earlier this year, which kind of broke my heart. On apps like Mercari and Poshmark, brand new GEMINI Eyeshadow Palettes, were going for $150 – $300, just for ONE, which proves it’s validity to the world of cosmetics. But now, that GEMINI is FINALLY restocked, you can purchase one of these beauty’s, which contains ten, pigment packed, HUGE eyeshadow pans, which are over double the size of Urban Decay’s Naked(s) eyeshadow pans! And the color payoff?? Absolutely INSANE.


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 7.31.08 PM


Every shade looks beautiful on ANY skin tone, but the Olive Green shades, Leo, Goalz, and Fire OG, which come in matte, satin, and glitter based finishes, are perfect for Fall 2018, and make Brown/Hazel Eyes, POP, and the shades are perfect for medium to deep skin tones.  The matte shade Mochi, which is a true Mustard, looks GORGEOUS on Dark to Ebony skin tones, as well as Olive-toned skin shades. Luna (matte), Gemini (glitter), and Lorelei (matte), accentuate Brown, Hazel, Blue and Green eyes, and look beautiful on Fair to Ebony skin tones; and the color payoff is amazing, with each and every pigment packed shade.  The first five eyeshadow shades are absolutely perfect for Daytime looks for Lighter skin tones, as well as the last five shades being perfect for Daytime looks for Darker skin shades, and vice versa for Nighttime looks.



Each shade melts into one another, and blend like a dream. The creamy and velvety  textures of each color, are easy to blend out, or layer on for more intensity. You get full coverage with just one swipe, but the colors are buildable and you will get very intense color payoff, when layering on. The colors stay put, and when layered upon an eyeshadow primer or a liquid foundation used as a primer, the color payoff is even more intense, which is great because a little goes a long way; plus the pan sizes are HUGE, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Hurry up and buy one before they sell out, AGAIN! Seriously. It’s SO worth it.





Too Faced Holiday Collection: The Gingerbread Spice Palette





I know I can always count on Too Faced, to produce gorgeous eyeshadow hues, lash plumping mascara’s, long lasting liquid lipsticks, along with ADORABLE packaging; probably the most adorable packaging out of ANY Beauty Brand… And this year’s Holiday Collection, really put on the glitz and glam, and will grab even the most drab of color-palette tastes, attention! The Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette, in particular, is The Holiday Collection’s most popular item, and has SOLD OUT TWICE, since being released, a few weeks ago, which is a big win for Too Faced.


Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette, is a collection of eighteen eyeshadows, that include nudes, pinks, browns, purples, and a muted orange satin finish shade (Spice Is Nice), and a glitter based Olive Green shade (Spice Of Life). One of my favorite shades, Reindeer Paws (matte),  is one of the richest, and truest Chocolate Brown shades I’ve ever seen, and looks absolutely flawless when applied. You can create gorgeous Daytime looks, add pops of color, or go all out and create a bold, colorful, statement eye look, that will turn heads at any Holiday Party.




Each shade is all skin tone friendly, and the color payoff is rich and beautiful. The colors can be layered on for intensity, or blended out for a more natural look, with ease, and any good eyeshadow brush can pick up the pigments extremely well. The colors apply evenly, and there’s zero lack of uneven coverage, with every shade. Too Faced also includes several shades for highlighting ANY skin shade’s brow bone, which is something that eyeshadow palettes these day’s have been lacking.

Great Job, Too Faced! We ABSOLUTELY ❤ The Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette!





Whatever palettes, sets, or collections that you decide to go with, or already love, be prepared to KILL IT this Fall, makeup artistry-wise. And these, of course, are NOT even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fall Makeup Collection Releases. These are just some of the best, and my personal favorites!

Which Beauty Item and/or Collection is your favorite for Autumn 2018?? What are your personal favorite Items and/or Collections?

We love your feedback, and we also love to try new, fresh, and lesser known, Beauty Brands! Comment on this post, with your Autumn 2018 favorites!



Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!







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KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection: The Classic Eyeshadow Palette & Peach Creme Lipsticks & Liners

Hello, Beauties!

KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Beauty, dropped her brand new Classic Collection, on July 27th, and of course, me being the makeup junkie that I am, purchased it as soon as it went on sale. And even though I featured KKW Beauty’s Classic Palette, it in my SUMMER *MUST HAVES* POST, I decided to go into more detail about the eyeshadow palette, and of course, review KKW Beauty’s new Peach Creme’ Lipstick & Lip Liner, which is a part of KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection. Because honestly, this is one of KKW Beauty’s BEST makeup launches to date.


When I think of Kim Kardashian West, aside from a thick booty and shameless reality television stunts (I still love you, KKW), nude lipsticks, contouring, and nude makeup looks come to mind; so who better than KKW, herself, to release a self named makeup company, KKW Beauty, full of nude lipsticks, contouring kits, nude glosses, nude liners, and of course, nude (neutral) eyeshadow palettes. And of course, the website, packaging, shipping materials, and color scheme, along with all of the beauty products she has released, all go along the lines of NUDE. And YES, KKW Beauty ( also sells KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Creme Lipsticks, in the original set of four, (Kimmie, Kimberly, Kim, & KiKi), on the site, as well, which is one of my favorite collections that Kylie Cosmetics has ever released, along with millions of other makeup lovers around the globe. Which I’m sure is why KKW Beauty was started in the first place; KKW, I’m sure, realized that the instant success of her collection that Kylie Cosmetics released, could be re-lived over and over, by launching her own line of makeup.


Smart business move, girl. But I wonder what Kylie thinks about it?? I’m sure it’s no dirt off her shoulder, considering that Kylie Cosmetics, has raised Kylie Jenner to the top of the Kardashian/Jenner family’s Net Worth, which is now $900 MILLION…. YES; she’s almost a billionaire. And her makeup company is completely self owned/created, so Kylie see’s all of the cashflow that goes in an out of her business. KKW; herself AND KKW Beauty, is only worth $350 Million; but I’m sure that’s not really a struggle for Kim KW…. as far as we know. But maybe, KKW Beauty could catch up to the success of Kylie Cosmetics– as long as KKW Beauty keeps releasing products and collections, like KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, that is. Because KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, is truly immaculate! From formulation to pigmentation, and all skin tone friendly hues of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and liners, KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, just might be the key, that unlocks the door to upping KKW Beauty’s success, along with inspiring KKW Beauty, to keep releasing collections that are as solid as KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection! 

