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Best Of Beauty: MAY 2019 EDITION

THE Newest, MOST BEAUTIFUL Beauty Releases, Palettes, & MORE, That YOU NEED (or will, at least, WANT) in your life RIGHT NOW…



Natasha Denona

TAN Bronze & Glow Palette






Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 2.43.17 PM

UM?! How GORGE is the Natasha Denona TAN Bronze & Glow Palette?! A close relative to Natasha Denona’s BLOOM Blush & Glow Palette, the TAN Bronze & Glow Palette will help you achieve the Bronze, Contour, Highlight, and GLOW of your DREAMS. And it’s been released RIGHT IN TIME FOR SUMMER! A #NatashaDenonaApproved Bronze, Beautiful, AND Glow-y Palette?! YES PLEASE.

Natasha Denona’s TAN Bronze & Glow Palette, has four shades of Bronze GORGEOUSNESS which includes a Glow Cream Base, which primes/preps your skin for Highlighting, to give your high points THE ULTIMATE, multifaceted GLOW, AND ensures that your Highlight/Glow, will last ALL DAY. The Glow Impact Powder is a highly pigmented Highlighting shade, which when applied over the Glow Cream Base, gives an INTENSE, pigment packed, highlight, that’s buildable. It can also be worn alone for a more natural glow/highlight. The Blush & Bronze Powder, is a UNIVERSAL Bronzer shade, that can be worn as a Blush OR a Bronzer. I use the Blush & Bronze Powder to Contour, because I have a Lighter Skin Tone, but Darker Skin Tones can use the Blush & Bronze Powder, to BRONZE all over, Contour, etc. The Super Glow (cream based) shade, is the PERFECT “in between” shade, between the Glow Impact Powder, and the Blush & Bronze Powder, and helps create the perfect BLEND into each shade. Darker Skin Tones can use this shade as a Highlighter, or it can be used UNDER the Blush & Bronze Powder as a Base, for longer lasting color, and a multi-dimensional Bronze/Contour.

I purchased the TAN Bronze & Glow Palette as soon as it came out, and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with it! I recommend using a BeautyBlender or makeup sponge, to apply the cream based shades (Glow Cream Base & Super Glow), as well as the Glow Impact Powder. The Glow Impact Powder is best applied when PRESSED into the skin, which is why application with a BeautyBlender or makeup sponge, is better. I use a thin, flat, contouring brush (Sonia Kashuk), to apply the Blush & Bronze Powder, but be forewarned- it’s HIGHLY PIGMENTED. So a little goes a LONG WAY, but I’m not complaining! I’m just saying- what you see is what you get! The TAN Bronze & Glow Palette is my new GO TO Bronzing/Highlighting Palette for Summer, and I definitely have been using it NON STOP! PLUS; Natasha Denona’s TAN Bronze & Glow Palette has earned 5 STARS on http://www.Sephora.com, and 100% of users RECOMMEND this product! So that in itself, speaks VOLUMES about this gorgeous and pigmented palette!



Bobbi Brown

Prep & Perfect Skin Long Wear Customizable Set



Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 9.06.14 PM




Although Bobbi Brown’s Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation isn’t new, and neither is Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, Bobbi Brown’s Prep & Perfect Skin Long Wear Customizable Set IS NEW. And truly- what’s better than just one Bobbi Brown product? TWO Bobbi Brown products!

Bobbi Brown’s Prep & Perfect Long Wear Customizable Set contains ONE, FULL SIZE, Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which doubles as a Primer AND Moisturizer in ONE, and ONE, FULL SIZE, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Weightless Foundation, in the shade of your choice! Buying these products separately, costs $106, so for only $69 you’re saving a total of $37… And you can use the $37 you saved, for ANOTHER, MUST HAVE product at Sephora! Or you can just save the $37…. It’s totally up to you, because of course it is! But I’m #JustSayin.

ANYWAYSBobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Weightless Foundation works well with Normal, Oily, and Combination Skin Types, and it has an SPF 15 for sun protection. Long-Wear Weightless Foundation is FULL COVERAGE, so it conceals, perfects, and protects your pretty face! The matte finish ensures long wear time, and controls oil. It pairs perfectly with Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which helps control redness, smooths skin, and moisturizes without any greasy additives. It creates a smooth canvas for Foundation application, and protects your Foundation from sweat, humidity, oil, or any extra moisture. And, as always, EVERY Bobbi Brown product is CRUELTY FREE!

