The ORIGINAL BeautyBlender: Adding BOUNCE To Your Makeup Routine… BUT Are You Using It Correctly??

Hello, Beauties!

So, I know that BeautyBlender’s have been around (it seems like) forever, and Beauties EVERYWHERE have absolutely fallen in LOVE with them. But to tell you the truth, I always kind of thought they were just another gimmick-y product, that worked, but didn’t make a difference. I bought a BeautyBlender when they first came out, (or around the time the BeautyBlender craze started) and of course, I didn’t read the instructions, because I was thinking it was just like every other Makeup Sponge, (but made with better material). MY BAD. But with the Beauty Industry constantly improving, and one of the main focuses being INGREDIENTS, like Skin Improving additives in a lot of formulas, fragrance free, paraben free, and dye free products, as well as non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and non irritating products, Beauties everywhere are realizing that ingredients MATTER. The same goes for Beauty Tools, Brushes, and BeautyBlenders– Beauties want the BEST for their faces and skin, because if there are steps we can take to improve our skin with makeup application, then OF COURSE we are going to want what’s best for our complexions….





So how do you properly use a BeautyBlender? For some, it may be common sense, but to other’s (who used to have the same views on BeautyBlender’s that I did) get ready for some LIFE CHANGING Foundation Application NEWS. But first, let’s talk about the BENEFITS of a BeautyBlender!






BeautyBlender Benefits:


  • The BeautyBlender is designed to ensure that it DOES NOT absorb your Foundation- IF you use it PROPERLY. Most Makeup Sponges result in lost product, and sponge-y marks on your face, which is the opposite of what EVERY Beauty wants.
  • The BeautyBlender TRULY presses Foundation into skin, to create a flawless, even, and FLEXIBLE application of Foundation, that can be TOUCHED UP a lot easier than Foundation that’s not applied or set with a BeautyBlender.
  • The BeautyBlender is so easy to cleanse, especially with BeautyBlender’s Cleansing Products, like The BlenderCleanser, which come in Solid AND Liquid forms. And it SHOULD BE cleansed after every use, because that way, Foundation, Oil, and Bacteria don’t build up inside of the BeautyBlender.
  • Even though you should ALWAYS use a DAMP BeautyBlender to apply Foundation (we will get into that in a few) you can also use a damp BeautyBlender to apply POWDER Foundations, Finishing Powders, Mineral Powders, and Bronzers, as well as using it to BLEND your Contour, Highlight, and Blush into a perfectly blended application of Makeup.
  • The BeautyBlender can be used to TOUCH UP Foundation, Powder, etc. during the day (even though you won’t need to do much “Touching Up”, when you use the BeautyBlender for Foundation/Powder Application).
  • The BeautyBlender’s ICONIC sponge-like material, will NOT disturb the Finish/Set of your previous Foundation Application- So if you need to “Touch Up” your Foundation/Powder, all you do is apply Foundation/Concealer to your face OR directly on to the BeautyBlender (or apply Powder Foundation to the actual BeautyBlender itself), and then BOUNCE, AKA stipple the BeautyBlender (that’s what I mean by BOUNCE) up on down on the area you’re needing to Touch Up, and BOOM! The BeautyBlender presses Foundation/Powder/etc. into your pores, and blends previous Foundation/Powder, into your fresh product of choice.
  • The Water in the DAMP BeautyBlender, helps re-wets Foundation/Powder (and by WET I mean DAMP), which blends the fresh product into the already applied product, without disturbing the application, which makes for NO CAKING, ZERO Foundation Lines, and NONE of those pesky grey Foundation build up lines.
  • The BeautyBlender is egg shaped, because the BeautyBlender founder experimented with different sponge shapes, to ensure that the BeautyBlender is as user friendly, as it is Makeup Friendly. The bottom, sides, and pointed part of the BeautyBlender are meant for different parts of your face, which makes Foundation/Powder/Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter Application a SNAP! The pointed part of the BeautyBlender is meant for around your eyes, nostrils, and all of those smaller, tricky parts when applying Foundation/Concealer/Powder.
  • The Original BeautyBlender, will last AT LEAST three months (depending on how often you apply Foundation, etc.), BUT you should purchase a new one every three months, to ensure the quality and integrity of your BeautyBlender stays up to par, as well as for hygienic purposes.