So… here’s the 101 on KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection;




The Classic Collection

By KKW Beauty






The Classic Eyeshadow Palette



Colors (Top Row, From Left To Right):

  • Saint- Metallic Champagne
  • Florence- Matte Yellow Brown
  • Selfish- Matte Terracotta
  • Calabasas- Matte Light Brown
  • Chicago- Metallic Bronze

Colors (Bottom Row, From Left To Right):

  • Fade- Matte Creamy Beige
  • Dash- Matte Warm Taupe
  • North- Metallic Copper
  • Family- Matte Red Brown
  • Gemini- Matte Deep Brown


The Classic Collection by KKW Beauty, consists of The Classic Eyeshadow Palette, which is a mix of 10 warm/neutral eyeshadows, for everyday wear, which can be used for a simple daytime look, and can be switched over to a more dramatic, nighttime look, with ease. The 10 warm/neutral eyeshadows consist of 3 shimmer based eyeshadows (a light gold, true gold, and copper), and 7 matte finished eyeshadows. 3 of the matte eyeshadows work for highlighting your brow bone, for light, medium, and dark skin tones. It also consists of a neutral, matte, dark brown eyeshadow, to create a neutral/warm smokey eye, or to add a pop of brown to your crease. The color and finish assortment is perfect for creating simple, gorgeous, and clean neutral eyeshadow looks, which can be layered on for more depth, and color. The matte shades are perfect for blending the shimmer shades out in to each other, creating an easy, blend-able, and Classic KKW, eyeshadow application. If you want a simple look with zero shimmer, the matte shades can be used on their own. Or you can create a stunning, neutral, shimmer based look, with the 3 shimmer shadows provided.




This color palette is truly a nude/neutral color lover’s dream, with each shade containing perfectly pigmented hues, that look gorgeous on warm, cool, or neutral skin tones, so there’s no need to worry whether the colors look flattering on you or not, because these truly are made, with every skin tone/shade or color in mind. If you have deep dark, or ebony skin tones, the lighter and shimmer based shades will POP, and you can create a truly stunning, and head turning eyeshadow look. Or you can use the neutral, darker shades, for a more natural look, for day time. And if you have a lighter to medium skin tone, the darker neutrals can be used for a perfectly hued smokey eye, and add a pop of shimmer for a more creative and high fashion/glam eyeshadow look. The assortment of colors are truly stunning. And the best part? The Classic Eyeshadow Palette, and the Peach Creme Lipsticks and Lip Liners, compliment each other, extremely well. You can create a natural or more intense, glamorous look, with each and every lip color, and eyeshadow shade option.

Mix it up, and have some fun.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, which is one of the things I really do appreciate, about this beautiful eyeshadow palette. The formula is extremely creamy, though it’s a powder, so it picks up with an eyeshadow brush, very well. There is minimal fallout, and you can spritz a good makeup setting spray on your eyeshadow brush, and wear these formula’s as cream/wet eyeshadows, for those of you who want a more vivid, or brighter eyeshadow application, or look. They last well thoughout the workday or through a night out, and there’s no need for a lot of touching up, though the brow bone highlighting color (Fade– ironic isn’t it?) does seem to truly “fade” and touch ups are needed; so make sure you use a good setting spray, or apply an eyeshadow primer, (I just apply liquid foundation on my lids) before application.





Pat McGrath (The Queen Mother of Makeup Artistry), gives some professional makeup artistry tips to Glamour Magazine, and applying liquid or cream foundation, to your eyes AND lips, is one of her go-to tricks; this preps your face for eyeshadow AND lipstick application, without having to apply a lipstick or eyeshadow primer, which can actually (and this is MY personal observation) disturb your foundation application after it’s set, due to adding yet, another layer of product on your face, which in turn, costs more money, AND takes more time, to create an effective, long lasting, eyeshadow and lipstick application. And adding another liquid or cream product on top of already set foundation, can cause lines, cakey-ness, and it can also “crack” your eyeshadow due to over-drying, once the primer loses it’s moisturizing properties throughout the day….  So why not prep and prime all in one initial application? USE YOUR LIQUID FOUNDATION AS YOUR PRIMER.

Quick, Easy, & Effective. 

You’re welcome.





Peach Creme Lipsticks + Lip Liners

Lipstick- $18 

Lip Liner- $12





The new, Peach Creme Lipsticks, & Lip Liners, are a step away from KKW’s go-to nude hues, which is a refreshing and innovative addition, to KKW Beauty. The peachy hues aren’t super crazy, and they are similar, to KKW Beauty’s nudes, but they definitely have that extra pop of color, that millions of Beauties love, and continue to purchase, from sister Kylie’s, Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick/Creme Lipstick lines. And I definitely feel like the major success, Kylie Cosmetics has had, and continues to have, probably inspired KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners.

Just sayin’.



Colors (From Left To Right Including Lipliners):

  • Peach 1- Light Peach
  • Peach 2- Pinky Peach
  • Peach 3- Mid-Tone Coral
  • Peach 4- Burnt Red


Anyways…. KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners, come in four different shades; Peach 1- which is a light peach, Peach 2- which is a pinky peach, Peach 3- which is a mid-tone coral, and Peach 4- which is a burnt red. All four matching Peach Creme Lip Liners, come in the exact same shades, which is great for adding extra color and depth to your lips, along with more wear-time, before lipstick application. The formula is true to it’s name; definitely creamy, and has “lip quenching oils and extracts” to moisturize and keep your lips from drying out. This is one of the things I truly do appreciate from KKW Beauty; all of her Creme Lipstick formulas (including her KKW by Kylie Cosmetics Creme Liquid Lipstick collab) are truly creamy, and they NEVER dry out your lips. KKW probably struggles with dry lips (as do I), and liquid matte lipsticks can really dry out my lips, so it’s nice to have an array of nude lipstick options, that aren’t liquid matte formulas.


All four shades are extremely flattering on all skin tones, and each shade can be worn, and still look flattering, no matter what skin tone/shade, you happen to be- Peach 4, looks beautiful on light skin tones, and Peach 1, looks gorgeous on very dark, to ebony skin tones, etc. etc. etc. Peach is one of those colors that is universally flattering, and even with the slim array of shades (only four)  that KKW Beauty has provided, each hue is pigmented just right, which is why KKW Beauty only released four shades.


