This Week In Beauty: *THE HOLIDAY LIST* PT. ONE

Hello, Beauties!

The HOLIDAYS are upon us, and with that being said, we all know what that means in The Beauty Industry; LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS AND SPARKLY, NEW, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & PALETTES!! The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for EVERY Beauty Buff, because we are absolutely spoiled when it comes to BRAND NEW products! From Limited Edition Holiday ONLY Eyeshadow Palettes, to absolutely GORGEOUS and GLITTERY Collections, October is the month that most Beauty Brand’s release their highly anticipated Holiday Collections. And to assure you that you’ll be in the know, for each of the *MOST WANTED* collections and releases, I’ve put together, THE HOLIDAY LIST; a guide to this year’s most anticipated Holiday 2018 Collections and their release dates!




Pat McGrath Opulence: THE COLLECTION 

$38 – $55

Release Dates(s):

10/18 on






Hello, HOLIDAY 2018!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for The Holidays when it comes to Holiday 2018’s Beauty Collection Releases. It’s no secret, that Pat McGrath has become THE makeup artist/beauty brand, that has been the most talked about, anticipated, and has THE highest of high quality products, of 2018. And with all of her absolutely FABULOUS releases this year, we can only imagine what kind of GORGEOUSNESS, she has in store for Holiday 2018!!

Enter, Pat McGrath’s Opulence: THE COLLECTION. I’m literally about to pass out from happiness, when it comes to this collection! Pat McGrath doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality of product, pigmentation percentage, and most of all; PRESENTATION. Working on NYFW, as well as being THE MUA, for Fashion Designers and Fashion Houses around the Globe, Pat McGrath has learned that presentation, is KEY to success. And like all of  Pat McGrath’s products, from lipstick packaging, to eyeshadow palette artistry, and especially, her sequin filled LAB packaging, Pat McGrath knows how to keep her followers excited, and filled with anticipation before every new release! And her Holiday 2018 Opulence: THE COLLECTION, is no different!




Opulence: THE COLLECTION, is full of new, LIMITED EDITION, Holiday 2018 products, including three BRAND NEW Eyeshadow Palettes, along with three different MATTETRANCE Lipsticks, for EACH Palette Color/Theme.



      • 1995
      • Flesh 3
      • Guinevere


      • Elson
      • Flesh 3
      • Omi


      • Christy
      • Flesh 3
      • Forbidden Love


Obviously, Flesh 3, is a hot Holiday 2018 color, so it goes hand in hand with each palette, no matter which Opulence Collection Color Theme, you decide to go with. But I’m not complaining; Flesh 3 is an all skin tone friendly hue, and is THE MOST WANTED color of the season. So… Trust In Thy Mother. 

Opulence: THE COLLECTION, launches October 18th, online at And it’s sure to SELL OUT quickly, so make sure you’re on top of your game, and hit Pat McGrath’s website, at like, MIDNIGHT, on 10/18. No joke.





Fenty Beauty CHILL OWT Collection

$19 – $129

Release Date(s):

10/12 online at &



Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has become one of the most popular Beauty Brand’s in the WORLD, due to their extensive, all skin tone friendly, array of foundation shades. From Ivory to Ebony, Fenty Beauty doesn’t leave ANYONE out, when it comes to skin tone and color, which is something I admire about not only Fenty, but Rihanna. From her Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters & Duos, to her INCREDIBLE, Stunna Lip Paint, Fenty Beauty keeps getting better and better, each release. And Fenty’s CHILL OWT Collection, is stunning, living up to Fenty Beauty’s ultimate goal; to keep EVERYONE in mind.

From Fenty Beauty’s Freestyle Highlighter Palette, the BRAND NEW Mattemoiselle Plush Matte 10 PC Lipstick Collection, to their BRAND NEW Avalanche All Over Powder, the Frost Bunny Metallic Eye & Lip Crayon, and the BRAND NEW Frosted Metal Lipsticks, Fenty has this past year’s, number one trend in mind; EVERYTHING Metallic.


Fenty Beauty’s CHILL OWT Collection, launches TODAY, (10/12) online and in stores at Sephora, and, and online at!