Bobbi Brown’s Prep & Perfect Long Wear Customizable Set is available for a LIMITED TIME, ONLINE ONLY, at http://www.Sephora.com!



Colourpop Cosmetics

Birthday Bash Super Shock Shadow Set






If you’ve been missing Colourpop’s (PAST) LIMITED EDITION Birthday Collection Super Shock Shadows, in Birthday Cake, Birthday Girl, Birthday Wish, & Birthday Boy, then you are in luck! Colourpop just released EVERY. SINGLE. BIRTHDAY. SHADE that’s been previously DISCONTINUED, in a fun foursome just in time for Colourpop’s BIRTHDAY! And you can get your BIRTHDAY BASH Super Shock Shadow Set for only $20 (that’s $5 off), which is a STEAL!

Happy Birthday, Colourpop!



Huda Beauty

N.Y.M.P.H (Not Your Mama’s Pantyhose) Face & Body Highlighter






Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 6.03.21 PM


Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 6.03.06 PM


Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 6.03.35 PM

Huda Kattan, the reigning QUEEN of Huda Beauty, has released another MUST HAVE product (because of course she has), that helps perfect, blur, and adds a shimmering, glow, to your face, legs, arms, chest, (or wherever you choose to apply it), and makes your body look FLAWESS AF. The product? N.Y.M.P.H (Not Your Mama’s Pantyhose) Face & Body Highlighter!

N.Y.M.P.H Face & Body Highlighter comes in three different, skin perfecting shades, that are anything BUT ordinary; Luna, Aphrodite, & Aurora. Each shade caters to Light, Medium, and Dark Skin Tones, and is WATER Based, Transfer/Water Resistant, AND Hydrating, which will moisturize and help your skin recover from those long, hot, sunny days. It doesn’t tug or stick to dry patches, and it gives your skin a GORGEOUS, warm, and flawless glow! The effect imitates a “pantyhose-covered” leg look, but without the extra layer of fabric (think HOT AF Summer temps), and an added shimmering sheen! It’s also the perfect body bronzer for achieving a gorgeous tan, without the UV Ray damage, AND without the orangey streaks that self tanner can sometimes leave. It washes off after use, so you can go out and look like a GOLDEN GODDESS one night, and be back to your natural skin shade the next day!

Huda Beauty also released the N.Y.M.P.H Blur & Glow Brush ($33 http://www.Sephora.com) for N.Y.M.P.H Face & Body Highlighter application perfection! The formula/coverage IS buildable, so whether you’re looking for a subtle touch of glow, or a full coverage GLOW-glow, then the N.Y.M.P.H Blur & Glow Brush will help you achieve the look you’re going for!



Fenty Beauty

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter 


  • Penny4uthots










Fenty Beauty NEVER disappoints. Like, EVER. And my latest Fenty Beauty OBSESSION, is the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter, in Penny4Uthots. First off- the NAME of the NEWEST Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is EVERYTHING. Second- the pigment packed, velvet-y, shimmery (but not frosty), texture, application, and after effect of this GORGEOUS and NEW Shade, is EVERYTHING and MORE.

Fenty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Penny4Uthots, is a metallic-copper shade, and is perfect for Bronzed Beauties, who love to soak up the sun. It’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, on Medium to Dark to Ebony Skin Tones, AND if you have a Fair/Light Skin Tone, Penny4Uthots, can double as a blush topper, and/or blush! So it’s for EVERY BEAUTY out there, which is why Fenty Beauty was created in the first place. Penny4Uthots is a gorgeous Summertime shade, and is the perfect addition to Fenty’s NINE other Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter/Highlighting Duos!



Fenty Beauty

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighting Duo


  • Afternoon Snack/Mo’ Hunny






Another one of my NEWEST #FentyFaves is the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Afternoon Snack/Mo’ Hunny! Described on http://www.Sephora.com as a, “soft bronzed champagne sheen”, and a, “supercharged bronze champagne shimmer”, is one of Fenty’s NINE, absolutely fabulous Killawatt Highlighting shades, that again (like most products in this post) are PERFECT for Summer. AND, just like all of Fenty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters/Highlighting Duos, the finish is a GORGEOUS, NEVER FROSTY, shimmer, that highlights the high points of your face, and leaves a long lasting, perfect GLOW.