Each shade provides highly pigmented, opaque, and long-lasting color payoff. With just one swipe, you get the color that you see; and even though cream formulas don’t last as long as liquid formulas, this formula isn’t “overly creamy”, and it doesn’t glide on like a lot of other cream formulas lipsticks do, which means it won’t fade off, or come off easily.  And although this formula feels very matte while applying it, it has a little sheen in the finish, so it’s not completely matte. And I don’t dare say it’s a satin finish, because satin lipsticks aren’t as pigmented and opaque, as the KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners. This is due to the extracts and oils, in the formula, which are extremely moisturizing, but because of the high pigment in each shade, the formula feels more matte. Could this be the perfect cream lipstick formula?? Matte but not chalky or over-drying… Moisturizing but doesn’t slide off… And has great wear-time?? I’d say YES. This is one of my new favorite formulas out there. And I’m a Lipstick JUNKIE. So that’s saying A LOT. Now, if KKW Beauty could release this exact same formula, in a wide array of shades, like M.A.C Cosmetics provides… that would be true perfection! And a billion dollar idea for Kim Kardashian West, and KKW Beauty.


The KKW Beauty’s Peach Creme Lip Liners, are similar in formula, and are creamy, yet long lasting. Of course the Peach Creme Lip Liners, have a matte finish, due to their highly pigmented formula, (like most lip liners), but they aren’t chalky and they don’t tug during application- very similar to Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners. Instead of tugging or caking like M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Pencils, these liners glide on, but still give full coverage, opaque, color payoff. And they don’t smear, or wear off, even though they are creamy. The KKW Beauty Peach Creme Lip Liners, are pretty much perfection, packaged in pencil packaging, which can be sharpened with a good eyeliner/lip liner sharpener. And best of all? A little goes a long way…





I am so impressed, and so thrilled with KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection. From the highly pigmented eyeshadow formulas, to the practically perfect lipstick formulations, I can’t complain about any of these newly released, and all skin tone friendly, shade options and products. It’s definitely refreshing to add pops of peach to KKW Beauty’s, usual nude collections of lipsticks and liners. And The Classic Eyeshadow Palette?? Every makeup loving beauty NEEDS these beautiful neutral shades in their collection!

I give KKW Beauty’s Classic Collection, and Peach Creme Lipsticks & Lip Liners, 5 out of 5 stars, for function, formulation, all skin-tone flattering hues, long wear time, and having a gorgeous color assortment, for both lipstick/liner, and eyeshadows!

Great job, KKW Beauty!




Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties






Product Of The Day: Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

Hello, Beauties!

Today I’d like to talk about my pick for Product of the Day, which is Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation; ($40 or http://www.sephora.coman amazingly lightweight, full coverage foundation, which is long wearing, and covers imperfections with ease. And best of all? It has a wide shade selection, with cool, warm, and neutral tone options, along with an array of other beneficial features.

So let’s discuss…


The Beauty Breakdown:

Huda Beauty is one of the industry’s leading makeup brands, that was started by none other than beauty entrepreneur and makeup artist, Huda Kattan, and started out with gorgeous, extremely pigmented, and high impact color eyeshadow palettes, like the Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, and Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette, along with an array of lashes, liquid lipsticks, lip liners, and absolutely GORGEOUS, highlighter palettes, that are ON POINT, when it comes to ingredients, formulations, and high pigmentations. So when Huda Beauty released a full coverage, skin perfecting, liquid foundation, EVERYONE was expecting the Holy Grail of all liquid foundations; and OMG, did Huda Beauty ever deliver! She formulated a truly amazing and flawless product formula, with long wearing properties, high coverage pigmentation, a lightweight texture, and leaves you with nothing but a “velvety matte” finish, which is true to it’s claim. And the name of this liquid, full coverage miracle is, #FauxFilter Foundation. 


Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation comes in a glass-like, frosted plastic bottle, with a pump applicator to maximize product application control. A black cap houses the pump, to keep bacteria out and skin enhancing ingredients in; Light and oxygen will break down skin enhancing properties, until they are almost non-existent when they are housed in a twist off style applicator, so it’s important that the formula is protected with a pump style applicator. It also keeps bacteria out which is great for those who struggle with blemish and acne problems. So Huda Beauty’s founder and creator, Huda Kattan, knows what she’s doing when it comes to foundation packaging, and preserving skin enhancing ingredients.


The shade selection provided, has 30 different shades, which range from extremely fair, to extremely rich; Warm, Neutral, and Cool skin tones are all catered to, and if you have an “in between” skin color, you can purchase a lighter color to lighten a shade, or a darker color, to deepen the shade; just mix the shades together on a mixing palette, with a beauty spatula, or clean, sanitized hands, and you will get the perfect match. But to be honest, I have an extremely difficult time finding the perfect shade, and I was able to find the perfect shade, without mixing, or adding drops of pigment, so finding your perfect shade is a very convenient and easy. And the best part? The formula works for ALL skin types.


Huda Beauty’s founder and creator, Huda Kattan, advises on Huda Beauty’s website, (, that #FauxFilter Foundation, works best if you apply and prime your skin, with Huda Beauty’s Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base, on clean and dry skin, before foundation application. Priming your skin before foundation application, can extend wear time, moisturize, and prep your skin. Huda Kattan, also advises that applying #FauxFilter Foundation with Huda Beauty’s Buff & Blend, synthetic foundation brush, will work best for every coverage application style. BUT, I didn’t use the Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base, or the Buff & Blend synthetic foundation brush, and I still got absolutely flawless results; So it just depends on what your skin type is, and if you truly need a primer to moisturize and prep skin for foundation, and how you like to apply foundation.



Features & Benefits:

  • Full coverage formula, that doesn’t cake, blends out extremely well, and melts into pores, leaving a weightless and velvet matte finish.
  • The highly pigmented formula, makes a little go a long way- you only need a dime size amount to cover your entire face, so one bottle will last you a long time!
  • The formula includes hydrating ingredients, that are good for your complexion and skin; Argan Oil and Centella Asiatica, which keeps the formula from drying out and fading throughout the day.
  • The formula is truly full coverage, and completely evens out your skin, providing coverage that most concealers provide, but without the heavy layered feeling, that most full coverage foundations and concealers leave on your skin.
  • You can mix Huda Beauty’s #Faux Filter Foundation, with Huda Beauty’s Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base, which can blend the formula down for a lighter, more natural coverage, or you can use less than a dime sized amount and blend it out- either way works beautifully.
  • For heavier coverage, you can layer this foundation on, without having to worry about caking or streaking. The formula melts in to itself, no matter how much you layer on. Now that’s something that is TRULY UNIQUE, and practically non-existent, in the world of full coverage foundations; ESPECIALLY with a foundation that provides a matte finish. And there’s ZERO chalkiness in the velvety matte finish.