As far as BeautyBlender’s go, it’s all about sticking to the INSTRUCTIONS, that come neatly packed in every BeautyBlender’s product packaging- and I know… When it comes to Beauty, there are NO RULES, BUT sticking to the ORIGINAL rules of the BeautyBlender, is actually CRUCIAL, to maximize your BeautyBlender’s performance. Because if you are TRULY using the BeautyBlender how it’s intended, then you ALREADY KNOW, how flawless, perfect, and long wearing, Foundation Application is, just by using it how it’s supposed to be used….. DAMP.


_104769774How To Use A BeautyBlender CORRECTLY:

Step 1:

SATURATE your BeautyBlender with WATER. You can either run your BeautyBlender under the sink, or put your BeautyBlender in a glass of Water, until it DOUBLES in size. Make sure the entire BeautyBlender is saturated with WATER. The BeautyBlender will expand as it fills up with Water. **BeautyBlender’s are ACTIVATED BY WATER, and that’s how BeautyBlender’s are supposed to work. ALWAYS. 

Step 2:

Squeeze your BeautyBlender (using CLEAN and freshly washed hands to ensure Bacteria doesn’t infiltrate your BeautyBlender). Your BeautyBlender will stay close to the size it expands to, when you first fill it up with Water. Use a Towel or Paper Towel and wrap up your BeautyBlender, then gently and lightly squeeze the Towel/Paper Towel around your BeautyBlender, to absorb MOST of the excess Water that’s in the BeautyBlender. Your BeautyBlender should be DAMP. Not soaking wet, but not completely drained of Water, either. The excess Water in the BeautyBlender ensure’s that your BeautyBlender won’t absorb your Foundation, Concealer, etc.

Step 3: 

Next, apply your Liquid Foundation or Concealer either directly on to your face (I apply my Foundation and Concealer in small dots across my face, over my entire face), OR you can apply it directly to your BeautyBlender. Remember; since the BeautyBlender has already absorbed Water, it will NOT absorb your Foundation, which means NO MORE WASTED PRODUCT!

Step 4:

Use the now, DAMP BeautyBlender, to blend out or apply your Foundation, by LITERALLY, BOUNCING the BeautyBlender in small motions over your entire face, to blend, apply, conceal, and set your Liquid Foundation OR Concealer. DO NOT WIPE THE BeautyBlender across your face! Using the BeautyBlender like a regular Makeup Sponge or Brush WILL NOT give you that FLAWLESS AF application of Foundation, that BeautyBlender promises, so just BOUNCE it. Seriously. Think stippling with a Makeup Brush, but with a BeautyBlender.

  • Use the BOTTOM of the BeautyBlender for larger areas of the face, like your cheeks or forehead, and use the top of the BeautyBlender (the tip) for areas like your eyes and nose, for more precision and control.
  • Use the SIDES of the BeautyBlender to BLEND, APPLY, or TOUCH UP, your favorite concealing, highlighting, contouring, blushing, or powder based products.
  • YES, you can use a damp BeautyBlender to apply Powder Foundation– just be sure  to SQUEEZE your BeautyBlender BEFORE you apply your Powder Foundation, and make sure your BeautyBlender does not have any excess Water!
  • BeautyBlender’s are great for Powder Foundation, because they PRESS the Powder Foundation into your skin, just like a Liquid Foundation. So you won’t waste product, or have any excess Powder laying on top of your Complexion, like what happens when you apply Powder with a Powder Brush, which ends up WASTING SO MUCH PRODUCT!  
  • You can also use your BeautyBlender to apply skin serums, sunscreens, moisturizers, AND Primers, which will ensure that your pre-makeup skin care routine, will look FLAWLESS under your Foundation.

Step 5: 

This is the part where you’re supposed to CLEANSE your BeautyBlender, but I put it back in the original packaging and throw it in my makeup bag for the day, so I can use it for touch ups, blending, and any application needs throughout the day. AND THEN, I cleanse my BeautyBlender at the end of the day, with a SOLID or LIQUID BeautyBlender Cleanser.