Are you looking for the perfect tool to apply Fenty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters/Highlighting Duos? Fenty Beauty has created the perfect brush, to go hand in hand with your favorite shade(s)! The Fenty Beauty Cheek-Hugging Highlighting Brush (120), which you can purchase for $32 on http://www.FentyBeauty.com, is the PERFECT Highlighting Brush! The Cheek-Hugging Highlighting Brush (120), is shaped and perfected to LITERALLY HUG, not only your cheek bones, but your brow bone, your bridge on your nose, cupid’s bow, and your collar bone! The innovative shape of the Cheek-Hugging Highlighting Brush (120) is the key to precise, pigment packed, and PERFECT application of Fenty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters/Highlighting Duos!





Cover FX

Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzer Duo 


  • Sunkissed Bronze
  • Suntan Bronze





Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.52.35 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.05.37 PM

A few things come to mind when I look at Cover FX’s Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzer Duos; Multifaceted, GORGEOUS, and RICH AF Pigment… Each shade is pretty much #ToDieFor. The pigment/hues in the Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzing Duos is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and one of a kind! These powder based Bronzing Duos are meant to catch light on your high points, and bronze/contour your cheek bones, and bring out your unique face structure, with GORGEOUS, Summertime hues. And the best part? Each shade is so unique, that it’s hard to compare other products to Cover FX’s Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzing Duos, so you can feel confident in NOT looking basic.

Cover FX offers two different, and pigment packed shades; Sunkissed Bronze and Suntan Bronze, which can be used to Contour, Highlight, Bronze, and Beautify, to your heart’s desire. And even though there are only two different shades, which compliment Light Medium, Medium, Medium Dark, and Lighter Dark Skin Tones for Bronzing & Highlighting, these shades are GORGEOUS for Contouring and Blushing/Blush Topping on Light Skin Tones, and STUNNING as Matte + Shimmery Highlighters, Blush/Blush Topping on Dark Skin Tones, which provides a FLAWLESS Matte + Shimmery Highlight for Very Dark, & Ebony Skin Tones. Whatever Skin Tone you have, you can use at least ONE of the two shades offered, for some type of Makeup Application- These bronze based hues even look GORGEOUS on eyes! Richly unique hues  like these, only come around every once in a while, so take advantage of these shades while you have the chance!



Cover FX

Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Blush Duo


  • Soft Peach
  • Pink Dahlia
  • Mojave Mauve
  • Warm Honey
  • Spiced Cinnamon 
  • Sweet Mulberry 






If you can’t seem to find your perfect shade in Cover FX’s Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzer, don’t worry- Seriously. Because Cover FX’s Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Blush Duos, are available in SIX, just as STUNNING, if not more, different shades to choose from; Soft Peach, Pink Dahlia, Mojave Mauve, Warm Honey, Spiced Cinnamon, & Sweet Mulberry. AND like I mentioned above, about Cover FX’s Monochromatic Matte + Shimmer Bronzing Duos, you can switch it up and use these hues for WHATEVER your inner Beauty Goddess desires- even on your eyes! Because #LetsFaceIt– Makeup Artists are ALWAYS using different products on different parts of the face; Eyeshadow as Blush, Blush as Eyeshadow, Foundation on Lips, Etc. Etc. Etc. I’ll say it again- You MUST take advantage of these GORGEOUS colors while you can!



KKW Beauty 

Mrs. West Collection

$12 – $100|www.KKWBeauty.com


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.42.51 PM


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.44.34 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.43.11 PM


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.44.03 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.43.25 PM



Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.44.16 PM

How cute is KKW’s Wedding Anniversary tribute to husband, Kanye West?! KKW Beauty released the Mrs. West Collection, on Friday, and the Mrs. West Collection SET ($100) SOLD OUT in less than 7 minutes! The good news is, you can buy some of the products from the Mrs. West Collection SET, by themselves, RIGHT NOW, on http://www.KKWBeauty.com, like the Love Lipstick ($18), Soulmate Gloss ($18), and the Forever Highlighter ($20), which is my personal FAVE. AND THERE WILL BE A RESTOCK! Just sign up to be notified on http://www.KKWBeauty.com, under each product listing that’s SOLD OUT!