Baking & Setting #FauxFilter Foundation:

This foundation has a finish, where the coverage you receive, doesn’t even look like you need a setting powder, and you don’t even need a foundation powder to give you extra coverage- BUT if you have oily skin, or oily combination skin, I definitely suggest using a translucent setting powder, to lock in the coverage and keep the formula from fading- just for long wearing “insurance”. And even if you have dry skin, the hydrating properties keep the formula from over drying- so set this foundation with a setting powder, and use a hydrating makeup setting spray to add extra moisture to keep your face hydrated throughout the day.


Huda Beauty also has a phenomenal, Easy Bake Loose Powder, that goes hand in hand with her #FauxFilter Foundation, for easy baking and setting techniques, to keep your face of foundation FLAWLESS, all day. The velvety matte finish, doesn’t over-dry, so the finish feels a little “tacky” (but not in a bad way) before setting it; which creates the absolute perfect canvas for baking and setting powders to adhere to. And since setting and baking powders have an extremely velvety and light texture to them, they won’t cake like a foundation powder will; especially with the hydrated and velvety matte finish this foundation provides.  And since the coverage and formula is literally, fade proof, the coverage won’t fade out or break down after it dries, like a lot of other foundations do, so your face will be completely perfected, and your skin tone will be 100% even.


Take a setting powder or baking brush, (or a Beauty Blender which will help “pack” the baking or brightening powder while using the baking technique) and bake your foundation under your eyes, above your cheekbones, on the tip and across the ridge of your nose, in between your brows, and right above the middle of your brows on your forehead, and lastly, on your chin. CAKE those areas with brightening or baking powder, and wait 5 minutes; your body heat will literally, “bake” the brightening or baking powder onto your skin, and then brush off any extra powder after 5 minutes. Then set the rest of your face with a translucent setting powder.



A Day With Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation:

The shade I ordered on, is called, Shortbread (200B), which is the perfect shade for my skin. My body is definitely a warmer skin tone, but my face is more of a neutral skin tone, due to never tanning my face, and always having full coverage + broad spectrum SPF foundations on my face. I have problems with a little bit of redness on my cheeks and nose, (which redness means you should use a warm shade of foundation) BUT I have slightly visible dark circles under my eyes, which seem to cast cooler shades on my bare complexion. So, finding a perfect shade of foundation, that doesn’t clash with my warmer skin tones on my body, is tough to say in the least. But surprisingly, Shortbread (200B) is the absolute perfect shade for me.

I did not use a primer, or a foundation brush, to apply #FauxFilter Foundation; I used my freshly washed and sanitized hands, which allows for more control over application, and lets me “press” the foundation into my pores, which provides a smooth, non-cakey, and even application. The pump style applicator prevented wasted product, and a dime sized amount of product, provides the perfect amount for one, full coverage, application of product. I dotted an even amount of product on each of my cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose, and blended the velvety and lightweight foundation out onto my entire face, and blended it out on to the top of my neck. I was utterly SHOCKED that this foundation formula, provided me with a TRUE full coverage application, because the texture is so light, and liquid-y. I didn’t expect to receive full coverage with just one layer, but I did. So at that point, I already had fallen in love with the formula. Usually I have to layer on foundations, and mix, and conceal, which takes time, and money. But with this foundation, application was quick and easy.


A lot of full coverage foundation formulas are heavy, and they take some time to “set” (excluding Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation, which sets extremely fast, and is hard to work with after it sets). Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation, “sets” extremely fast, but is still extremely workable and flexible when it comes to layering on more foundation for extra coverage under my eyes, which honestly, I didn’t need to layer on more because the formula was already full coverage, but for reviewing purposes, I layered on more just to see how workable and how well I was able to blend and layer the foundation formula; and the results were AMAZING. Even though Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation, was already set and dry on my face, (and note that this was before applying baking and setting powder), I was able to layer on more product for extra coverage, without disturbing the original foundation layer. The formula melted and blended into itself, and there was ZERO product layering application lines, or caking.

As far as wear time, fading, and setting and baking, goes, this foundation lasted all night, and didn’t budge, or fade for the entire night out; and please note, that I’m in Salt Lake City, where temperatures are well over 95 degrees until the sun sets everyday, and sweating, humidity, and dry air, all contribute to foundation fading and wear time problems. But this foundation lasted all night, never dulled down, and since I baked, set, contoured, and bronzed, along with applying MAC Fix+ Goldlite Makeup Setting Spray,  my skin stayed bright, didn’t dull down, and didn’t fade out; even at a crowded show, where temperatures were extremely warm. So all in all, this foundation did it’s job, effortlessly, without hassle, and without having to touch up or “blot” throughout the evening.

Okay…. This TRULY IS, the Holy Grail, of foundations!







The thing that I love most about Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation, is that there are ZERO downsides to this foundation. I love everything about this foundation, and that’s why I chose this product, to feature it as our Product of the Day.  It’s truly one of a kind, and it’s true to it’s claims, which is an extremely hard thing to find in a sea of beauty products, that over promise and under-deliver.

I give Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter Foundation, 5 out of 5 stars. This foundation is a truly exceptional product, that NEEDS to be in your everyday makeup application routine. And I know that $40 seems a little high on the price scale for a product that is such a staple in every beauty’s makeup routine, BUT,  a little goes a long way, which saves product, which in turn saves you money. So just because this foundation is a little high in price, doesn’t mean that you won’t be saving money AND time, in the bigger picture.

Bravo, Huda Beauty!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!






Hello, Beauties!

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer as much as I have! One of my favorite things about Summer, is the makeup looks that come along with the season; the natural, golden tans, bronze/shimmery contours and blushes, nude lips, golden face highlighters, and beach waves. It’s amazing how much the Sun, can highlight (literally) our outer beauty, from the Sun kissing it’s way into our hair, skin, and faces…

BUT, with that being said, make sure you’re always using enough SPF, because the Sun, can be extremely hard on your skin and your hair; So slather on a tanning oil that includes SPF protection in it; use a foundation or mineral sunscreen that has BROAD SPECTRUM SPF Sunscreen in it, make sure you’re using a good heat protectant in your hair, before you’re in the Sun (try CHI’s “Iron Guard” Heat Protecting Spray), and use a youth repairing serum (like Kevin Murphy’s “Young Again”) that includes an SPF and Sun damage repairing ingredients in it. Now that I’ve covered the basics of skin, hair, and face protection for Summer, let’s get down to business!

Almost every Beauty Brand on the market, releases collections, collaborations, and Summer themed product lines, that go hand in hand with Summer. And for some reason, the Beauty Industry’s Summer Beauty Launches are ALWAYS my absolute favorite (because I’m a #mermaid… DUH)!! So here are my new favorite *MUST HAVE* products that have recently been released in the months of June and July!