BeautyBlender Cleansing Steps:

Step 1:

Wet your BeautyBlender, by running it under the sink in lukewarm water. Make sure the entire BeautyBlender is saturated with Water.

Step 2:

Add BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser to the BeautyBlender:

  • If you’re using the LIQUID BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser, you can pump the cleanser on to the BeautyBlender itself, OR you can pump the BlenderCleanser into your CLEAN and freshly washed hands.
  • If you’re using the SOLID BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser, then wet the Solid Cleanser with Water, like you do with any Beauty Bar Soap. Then you can slide the BeautyBlender across the Solid Cleanser in it’s entirety.
  • Completely saturate the BeautyBlender with whichever BlenderCleanser you prefer.
  • ALWAYS use a BlenderCleanser (Liquid OR Solid Form) that’s made by BeautyBlender, because there are specific ingredients in the BlenderCleanser’s that are gentle, yet effective on your BeautyBlender.

Step 3:

Work the BeautyBlender and the BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser into a lather. GENTLY wash it with your hands and continue to lather it, paying special attention and using extra time to wash the areas of the BeautyBlender, where there is more product build up.

Step 4:

Rinse the BeautyBlender with Water. You can run it under the sink with COLD Water (Cold Water will clarify the BeautyBlender of BlenderCleanser, better than Warm or Hot Water), and gently squeeze excess Cleanser out while rinsing the BeautyBlender. Make sure the BeautyBlender is completely rinsed out and free of Cleanser.

Step 5:

Once the BeautyBlender is free of any Cleanser, saturate the BeautyBlender with Water and SQUEEZE all of the excess Water out of the BeautyBlender completely.

Step 6:

Then, gently press your BeautyBlender on a clean Towel or fresh Paper Towel, to ensure that ALL of the excess Water is gone. Then, you can use your Original packaging, or any BeautyBlender approved drying tool, (as long as it’s clean and in a well ventilated area), and place your CLEAN and FRESH BeautyBlender onto the tool or on top of the Original packaging (place it sideways if you are using the Original packaging to ensure ventilation), and that way your beloved BeautyBlender will dry evenly, quickly, and ON TIME, for the next day’s Makeup Application.




BeautyBlender’s BlenderCleanser SOLID, is your ticket to a perfectly cleansed and fresh AF BeautyBlender. The BlenderCleanser SOLID tends to last longer than BeautyBlender’s Liquid BlenderCleanser, and a little goes a long way! It removes bacteria, oil, makeup, and any unwanted residue, completely, and also removes any makeup stains, which will keep your BeautyBlender fresh, clean, and looking PRETTY!




BeautyBlender’s Liquid BlenderCleanser is a mess free, and more precise version of BlenderCleanser. Both BlenderCleanser’s are gentle on your BeautyBlender, and each cleanser doesn’t break down the material or integrity of your BeautyBlender. The Liquid BlenderCleanser comes in pump style packaging, so for Beauties who like a pump style cleanser more than a Solid Cleanser, than Liquid BlenderCleanser is for you!

Beautyblender-Gold-Mine-Catalog-Solo-20499-1500x1500_1500xIf you’ve been using a DRY BeautyBlender, and you haven’t had any problems and are happy with your Makeup Application, you may be hesitant to try the INTENDED method- I definitely was. It didn’t make sense to me, and I was afraid that the BeautyBlender would absorb my Foundation, or could possibly mess up the Finish of my Foundation- especially because applying Product with a DAMP Makeup Tool, seems weird.  #LetsBeHonest BUT it’s SO WORTH IT. I promise. Using the BeautyBlender the CORRECT WAY, has been seriously #LifeChanging for my Makeup Application! But, you might still be wondering how the BeautyBlender doesn’t absorb Foundation or other product- Here’s the breakdown;




Not only is the BeautyBlender LATEX FREE, but it’s made with different material than regular Makeup Sponges. AND the WHOLE REASON the BeautyBlender DOES NOT absorb Makeup, is because saturating the BeautyBlender with Water, and then squeezing most of the excess Water out, ensures that the BeautyBlender is already FULL– of Water that is. So the Water actually creates a BARRIER, so the BeautyBlender is literally UNABLE to retain or absorb Foundation or other products. Which completely makes sense now that I’ve learned, AND LIVED the BeautyBlender MAKEUP APPLICATION DREAM, and I now know, the way the BeautyBlender is supposed to work! It’s a HUGE Makeup Application Epiphany– especially because my skin is in the annoying process of changing from Oily/Acne Prone, to Dry/Combination.