Kylie Cosmetics Halloween 2018 Collection

$17 – $195

Release Date(s):

10/12  at 3PM Pacific Time, online at



I love Halloween. EVERYTHING Halloween. So I was really excited to check out Kylie Cosmetics Halloween 2018 Collection. And while I do love the Lip Kit in Bite Me, and the Kylie Gloss in Handsome Devil, as well as the Creme Lipstick in Creep It Real, I’m not too crazy about everything else. And I’m a HUGE Kylie Cosmetics fan. BUT for those of you who are in love with the collection, and the colors offered, here’s the breakdown!



The Kylie Halloween 2018 Collection consists of:

  • Halloween 2018 Kyshadow Palette, with nine shades;
    • Nightmare
    • Bat Shit Crazy
    • Main Boo
    • Hey Pumpkin
    • Best Witches
    • Howl-o-ween
    • Freak On
    • Hex On Your Ex
    • Sweet Poison,


  • Lip Kit
    • Bite Me


  • Kylie Gloss
    • Handsome Devil


  • Matte Lipsticks
    • Spider Bite
    • Creep It Real


  • Metallic Lipsticks
    • Haunt It
    • Monster


  • Kylighter
    • Go Ghost


  • Glitter Eyes
    • Hello Ghordeous
    • Witch & Famous.



Kylie Cosmetics released her Halloween 2018 Collection at 3 PM (Pacific Time) earlier TODAY. It’s now 9:30 PM, (the night of October 12th) and nothing has seemed to sell out, yet, aside from the Matte Lipstick in Creep It Real, (and just BARELY SOLD OUT) which is the only non-Halloween based color in the collection, which is unusual for a Kylie Cosmetics release…. So I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one feeling this way about the Halloween 2018 Collection.

On another note, I really hope that Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection will redeem itself for the Halloween 2018 Collection. And with the instantly successful, lovable, and GORGEOUS-NESS of the Holiday 2017 Collection, which included the Sugar & Spice Lip Collections, and the Naughty & Nice Kyshadow Palettes, along with the Ornament Lip Glosses & Metallic Lipsticks, in Dancer, Jolly, & Naughty, along with Lip Kits Merry & Vixen, the Holiday 2018 Collection will have A LOT of products to try to out do, and live up to. And I’ll definitely be keeping you updated on more news about Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection!





MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2018 Collection- Shiny Pretty Things

$19.50 – $35

Release Date(s):

10/15 ONLINE at

10/18  IN STORES at MAC, Nordstrom, Macy’s, & Ulta


mac shiny pretty things visual 2


MAC Cosmetics produces the most adorable, shiniest, and most Holiday-esque collections, along with the largest assortment of products to choose from, each Holiday. And this Holiday, MAC is introducing their Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection!! Complete with five different Holiday 2018 Lipsticks, Lipglass’, & Shiny Pretty Eyeshadows, and two different Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters, along with four Dazzleliners, packaged in silver, on trend, metallic packaging.


The theme is obviously glitter, glamour, and everything shiny, which is perfect for 2018’s “strobing craze”, along with Holiday present-like Bows, pressed into select powder based products. There are also pictures of two different Holiday 2018 Glow Kits, that look identical (packaging wise) to MAC’s Hyper Real Glow Kits, that have been surfacing on Instagram, and inside Sephora’s Beauty Community, so I’m sure there will be other products for Holiday 2018, like these cosmetic bags, (pictured below) makeup brushes, and Limited Edition Holiday 2018 Kits, Sets, etc.