So now that we’ve CONFIRMED that there WILL be a restock (despite rumors), let’s talk about the products from KKW Beauty’s Mrs. West Collection! KKW Beauty’s Mrs. West Collection contains six different Bridal Makeup (or natural, daytime, or soft) DREAM products, like the Mrs. West Palette ($30) – a six pan, highly pigmented, matte AND metallic, eyeshadow palette, that’s a mix of, “Universal Neutrals”, that look flattering on EVERY skin tone! The Love Lipstick ($18), is a neutral peachy pink nude, and goes hand in hand with the matching Love Lip Liner ($12), which can be used to line and contour your pout!! The Flower Wall Blush ($18) is a mid-tone pink, that’s buildable for more intense color/coverage, and is velvety, creamy, and highly pigmented. This shade is, again, flattering on all skin tones. The Soulmate Gloss ($18) is a, “blushing nude with light gold pearl”, and has a high gloss finish. KKW’s application method is this; “Begin application at the center of the lips and then blend outward for a high shine finish”. The Forever Highlighter ($20) is a creamy, powder based highlighter, that is a, “shimmering champagne gold”. The end result is a soft and shimmering, luminous light, that gives you a natural but pigmented GLOW– not frosty or too glittery, which is why I say this entire collection is PERFECT for Bridal Makeup Looks!



KKW Beauty

Nude Creme Lipsticks


  • Nude 1.5 Light Peachy Nude
  • Nude 2.5 Honey Nude
  • Nude 3.5 Rich Mid-Tone Pinky Nude






It’s no doubt that KKW is the QUEEN of Nude Lips, (besides myself of course, because #LetsBeReal– Everyone who knows me, and has known me (personally) for YEARS, will attest that I’ve been rocking the Nude Lip since High School). ANYWAYS. KKW Beauty, released three BRAND NEW Nude Creme Lipsticks, AND three different BRAND NEW Nude Lip Liners. And they are all ridiculously STUNNING. And the best part? Each shade is an “in between” shade, that goes in numerical order, with her ORIGINAL Nude Creme Lipstick shades! So if you’ve been looking for your PERFECT Nude shade of Lipstick, I definitely suggest checking out KKW Beauty’s array of Nude Creme Lipstick shades, because I am 99.5% sure, that you WILL find a shade that you fall in love with!




Diorshow Pump N’ Brow 






Diorshow Pump N’ Brow is a multifaceted brow mascara that plumps, tames, and perfects your brows. It’s packaged in a squeezable tube, so you can squeeze the perfect application amount onto the eyebrow wand, and brush up! My favorite feature/benefit that Diorshow Pump N’ Brow offers, is flexible, natural looking brow mascara, that keeps brows in check ALL DAY– never stiff or sticky. AND it doesn’t flake off! It’s also water resistant, so it lasts through the workday AND through your night; whether you go to the gym, on a date, out for Happy Hour, or my personal favorite, #NetflixNChill. Either way, you’re good to go!




The Satin Skin Mist






There’s no doubt that Tatcha is one of the BEST (Newer) Beauty & Skin Care Companies in the Industry. And as far as product releases go, I don’t think Tatcha will be slowing down anytime soon (thank the BEAUTY Goddesses)- especially since Megan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, let the world know that she’s OBSESSED with the Beauty/Skin Care Brand, which focuses on clean ingredients, and adds skin care, to your Makeup Routine/Products.

Tatcha is a Japanese based Beauty Brand, that’s responsible for some of the most GAME CHANGING Beauty products, like Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer, and Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, as well as Tatcha’s The Water Cream, Violet C Serum, and POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. Tatcha focuses mainly on Skin Care, and get it’s inspiration from ingredients once used by Geishas, which are known to have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SKIN, ever! So really… How can you go wrong with NATURAL ingredients that have stood the test of time?

So what’s so great about Tatcha’s *NEW* The Satin Skin Mist?? It’s a liquid powder skin mist, that’s OIL FREE, and made with Okinawa Clay, which purifies, mattifies, and helps REDUCE clogged pores!! You absolutely CANNOT beat that! It also absorbs excess oil throughout the day! Other ingredients include Japanese Wild Rose, AND Japanese Seagrass, which actually BALANCES your hydration levels, (think oil reduction), minimizes the look of pores, AND improves skin texture over time! The Satin Skin Mist also contains Tatcha’s Hadasei-3 Complex, which is a blend of anti-aging superfoods that help detoxify skin, reduce water retention, and fights signs of aging!