Huda Beauty

Coral Obsessions Palette



Huda Beauty hits another one out of the park, with their new Coral Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette! Like Huda Beauty’s other Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes, Coral Obsessions features 9 pans of highly pigmented, heavenly, matte, satin, and shimmer based “said color themed” colors. The name of this game is Coraland you can create as many coral based eyeshadow looks as your heart desires. And for Summer? Summer and Coral go hand in hand like Kylie Jenner goes hand in hand with Lip Kits. Coral is one of THE HOTTEST colors as far as makeup hues go; especially this Summer!

**Photo is from



Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Summer Collection Velour Liquid Lipstick




Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s Summer 2018 Collection, is any Summer obsessed, beauties dream! With 8 new shades of Velour Liquid Lipstick, and not to mention 4 new Velour Lip Scrubs, and one pigment packed, Summer themed eyeshadow palette, AKA The Thirsty Palette, this is a one stop online shopping trip that will fill all of your Summer color needs! My favorite products from the collection are the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, in  818, and Soft Serve;

818, is a bright pink with coral hues, and is “a sister shade to 714”.

Soft Serve, is a “peachy nude” that, in my opinion, definitely has a dash of coral.

**Photo is from




Morphe Cosmetics

Summer 2018 New Releases






Morphe’s Brontour collection is exactly what it sounds like; a bronzer for contouring, with a bronze hued highlighter to highlight, AKA The Brontour. These gorgeous bronzers/highlighters are absolute PERFECTION for a sun kissed, golden, shimmery bronzed finish on your beautiful face! The Brontour comes in six different duel color combinations, that flatter every skin shade. You can contour with the matte bronzer, and highlight with the shimmer based highlighter, OR you can mix them together (just swirl a large powder brush in a circular motion across both colors) for a bronzed and beautiful, shimmery skin finish, or an all over facial bronzer. And for $12?? I’ll just have one of each, please!



15B Brunch Babe & 15H Happy Hour Palettes




Morphe’s 15B Brunch Babe, and 15H Happy Hour Eyeshadow Palettes are your secret weapon to Summer based eyeshadow looks! Pinks, peaches, corals, lilacs, nudes, and golds are this season’s hottest, on trend, and most popular eyeshadow colors! Each palette comes with 15 pans of highly pigmented colors, that are perfect for sunset happy hours on the beach, bottomless Mimosa mornings that fade into lazy outdoor hammock hangouts, or hula hooping all night at a Festival afterparty. There are so many different eyeshadow looks that can be created with these Summer themed, bright pops of pure color; you literally won’t want to put these down, because it’s so much fun creating unique and Summer-y eye looks!

**All photos are from




Kylie Cosmetics

The Sorta Sweet Collection:


The Sorta Sweet Lip Trio





The Sorta Sweet Lip Trio is one of my favorite lip color combinations of the YEAR. And it’s absolutely perfect for Summer! The mauve-y nude, true/cool nude, and peachy glitter pigments can be layered, ombre’d, or applied alone, and are absolutely ON POINT, as far as Summer ’18 makeup trends go. Just throw on some bronzer, a gold hued highlighter, and add some gorgeous beach waves, and you’’ll be the ruler of all things Summer!

The Sorta Sweet Lip Trio includes the following:

  • 1 Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Boy Bye
  • 1 Super Glitter Gloss in Glitz
  • 1 Matte Liquid Lipstick in Maliboo


The Sorta Sweet Palette





The Sorta Sweet Palette is a collection of 9 gorgeous eyeshadows that are perfect for pool parties, festivals, and those warm, long, Summer nights. You can apply these colors for a daytime look, and transform your look into a high glamour, nighttime look with ease. These nudes, golds, and coppers, include 1 chocolate matte brown, and 1 mauve-y matte pink shade, that can be used to add a pop of color, or create a Summer-y brown based smokey eye.

**Both photos are from




Natasha Denona 

Tropic Palette




Natasha Denona took her place as QUEEN of the Beauty Scene, when her popular and highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, (Sunset Palette and Lila Palette) were selling out online and in stores at Sephora’s all across the nation. Since her extremely fast (and extremely deserving) rise to fame began, Beauty Bloggers, Vloggers, IG Models, and Celebs have praised her gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, non stop, since they hit the market. Now, Natasha Denona’s Tropic Palette is one of Summer ’18’s Best Selling Eyeshadow Palettes of the entire season! A mix of matte, satin, and shimmer based eyeshadows, these bright and colorful hues are perfect for festivals, tropical (or non tropical) vacations, bright and colorful eyeshadow looks, glamorous and glittery Summer events, and nights out on the town when you end up dancing til dawn.

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KKW Beauty

The Classic Palette





The Classic Palette is true to it’s name, with ten classic shades that are staples in every Beauty Buff’s makeup collection! This palette features 10 shades of glamorous, eyeshadow color perfection, that looks beautiful on ALL skin shades and tones. The Classic Collection was just released on Friday (July 27th) and is quickly selling out- SO MAKE SURE YOU GRAB YOURS ASAP! Not the mention each color is absolutely PERFECT for Summer, going hand in hand with Summer-y nude lips (I mean, DUH, it’s Kim K, y’all) bronzed/sunkissed contours/cheeks, and golden, sun kissed tans. You need this palette in your life…. #enoughsaid

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Maybelline New York

Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette





Maybelline New York’s Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette not only looks like Summer, but it smells like Summer! This 12 pan palette features citrus scented hues that are a mix of neutral, bright, and shimmer based colors. I have to admit; I’m not big on drugstore brands, but lately drugstore brands have upped their game and are creating some gorgeous, eye catching, and high quality products that are worthy competitors of high end brands! Lemonade Craze is one of those MUST HAVE drugstore brand eyeshadow palettes, that’s the first of hopefully many, affordable, gorgeous, and highly pigmented beauty products!

Lemonade Craze is 100% Summer Approved!

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Violet Voss

GLAMingo PRO Face Palette




Violet Voss is yet, another Beauty Babe, that has recently launched her own line on her website, and Beauty giant, Sephora, has also started selling her highly pigmented line of eyeshadow palettes, in stores and online, like Violet Voss’ Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette, and her Summer 2018 Flamingo PRO Eyeshadow Palette. Another product from her Summer 2018 launch is her Glamingo PRO Face Palette, which is a highlighting, contouring, and blush palette, with all the hottest face palette swatches for Summer! Not only do these highly pigmented face palette colors, kick ass for Summer, but the packaging is absolutely ADORABLE.