MAC Shiny Pretty Things Holiday 2018 Collection List:


  • Shiny Pretty Things Lipsticks
    • Both Cheeks
    • A Wink of Pink
    • Babetown
    • At Leisure
    • Straight Fire


MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lipstick


  • Shiny Pretty Eyeshadows
    • Just Chilling
    • Major Win
    • Joy To
    • P For Pink
    • Make A Wish


MAC Shiny Pretty Eyeshadow


  • Dazzleliners
    • A Little Moonlight
    • Statuesque 
    • Midnight Toast
    • Holiday Time




  • Lipglass
    • Tudor Rose
    • Ice Orchid
    • Scarcely Seen
    • Caketop
    • Rose Buddy


MAC Shiny Pretty Things Lipglass


  • Extra Dimension Skin Finish
    • Oh, Darling
    • Snowflushed




MAC is giving everyone an early Christmas present, that’s sure to put a smile on every MAC-obsessed Beauty Babe’s face; Instead of releasing their Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection, in late November- usually the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday, MAC is releasing The Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection on October 15th ONLINE, and IN STORES October 18th. That’s over a month early than past Holiday release dates, so be sure to get online, at, to get three day early access, to MAC’s Holiday 2018 Shiny Pretty Things Collection!






Natasha Denona’s Holiday 2018 *LIMITED EDITION* Cranberry Palette 


Release Date(s):


10/25 in Sephora stores

**available in select Sephora stores NOW




Natasha Denona (and every other Beauty Brand in the Industry as of late) has been releasing products and palettes like CRAZY! Natasha Denona’s GOLD Eyeshadow Palette, and her SAFARI Eyeshadow Palette, were recently released, as well as her Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette. But unlike these said gorgeous palettes, her Holiday 2018 Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, is LIMITED EDITION, which catapults it to the top of Natasha Denona’s MOST WANTED, and the most highly anticipated palette out of all of her current releases.


Natasha Denona’s Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, has four brand new shades, and one Limited Edition shade, from last year’s Holiday 2017 Aeris Palette. True to it’s name, each shade helps create the perfect Cranberry hued eye, which is one of the HOTTEST eyeshadow shades for Holiday 2018. I mean, just look at that GORGEOUS eye that Natasha Denona created for her Holiday 2018 release promos!?! How could you not be stoked for this release?! Housed in a gold five pan palette, with extra large eyeshadow pans, similar to all of Natasha Denona’s 5 Pan Palettes, this palette is easy to take on the go, or easy to store in your vanity, without taking up much space. And you can create perfect Holiday Party eye looks, as well as more toned down, daytime eyeshadow looks, with minimal fallout, and pigment packed color.


Natasha Denona is releasing her Holiday 2018 Limited Edition Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette on October 25th, online, at, and in Sephora stores. It’s available now, in select Sephora stores, but all of the Sephora’s I’ve called, so far, do NOT have The Holiday 2018 Cranberry Eyeshadow Palette, in stock quite yet. And from my past retail experience, it could be sitting in an unopened box, that just recently arrived, so it could possibly be available between NOW, and October 25th, at any given time….





Urban Decay’s NAKED Cherry Collection

$18 – $49

Release Date(s):






It’s no secret that Urban Decay’s most successful Beauty Collection/Line, has been the NAKED Collection. Whenever there is a NAKED Palette Release, Beauties everywhere, line up at Sephora’s across the Nation, to get their hand’s on Urban Decay’s cult favorite; The NAKED *insert editions, 1, 2, 3, Smokey, or Heat*. But with bright and bold hue trends emerging from their 00’s (The Year 2000’s) resting place, Urban Decay was able to go back in time, to their old roots, and add some brighter hues to their forever popular and beloved, NAKED Palette Collections.


Hello, Urban Decay NAKED Cherry Collection! And this time, Urban Decay went ALL OUT, with this Cherry Themed NAKED Collection, adding a NAKED Highlighting & Blush Palette, a Cherry scented ALL NIGHTER Setting Spray,  three beautiful and bold Vice Lipsticks, and two 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, along with the absolutely GORGEOUS, NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette! 


The NAKED Cherry Collection definitely stands out, around all of the cool-toned nude palettes and color trends this Fall (along with Morphe’s 35M Boss Mood Palette, of course), and is the perfect transitional palette for those of you who want to try out brighter eyeshadow hues, but aren’t quite ready to make a full commitment. Complete with eight neutral/daytime shades, and four bright pinks and burgundys, this palette is the perfect “beginner’s” collection of shades for adding simple and bright pops of color, a bright pink or burgundy shadow crease, or a light peach or pink hued eye, that will help you ease into the brighter and more bold hues. The velvety soft, powder based shadows, are surprisingly high in color payoff, but aren’t TOO bold, because that’s what Urban Decay’s NAKED Palettes are all about; Being Au Naturale.