The BeautyBlender is PERFECT for ALL Skin Types; and if you’re like me and have recently went through a skin transformation, or your FAVORITE Foundation Brand changed their formula (I’m talking about YOU, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation), and you’re now stuck in Beauty Limbo, trying to find a NEW Foundation that you absolutely love, then BeautyBlender is your ticket to a PERFECT Foundation Application, and some much needed relief.



If you have DRY SKIN, and you’re having trouble with Foundation/Concealer sitting on top of your skin, and instead of absorbing into your skin, your Foundation is actually  accentuating your pores, then BeautyBlender is your NEW BFF. The DAMP BeautyBlender, will press your Foundation/Concealer into your skin with ease, and it will create a FLAWLESS (and non-overly dry) Application of Foundation.

If you have Oily/Acne Prone Skin, then the BeautyBlender is perfect, due to it’s non-irritating ingredients, and it’s highly hygienic properties. When you cleanse your BeautyBlender after every Makeup Application (or at night after the day is done), that cleanses away and removes any excess Oil and Bacteria, as well as any excess product, that comes from your Skin and/or products, after application with the BeautyBlender. If you have Oily/Acne Prone Skin, and you’re using a Foundation Brush, as well as Powder Brushes, Stippling Brushes, etc. then chances are you aren’t cleansing your Brushes every night; A) because most Makeup Brushes are too delicate to cleanse every night, and  that can ruin or pull out the brush fibers or disform the fibers on the Brush, and B) Makeup Brushes take a lot more time to DRY than a BeautyBlender does, so you can’t cleanse them daily, due to the time it takes to dry them before your next Makeup Application. So this is a GREAT way to cut out bacteria, oil, and other impurities that come from regular Makeup Brushes, which can cause acne and breakouts, or make acne and breakouts even WORSE!

And if you have Combination or Normal Skin, the BeautyBlender is just an easy, quick, and convenient way to apply, blend, set, and touch up your Makeup on the DAILY. The material doesn’t streak your Foundation. It just blends seamlessly. AND it’s an easy way to, not only, achieve the PERFECT application of Foundation, but it’s an extremely hygienic way to apply your Foundation, Concealer, etc. due to cleansing it, Daily. The BeautyBlender is also, non-irritating, and is made with water soluble, non-toxic dyes (which is how it achieves that pretty pink shade we all know and love) so it’s also great for Sensitive Skin. It’s also LATEX FREE.




Plus, the size of the BeautyBlender is PERFECT, because you can literally throw it in your purse and GO, without having to haul around a Blending, Foundation, Powder, Contour, Blush, and Highlighting Brush, etc. So it’s great for saving space in your makeup bag and/or purse. BUT since BeautyBlender’s are always DAMP during application, you definitely want to store your BeautyBlender in the Original packaging when you’re taking it on the go, OR you can purchase a BeautyBlender BlenderDefender, for just $12 online at– not only does the BeautyBlender BlenderDefender protect the integrity and condition of your BeautyBlender, it also protects it from bacteria and other nasties that can infiltrate your BeautyBlender in your purse or makeup bag. It’s also a great tool to dry and store your BeautyBlender after cleansing, because the oxygen holes in the BlenderDefender, make sure your BeautyBlender has plenty of ventilation to dry, which keeps out bacteria, and ensures an evenly dried BeautyBlender for your next Makeup Application. You MUST dry your BeautyBlender in a well ventilated area anyways, to prevent bacteria, germs, and any musty odors that can come from leaving your BeautyBlender in a wet, non-ventilated area.