Pink Flamingos and Popsicles? #YesPlease

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Tarte High Performance Naturals

Sizzle Eyeshadow Palette- Rainforest of The Sea Collection




1331-ROS sizzle eyeshadow palette v4__ROS_main-img_MAIN


Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea SIZZLE PALETTE is another hit (which is one of many) for Beauty Brand, Tarte. Tarte has been releasing some incredibly fun and gorgeous products and palettes this past year, and with the release of Shape Tape Contouring Concealer and Shape Tape Hydrating/Matte Foundation, Tarte is becoming more of a staple Beauty Brand, for millions of Beauty Babes across the Globe. So it’s no surprise that Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea Sizzle Palette, is already selling like crazy, even though it was just recently released. Tarte has found it’s niche in the Beauty Industry, as the industry’s “Go To” for “High Performance Naturals”. On Tarte’s website, the Sizzle Palette is “Powered by: Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Nourish, and Marine Plants Soothe”…. Whatever that means. But you get the picture. This 8 pan eyeshadow palette, is all shimmer based, so if you aren’t big on shimmer, then this palette probably isn’t for you. BUT it’s Summer; and Summer is the romping ground for shimmer based eyeshadows.

#MarinePowered By Tarte.

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Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation





If you got the chance to purchase BEAUTYBLENDER Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation, then consider yourself lucky. Sephora is completely SOLD OUT, except for shades, 3.1, 3.15, 3.4, 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7, which are all yellow based shades, and shades for darker skin tones. And the one thing you need to know about this foundation, is that matching it to your skin tone, IN STORE, is the most important thing you need to do… BUT, if you happened to purchase the right shade, then this foundation is a “full coverage foundation, with a matte finish, for all skin types”. It’s best applied with a BEAUTYBLENDER, (imagine that), and provides full coverage that “you can’t see at all”. But if you have the wrong shade, you WILL be able to see it, so if I were you, I’d wait until Sephora has a restock IN STORES, so you can find your perfect shade. Other than the whole “shade matching crisis”, this foundation is a very good option for a full coverage foundation, for people that don’t particularly like full coverage formulas. Since it’s a little high on the price scale, I’d definitely wait to purchase it, until you find your perfect shade. It’s also buildable, and doesn’t cake, when builded upon. It also provides 24 Hour wear time, (but PLEASE do NOT wear foundation for 24 hours… it’s SO BAD for your skin) so this is perfect for Summer, considering there are lots of activities that can ruin, melt off, and crease your foundation. So a long wearing foundation is KEY to keeping your makeup perfected on these hot AF Summer days.

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Summer is a time for FUN. So experimenting with bright colored eyeshadow, is a MUST. Bronzing your already sun kissed skin is a staple for Summertime Makeup, and shimmer is EVERYTHING; especially golden hued shimmer highlighters and bronzers. These products will have you on your way to being the QUEEN of the Bronzed and The Beautiful, and you’ll be busy perfecting your selfie game to a Perfect 10.


I did NOT mention Fenty Beauty in this post, because I reviewed and shared Fenty Beauty’s Summer 2018 Launch, in my Sephora Lab, post. Check out Fenty Beauty in my previous posts!! I love you, Rihanna!!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!


PAT McGRATH LABS. An “EVERYTHING” Review, PRE-Mixed and Brought To You, With A Bit of MEHRON MIXING LIQUID….

Hello, Beauties!

It’s a Monday morning in May, and pink and gold sequins are scattered across my kitchen counter. Myself being the glitter/sparkle enthusiast that I am, is loving every minute of opening up my new, Pat McGrath Liquid Lust 004 Lab in “Flesh”, and my Pat McGrath Metalmorphasis 005 “Everything Kit”. The Mehron Mixing Liquid, is staring up at me, waiting to be “metal-ized” and mixed with Pat McGrath’s 005 Pigments, in Gold, Copper, Bronze, and Silver. Pat McGrath’s “Flesh Microfone Glitter” is practically begging me to apply it over one of her creamy “Flesh 1 or 2” Lipsticks that come in the Lust 004 Kit, and the “Gold Metallic Pigment” is eagerly waiting to “foil-ize” on to my lips with the “Clear Vinyl Gloss”.


Where should I even start?! The possibilities seemed endless, and the mix-in combinations are plentiful. Just the products themselves, like the cream shadows, lipsticks, and glosses, are already gorgeous on their own. And adding even more pigment, glitter, and gorgeousness is almost too exciting in itself, because this is the kind of makeup regimen that I always have craved, and dreamt about, because it gets exhausting experimenting with pigments and certain mixing liquids, etc. and wondering if they will compliment each other, or even adhere to one another, due to ingredients like silicone, oil, and water,   that can actually cancel each other out…. BUT PAT McGRATH DID ALL THE EXPERIMENTING FOR MAKEUP MIXING, FOR US, AND PACKAGED THE PRODUCTS UP IN A PRETTY, LITTLE, SEQUIN FILLED BAG, AND DELIVERED IT RIGHT TO OUR DOORSTEPS. 


Below: Pat McGrath’s Lust004 EVERYTHING Lab. Swatches. Absolutely GORGEOUS.



There’s no doubt that Pat McGrath Labs is one of the most unique, high fashion, and science+artistry based, makeup artists/brands in the world. And now, her self named makeup company, is one of the best beauty brands in the industry. Haven’t heard of Pat McGrath?? Well let me tell you how important this game changing, brilliant, makeup artist turned entrepreneur, actually is…


Pat McGrath is said to be one of the most important, if not the most important, makeup artist in the world. Her high fashion masterpieces, and insanely incredible makeup artistry skills, bring me to silence. She’s the da Vinci of MUA’s, and she’s worked her ass off to get where she’s at. She’s done EVERYONE who is ANYONE’S (celeb/model-wise) makeup for multiple high fashion magazine covers, (W, Vogue, In Style, etc.) and is the makeup artist who basically runs the entire makeup artistry department, behind the scenes, at Fashion Week, for all of the big named designers.

W Magazine’s Rihanna Pictorial Spread: Makeup By Pat McGrath

Super Model’s call her “Mother”; which is probably why her self made makeup line features Eyeshadow Palettes called Mothership, and Mthrshp, 1, 2, & 3. She’s also directed makeup line launches for High Fashion Brands, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Giorgio Armani. So last year, when she launched her self named makeup line, Pat McGrath Labs, it’s no surprise that her Limited Release LABS, are selling out, and her products are becoming every Beauty Buff’s go to, for high color payoff, foil-ized lips, and glitter looks that actually STAY in place.