And in true NAKED fashion, these twelve matte, satin, and glitter based shades, are housed in a “classic” NAKED Eyeshadow Palette tin, complete with a double ended NAKED Eyeshadow Brush, which is perfect to slip in your purse when you’re on the go. Plus, the pink to burgundy ombre’ shaded packaging, along with the cherries and a gold NAKED Logo, will have you and everyone else, gushing over how adorable the NAKED Cherry Eyeshadow Palette is; inside and out. Complete the adorable-ness, with the All Nighter Setting Spray, the NAKED Cherry Highlighting & Blush Palette, the pink, burgundy, and peach, Vice Lipsticks, in Juicy, Cherry, & Devilish, and the glitter based 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, in Black Market and Love Drug, and you’ll be looking FIERCE AF, at any sexy Holiday Party, Masquerade, or night out.








Too Faced Holiday 2018  

(3 Exclusive Collections)




Too Faced always kills it, when it comes to all things pink, sparkly, girly, and fun. And their extensive Holiday 2018 Collection, out does itself this year. Too Faced has three different Holiday 2018 Collection “sets”, that are exclusive to, Sephora, and, with each retailer carrying one online-exclusive part of the Holiday 2018 Collection. 



*Sephora Exclusive*

Too Faced Dream Queen Collection


Release Date(s):

Available NOW and ONLY on 




The Too Faced LIMITED EDITION Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Collection, which is exclusive to Sephora, is an adorable Holiday 2018 Makeup Set, that contains one, pink, sparkly, and adorable, swan covered cosmetic bag, one Deluxe Travel Size HangOver RX Setting Spray, one Deluxe Travel Size Better Than Sex Mascara, and one Dreamy Lips Ultra Plus Lip Gloss, in Pink Swan. But the BEST PART of the Too Faced Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Collection, is the twenty four pan Dream Queen Eyeshadow Palette, which also comes with two blushes, and two bronzers. A collection of spice-inspired colors, with pops of sparkle and velvety mattes, the Dream Queen Holiday 2018 Eyeshadow Palette, is worth the splurge in itself.

You will NOT find this Holiday 2018 Dream Queen Collection online at, though. You will only find it on, and in select Sephora stores. So hurry quick, and get yours today, because this part of the collection is bound to SELL OUT!




*HSN Exclusive*

Too Faced Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Holiday 2018 Collection


Release Date(s):



The Too Faced Holiday 2018 Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Collection, is my personal favorite collection! The sixteen pan Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette, is full of golds, coppers, and a few pops of burgundy, with a mix of matte and sparkle based colors. The color assortment is definitely more of a nude/gold mix, which is why I love it so much. The Pumpkin Spice Collection also comes with a FULL SIZE Better Than Sex Mascara, and a Pumpkin Spice Lip Gloss, as well as an adorable Teddy Bear Hair Vegan Eyeshadow Brush. This collection is exclusive to, so you won’t find this collection on or




Too Faced Holiday 2018 Gingerbread Spice & Under The Christmas Tree Collection

$15 – $69

Release Date(s):





For the rest of the Too Faced Holiday 2018 Collection, like the Under The Christmas Tree Collection, The Gingerbread Spice Collection, and the EXCLUSIVE Sugared Peach Face & Eye Palettes, and the Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette, can be found on the Too Faced website, and on, as well as in Sephora stores.

And let’s be honest; waking up on Christmas morning, to the Too Faced Holiday 2018 Collection, under your Christmas Tree, makes for a GREAT Christmas. ESPECIALLY with all of the pink, glittery, and girly gorgeousness, of Too Faced!




Well, I think I’ve given you all a lot of Holiday 2018 products and collections to think about purchasing… for other people of course. Because we don’t shop for ourselves during The Holidays, do we??

I’m kidding.

Anyways, whats your favorite Holiday 2018 Collection?? What other Holiday 2018 Collections, that I didn’t mention, are you excited for?

Let us know! We love to hear from you!


Have a Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!



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