Types of BeautyBlenders:

  • The ORIGINAL BeautyBlender, which is the Original PINK BeautyBlender, in the Original Size.
  • The BeautyBlender PRO, which is in the shade, BLACK. Black is a pro-artists FAVORITE due to a lot of pro formulas being highly pigmented, which can cause stains on the Original Pink BeautyBlender. The PRO doesn’t stain and will keep your BeautyBlender looking FRESH, always. So this is the PERFECT choice for MUA’s, Freelance MUA’s, and Beauties who use A LOT of Foundation, Concealer, etc.
  • The BeautyBlender PURE is a white, dye free, BeautyBlender which is PERFECT for Sensitive Skin, even though the Original BeautyBlender is made with NON-TOXIC Dyes. So the BeautyBlender Pure, is just taking your Skin Sensitivity needs a step further!
  • The BeautyBlender NUDE, which is a medium to darker skin toned Beauty’s DREAM, for applying darker and more pigmented Foundations.
  • The BeautyBlender MicroMini’s are a much smaller version of the Original BeautyBlender, and are perfect for concealing around your eyes, and will give you a more precise application around those small, hard to get areas.
  • The BeautyBlender Blusher, which comes in both PINK AND WHITE (White is the smaller version of BeautyBlender PURE, which is dye free). The BeautyBlender Blusher is a smaller version of the Originals, and are perfect for Contouring, Blushing, and Highlighting, as well as not having to worry about pigment transferring to your Foundation/Powder/Concealer BeautyBlender.





There are SO MANY copycats that “claim” they are “generic” or “just as good” as the ORIGINAL BeautyBlender and it’s ICONIC material, etc. But that’s simply not true. Yes, there are some Makeup Application Sponges that are similar to the ORIGINAL BeautyBlender, but when it comes down to it, always be sure to purchase straight from the OFFICIAL, ORIGINAL BeautyBlender’s website, or OFFICIAL BeautyBlender retailers, like Sephora and Ulta, to make sure you’re getting a high quality product.




Using the BeautyBlender correctly is SO IMPORTANT. It WILL seriously change your Makeup Routine into a fun and easy task, because you will always get a FLAWLESS AF Face of Makeup. When I was using a DRY BeautyBlender, I wasn’t experiencing the array of benefits that BeautyBlender lover’s always rave about. So I didn’t really care to use it at all. But now that I am applying Makeup THE CORRECT way with a BeautyBlender, I am now, HOOKED, and couldn’t be more happy with my Foundation Application! The different Foundations that I tried (after my Main BAE Foundation was reformulated), just didn’t seem to do the job, and they always sat on top of my skin, no matter what. Primers seemed to give my Foundation Application longer wear-time, but 3 hours in, I’d notice my pores starting to show. And no matter what, nothing helped. And a lot of the NEW Foundations I tried and LOVED (for those first few hours), were disappointing me, and these were TOP RATED (and expensive) Foundations. BUT NOW, I am LOVING, each and every NEW Foundation I’ve tried, due to FINALLY FINDING THE MISSING LINK, thanks to my Gal Pal, who was struggling with Foundation sitting on top of her face, as well. At first, we both thought it seemed like a weird concept; but my Gal Pal was LOVING it, so I (finally) pulled out the BeautyBlender instructions, (after purchasing a BRAND NEW BeautyBlender) and started researching THE CORRECT BeautyBlender application method. And I never looked back. I went from feeling extremely insecure about my face of Foundation (for the last 3 months!), to feeling confident, beautiful, and happy about my face of Foundation, once again, FINALLY!




So the moral of this story is; ALWAYS READ INSTRUCTIONS and RESEARCH your Tools, Makeup Brushes, Foundations, and other Makeup Products! And if you’re not getting the results that are promised, chances are, you are probably missing something that’s VITAL to the process! Also, be open to learning new techniques, and application methods! Because now that I’m am using my BeautyBlender correctly, my views on BeautyBlender’s went from MEH, to BeautyBlenders are ESSENTIAL AF!



Have A Fresh & Fab Day, Beauties! 



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