Below I’ve posted and reviewed some of my favorite Pat McGrath Labs products, Kits, and Labs, and I’m here to let you know that Pat McGrath Labs, is the industry’s newest makeup line, that is all about artistry, science, and creating your own High Fashion masterpieces.

Thank you, Mother.






Pat McGrath offers her one of a kind, Labs that come with everything to mix, experiment, and play with pigments, glitters, creams, metallic powders, to create glosses, lip colors, eyeshadows, lip toppers, foil shadows, etc. It’s the ultimate way for true creative minds, and artists, to experiment with customizing, and not having to worry about wasting product on a mixer that’s not right for said product. Her Labs are always Limited Release, and they ALWAYS SELL OUT! So make sure you sign up for Pat McGrath’s Newsletters, New Product Alerts, and Restock Alerts with your email address on!!

Her eye Labs come with two to eight Creams and Pigments (depending on which Lab you purchase, Mehron Mixing Liquid, which is a clear liquid, that you can use to mix and apply pigments and shadows with, to “foil-ize” and “metal-ize” your eye creams, pigments, and shadows that come in the Labs, as well as her famous, Black Duel Ended Marker, that is literally, a “marker” style liquid eyeliner, that has two different tips; one pointed, and one thin and flat, that gives you ultimate precision, when applying liquid eyeliner.

Her lip Labs come with two to six different Lipsticks (depending on which Lab you purchase), Clear Vinyl Gloss, which is used to mix with the Metallic Pigment(s) that come in your Lab, one to three Metallic Pigments, and one to three Glitters, that can be topped onto the Lipstick, and you can create an effortless, glittered lip. The Clear Vinyl Gloss, literally has a vinyl looking, and feeling finish, that can be used alone, or with the products that come in the Lab. MAKE SURE you always use a Lip Brush, to apply the Clear Vinyl Gloss, because you don’t want any pigment, glitter, or lipstick to get into the gloss itself, because you want the gloss to stay clear, to avoid any color or formula changes.






Colours Available:

  • Flesh
  • Blood Wine
  • Vermillion Venom





Mixing your own colors, pigments, glitters, and foil lipstick/glosses is like a science experiment brought to you by, Barbie. You can apply either of the lipstick singles and wear them alone, or you can top them with Microfone Glitter (in whichever color you decide to order, OR you can get them ALL in the Lust 004 EVERYTHING KIT.). Since I went with the LUST 004 FLESH LAB, I will explain the application process exemplifying those specific colors. BUT the application process is the same, for each product and color from whichever LAB. you decide to go with. 

FLESH 1, is a true nude, which is beautiful on EVERY skin shade. It doesn’t wash you out or look grey, and it compliments light to ebony skin tones. FLESH 2, is a mauve-y nude, that also compliments all skin shades, and is great for wanting a more pink-y based nude lip. FLESH MICROFONE GLITTER is a rose toned nude based glitter, that adheres to either FLESH 1 or FLESH 2. And it stay put all day, without having to touch up or reapply even after drinking or eating.

CLEAR VINYL GLOSS, is a clear lip gloss, that can be worn alone, or over either lipsticks.  The gloss dries and sets to a true vinyl finish, which is pretty extraordinary in itself. The shiny plastic-looking finish, is one of a kind, and if you are looking to raise the bar on your Lip Game, this is definitely the way to do it. It can also be mixed in with the GOLD METALLIC PIGMENT, to create a gorgeous, high fashion, and head turning Metallic Foil Lip, that is truly metallic. The gloss and the pigment mix together like a dream, and you can add more pigment for a bolder, brighter, and opaque metallic coverage.

TIP: I tried mixing the MICROFONE GLITTER with the CLEAR VINYL GLOSS, and it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would; the glitter is too grainy for the gloss, and it takes away the vinyl look that the gloss is meant to provide. If you do want to use the glitter and gloss together, apply the gloss to your lips first, and then apply the glitter on top of the gloss, and the glitter will adhere to the gloss just fine. Just don’t mix them together before application. BUT you CAN mix in the METALLIC PIGMENT with the gloss before application. The pigment doesn’t effect the gloss’ finish or formula.








Colours Available:

  • 005 Bronze
  • 005 Copper
  • 005 Gold
  • 005 Silver


  • GOLD 005 CREAM 

The METALMORPHISIS 005 LAB, is a makeup artists DREAM. There are so many different options (especially in the METALMORPHISIS 005 EVERYTHING LAB, which comes with every color listed above). But if you decide to just go with a single LAB, there are still so many finishes and pigments to play with, mix, and create.

Each LAB comes with one of the above mentioned colors in two different formulas; For example, it comes with a COPPER 005 PIGMENT, which can be worn alone, or mixed with the MEHRON MIXING LIQUID, which is included in the LAB. The MEHRON MIXING LIQUID is a clear liquid, that is used to adhere, mix, accentuate pigments and creams, and create liquid or cream pigments, shadows, liners, etc. When mixed with the pigment, you can create a long lasting metallic/cream eyeshadow, or liquid liner. Then it comes with a COPPER 005 CREAM, which can also be used alone or mixed with the MEHRON MIXING LIQUID, to create a metallic, foil finished, creamier, longer lasting eyeshadow. You can break down the cream or the pigment even more, by adding more mixing liquid, and make a gorgeous, foil finished liquid eyeliner, liquid eyeshadow, and you can even go as far as making a cosmetic paint to create Festival Makeup Looks, Runway Looks, or High Fashion Editorial Looks, that won’t budge, and lasts over 24 hours (although I don’t recommend wearing makeup this long, but I did sleep in it to find out about the wear time). It also comes with a BLACK DUEL ENDED MARKER, which is a liquid eyeliner pen/marker; one tip comes to a fine point, and the other tip is pointed and triangular, and comes to a flat end. It’s a #WingedEyelinerWednesday wearer’s perfect solution for the perfect liquid liner application, and is extremely easy to apply.







Pat McGrath’s Kits, are not like the labs (customization-wise), but they are still absolute perfection. The Kits are made for Beauties that want products, colors, and pigments that are ready to use; like eyeshadow palette bundles, lip kits, and product bundles, like MTHRSHP TOTALE, LUST TOTALE: LIP KITS, and the SUMMER SEDUCTION KIT. 

These Kits provide you with multiple products and colors for you to try, love, and create with. Whether you go with an Everything Kit, which provides you with EVERY color in Lust:Gloss, or every eyeshadow palette in the Mothership Totale, these Kits save you money, and you get more BANG, for less money.