If that isn’t reason enough to purchase this, on the Cosmetic side of the spectrum, The Satin Skin Mist, also SETS Makeup, and helps makeup last FOR HOURS! It won’t disturb the set of your Makeup, and it also doesn’t DRY OUT the set of your makeup, even though it’s suggested for Very Oily, to Oily, and Combination Skin Types. And since Summer is here, and temps are heating up, this is a great option for a SUMMERTIME Makeup Setting Mist, for EVERY Skin Type, not only because it mattifies the skin, but it also absorbs all of the excess oil that can mess with the finish of your Foundation/Makeup, due to sweat, humidity, pool/beach days, etc.

Tatcha’s The Satin Skin Mist, as well as each and every Tatcha Beauty creation, is “Clean At Sephora” Certified (which is extremely difficult to achieve), and ALWAYS Cruelty Free! All of Tatcha’s packaging is also recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase, not just on the outside, but on the inside!



Laura Mercier

Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara



Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.03.06 PM




There are SO MANY Beauty Brands that release Mascaras that claim to “make a difference”… But only a few of said Mascaras REALLY DO make a difference. And Laura Mercier’s Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara is one of those. The difference? Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara focuses on, not only VOLUME, but SOFTNESS. Laura Mercier ensures users that their lashes will feel soft, not clumpy or gunk-y, like a lot of other Mascaras can make your lashes feel. And if you’re like me, I seriously cannot stand when my lashes feel gunk-y or overly stiff. And a lot of Beauties don’t realize that overly stiff/gunk-y lashes can lead to lash breakage and fallout. Lashes are DELICATE. So when a heavy, gunk-y Mascara is applied, it can really wear them down and create lash fallout, which is NEVER a good thing.

Laura Mercier’s Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara has an innovative brush, with “Lash Hugging Helix Technology”, which makes sure your Mascara doesn’t flake, clump, or smudge. Caviar Volume Panoramic Mascara is also part of Laura Mercier’s Caviar Volume Collection, which also includes Caviar Intense Ink Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, and the Artist Eyelash Curler, to give your eyes a BOLD and GORGEOUS pop!



Lilah B.

Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil








Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.21.02 PM

Lilah B. released their Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil, and it’s SELLING OUT. Why? Because nothing is better than a treatment AND cosmetic! I mean, if you can wear something that is not only, absolutely GORGEOUS, but it also bathes your lips in a luxurious, oil-based, treatment of “good for your lips” ingredients, why wouldn’t you? And Lilah B. does just that. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil contains Vitamin E, Bilberry Seed Oil (which has Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids), and Milk Thistle Extract, which all soften, moisturize, protect natural moisture barriers, and neutralize free radicals. It’s also PACKED with Antioxidants. Aside from having a beautiful, glossy finish, with three different shade options, (b.romantic, b.elegant, and b.remarkable) you’re also treating your lips to luxury and opulence, as far as ingredients go.

Lilah B. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil is available ONLINE ONLY at http://www.Sephora.com. And as of right now, b.elegant (a perfect nude) and b.remarkable (a berry wine) are currently SOLD OUT, BUT b.romantic (a petal pink) is still available. It’s also worth noting that 100% of users on http://www.Sephora.com, recommend this product, AND every user who reviewed Lilah B. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil gave this product 5 STARS! You can sign up on http://www.Sephora.com, to be notified when, b.elegant and b.remarkable are back in stock!




Rouge a Levres Satin Lipstick














Get ready to fall in love with OG Lipstick again! Because Gucci just reinvented 58 shades of Lipstick NIRVANA. Each Gucci Lipstick comes in Satin, Matte, Sheer, & Balmy finishes, and each tube (packaging) is unique, colorful, and one of a kind! From True Reds, Bright Reds, Deep Reds, to Sheer Reds, and Bright Pinks, Neutral Pinks, Dark Pinks, and Blue Pinks, Purples, Browns, Nudes, Taupes, and even a Satin Black Shade, this array of colors and finishes are every Lipstick Lovers DREAM. Whether you love a sheer, pop of color, an opaque, matte, and full coverage lip, a moisturizing, balm-like formula with a little pigment, or you want to try something bright, fun, and new, then Gucci has you covered!


Aside from Fragrance, Gucci currently does NOT offer other cosmetic products besides their NEW Gucci Lipsticks– So take advantage of Gucci’s GORGEOUS Lip Couture, and wear a shade of GUCCI on your pretty pout!


Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties! 




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