Pat McGrath Expands Pat McGrath Labs, Unveils Core Collection







  • Sextrology + Bare Rose
  • Omi + Suburbia
  • Beauty Junkie + 1980
  • UnNatural Natural + Manhattan
  • She’s So Deep + Ground Control 
  • Deep Void + Deep Void
  • Pink Ultraness + Night Fever 
  • Full Panic + Major
  • LaBeija +Done Undone (pictured)




  • 1 LuxeTrance or MatteTrance Lipstick
  • 1 PermaGel Lip Ultra Lip Pencil







  • Mothership I: Subliminal Palette
  • Mothership II: Sublime Palette
  • Mothership III: Subversive Palette















3 MatteTrance LIPSTICKS










Aside from her glittery, sequin-filled, Labs, and her pigmented, product-plenty Kits, Pat McGrath offers her pigment packed products for single purchase, on her website, From her MatteTrance and LuxeTrance Lipsticks, to her MOTHERSHIP TOTALE Eyeshadow Palettes, you can purchase her pretty little products, which are ALL available for individual sale.




LuxeTrance Lipstick.

Colour Categories:

  • Skin Show (Nudes)
  • Colour Blitz (Brights)
  • Vicious Venoms (Darks)
  • Seasonal Colours (Limited Release)



LuxeTrance Lipstick is an ultra pigmented, creamy, and long wearing lipstick, that comes in a wide variety of colors, that are separated into 4 different color categories. If you love nudes, reds, darks, or brights, there are several different options.

You can wear them alone, under a gloss, over a PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil, (or any lip pencil, for that matter), or pair colors together for a beautiful ombre’ effect. The creamy, satin finished, colour melts into lips, and into one another, making it perfect for lip contouring, or an ombre’ effect, lip look.

It’s long wearing, but still moisturizing, and you don’t have to worry about the color caking, cracking, or drying out your lips. LuxeTrance leaves a gorgeous satin finish, that’s still long wearing, and easy to touch up on the go.




MatteTrance Lipstick.

Colour Categories:

  • Skin Show (Nudes)
  • Colour Blitz (Brights)
  • Vicious Venoms (Darks)



MatteTrance Lipstick is an ultra-pigmented, matte finished, long wearing lipstick. The matte finish makes for a longer wear time, than the LuxeTrance Lipstick, even though the LuxeTrance Lipstick, is extremely long wearing, as well. The colors are separated in to 3 different color categories, and has a wide variety of color options.

For those of you who prefer liquid lipsticks, due to their long wearing capabilities, but hate the way they dry out your lips, cake, and crack, MatteTrance Lipstick is the PERFECT option for you. It’s highly pigmented, and gives you opaque lip coverage in just one swipe, but it doesn’t permanently dry, like liquid lipsticks do, so touch ups are easy, and you don’t have to worry about the formula caking or cracking.

You can pair MatteTrance Lipstick with PermaGel Lipliner, or any lip liner for that matter. You can wear it under gloss, over lip liner, or alone, to get full coverage color, that lasts all day. Best of all, you see what you get, when it comes to choosing your perfect/favorite color(s).




PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencil. 


  • Done Undone
  • Buff
  • Bare Rose
  • Suburbia
  • 1980
  • Major
  • Night Fever
  • Super Natural
  • Contour
  • Manhattan
  • Ground Control



PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencils are the best of the best. The creamy, highly pigmented gel formula glides onto lips, without tugging, and without having to sharpen it before every use, due to it’s high color payoff.  It’s long wearing, blendable, and comes in an array of different shades that can be worn alone, paired with your favorite lipstick, or worn under a gloss.

The formula is ultra creamy, and since it’s a “gel” formula, it’s extremely long wearing. The texture is extremely similar to Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liners, and MAC Cosmetics Pro Lip Pencils, but the wear time is almost triple the amount of those above mentioned, lip liners. The color payoff is extremely high, and it’s super pigmented; You get what you see, with PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencils, and one stroke of liner provides opaque and extreme coverage.




Lust: Gloss.


  • Blitz Gold
  • Gold Allure
  • Aliengelic
  • Pale Fire Nectar
  • Twilo
  • Dare To Bare
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Flesh Astral
  • Flesh Fantasy
  • Divine Rose
  • Paraphernalia
  • Bronze Temptation
  • Flesh 4
  • Blood 2



Lust:Gloss is a “never sticky” gloss that adds dimension to your lips, and “smooths and soothes” your lips, while adding highly pigmented, shiny, color to your lips. It’s long lasting, and there are color options with or without glitter. It does NOT have a vinyl finish, like her OG Clear Vinyl Gloss, but leaves a lasting shine. And since GLOSS is kind of EVERYTHING right now, I suggest getting your hands on at least one of these chic and beautiful glosses, before they sell out! You can also purchase Pat McGrath’s Lust: Gloss EVERYTHING KIT, which comes with every single gloss pictured above.




MTHRSHP Sublime: Eyeshadow Palettes.


  • Bronze Ambition
  • Platinum Bronze
  • La Vie en Rose



MTHRSHP Sublime: Bronze Ambition, (as well as all of the other palette options, are creamy, highly pigmented, gorgeous ready-to-wear eyeshadows, that give you full coverage color, with one swipe of a makeup brush. This is one of my favorite palettes that she offers; the colors are perfect for a natural, daytime look, or you can create a beautiful nighttime, over the top, or festival look.

These are powder eyeshadows, but they feel creamy, due to all of the pigment in each shade, and as far as the colors go; what you see is what you get. It’s very easy to go overboard on a daytime look, because these are so pigmented and gorgeous. These palettes are also NOT SOLD OUT, (yet) because they seem like they are going to be a permanent addition to Pat McGrath’s Makeup Line, but then again, that could change.

These (along with any of PAT McGRATH LABS eyeshadow palettes and colors) can also be mixed with MEHRON MIXING LIQUID (which is available in one of the METALMORPHISIS 005 LABS) and you can dip your eyeshadow brush in the liquid, and then into the eyeshadow, to create an ultra metallic or foil finished eye, or you can create a liquid liner.





Skin Fetish: 


  • Nude
  • Gold
  • Bronze

Skin Fetish: is a strobing and highlighting cream that comes in a “stick” applicator, for easy application on the high points of your face, and easy strobing and contouring. They are available separately, or in a Kit, and can be applied straight from the stick, or with a brush for a lighter, softer, application. Either way, this is a formula that stays put, and has a high color payoff. And I highly recommend it.


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