THE Fall 2018 Beauty Palettes & Collections That Will Keep You Looking Fresh & Fab!

Hello, Beauties!


The Beauty Industry is HUGE. Even before Kylie Cosmetics, and the KKW “contouring” craze, that started a few years ago, which sky rocketed Beauty Brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills to the top, the Beauty Industry was already a multi-billion dollar industry. And with Kylie Cosmetics being a BILLION dollar BRAND, on its own, you can only imagine what type of “Net Worth” the Beauty Industry is, as a whole. It seems like almost every day, a new Beauty Brand hits the scene, or a new collection from an already-successful Beauty Brand, is launched.

It gets overwhelming.

BUT; if you are looking for some truly *MUST HAVE* Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipstick Sets, and Face Palettes, and you don’t want to go through the “trial and error process” of purchasing and experimenting with palettes/kits that will only end up collecting dust in your makeup collection, then I have you covered!

The following palettes are THE Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipstick Sets, and Face Palettes for Autumn 2018:




Natasha Denona CAMEL Eyeshadow Palette



This just might be the BEST neutral eyeshadow palette, of ALL TIME. Like, no joke. Natasha Denona ALWAYS delivers when it comes to Eyeshadow Palettes, (and just about everything else) but I cannot get over how gorgeous this richly pigmented, multi-skin tone flattering, five shades fit all, Camel Palette is! And five colors may seem like a small number of pans, in comparison to other eyeshadow palettes that are on the market today, BUT this palette has become A STAPLE, in my makeup routine, and I can’t get enough of these gorgeous hues. I literally have hundreds of eyeshadow palettes, and I can’t stop reaching for this palette, daily!


Because Natasha Denona ensures high quality, as well as high pigmentation for all of her products, one sweep of color provides high coverage, opaque, and intense color payoff, and The Camel Palette, is no different. So a little goes a long way! And with three matte shades, and two shimmer based shades, you can create a daytime to nighttime transformation, with ease. The long-lasting color does NOT fade throughout the day, and the pigments “stay put” on eyes extremely well, during a night out. There are so many gorgeous styles and looks that come out of this five pan palette, including more toned down, work-appropriate looks, as well as High Fashion/Editorial looks that are easily achieved, including the “Neutral Smokey Eye”, that Natasha Denona uses for her Camel Palette Campaign, on her website.


The best part?? The Camel Palette looks absolutely STUNNING, on ANY and EVERY skin tone and shade! From Ivory to Ebony, The Camel Palette brings out EVERY eye color, and every skin color’s BEST FEATURES, which is something a lot of eyeshadow palettes and highlighting palettes, on the market today, fail to achieve. And the neutral based colors are “the key” which makes that possible.






Pat McGrath MOTHERSHIP V: Bronze Seduction Palette




Pat McGrath DOES NOT disappoint when it comes to, literally, ANY of her products. From her full coverage lip and eye pigments, to her gorgeous and experiment-friendly mixing labs, to her richly pigmented “ready to wear” eyeshadow palettes, Pat McGrath knows her stuff. Supermodels at Fashion Week call her “Mother”, and important Fashion Icons call her, “the most important makeup artist of our time”, (and if that doesn’t say something about her “makeup game”, then I don’t know what does). AND Pat McGrath’s Makeup Line, was an instant success, with products “selling out” in a matter of hours, on her website. She’s THE QUEEN MOTHER, of makeup artistry. And her new MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, is a blatant example of how luxurious, gorgeous, and highly pigmented, Pat McGrath’s makeup products really are.

The MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, not only houses ten absolutely STUNNING shades for Fall/Winter 2018, but just the packaging/cover art,  is something to fall in love with. The “spice” inspired shades, range from matte based aubergine’s, to matte cocoa’s, to shimmer based “true” golds, and pink hued rose golds, opals, and creams, which are absolutely PERFECT for Fall.


Every shade in The MOTHERSHIP: V Bronze Seduction Palette, are packed with pigment, long wearing, and extremely rich and blend-able. Each shade POPS, on ANY skin shade/tone, and you can create work-friendly/daytime looks, and transform your daytime look into a nighttime look, with ease. The artistry possibilities are endless with these ten beautiful shades, and like all of Pat McGrath’s other products, you will NOT be disappointed!




NARS Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette




If you feel like NARS hasn’t been on the top of their game lately, think again. Although NARS used to be one of THE “it girl” Beauty Brands, it seems like they haven’t really released anything very “innovative” in the past few years. BUT that’s all changed with the release of some of their more popular products and palettes, like NARS Bord De Plage Highlighting/Bronzing Palette, and their absolute *MUST HAVE* Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette. Unfortunately NARS Bord De Plage’ Highlighting/Bronzing Palette has been discontinued, BUT Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette is available and ready for purchase on!


Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette, is a collection of neutrals for eyes and cheeks, that’s extremely similar to Natasha Denona’s Camel Palette; as far as shades go, that is. But what’s great about this palette, are the two large pans, which contain a bronzer for contouring, and a highlighter for strobing/highlighting. The colors that NARS offers, are more on the warmer side of the spectrum, so it’s perfect for Beauties who prefer warmer colors, over neutral colors. It’s also nice to have a palette that includes a highlighter, bronzer, AND eyeshadow colors, because it’s easier to throw in your purse for Beauty emergencies (AKA touchups, and transforming an eye look from a daytime look, into a nighttime look when you are on the go). The colors are velvety and creamy (but still in powder formula) and each color pan produces high color payoff, and long wearing properties, so you get what you pay for when you purchase this gorgeous lil’ slice of cake.


I’m very happy with NARS Atomic Blonde Eye & Cheek Palette, and I’m also very happy that NARS is making it’s way back into the Beauty Scene. I mean, they never really left the Beauty Scene, but with all of the new Beauty Brands that have come out in the past few years, it’s hard to stay loyal to a brand who isn’t producing innovative products, unlike Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, and Natasha Denona. So GREAT JOB, NARS! Congratulations on your comeback!




Hourglass Cosmetics’ Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette



Hourglass Cosmetics has taken the Beauty Industry by storm, with their STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS Ambient Lighting Powders, Highlighters, Bronzers, and Blushes. And last years Holiday Edition Palette, flew off Sephora’s shelves, and SOLD OUT online, everywhere. So I had extremely high hopes for this year’s Holiday *LIMITED EDITION* Palette. And Hourglass DID NOT disappoint!




Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, offers six shades of Ambient Lighting Powder, that will make every beauty, of every skin tone/type/shade, look absolutely radiant! Lighting Bronzers, Metallic Strobing Powders, Lighting Blushes, and Lighting Powders, all come in this convenient, six in one compact palette, which is perfect for taking with you whether you’re on the go, or if you’re trying to save space in your vanity. And this year’s palette is actually UNIVERSAL, and perfect for ALL skin types, which is a nice update compared to their past Holiday Edition Palettes. Whether you have Light, Medium, or Dark Skin Tones, each Ambient Lighting Powder can be used to highlight, contour, strobe, or blush those gorgeous faces of yours, and each shade is made with Photoluminescent Technology, which Hourglass uses in every one of their Ambient Lighting Powders, “to capture, diffuse, and soften surrounding light”, which is one of the highly effective properties that makes Ambient Lighting Powder so innovative and makes your skin look so flawless when applied.




Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, is CRUELTY FREE, 100% VEGAN, and formulated WITHOUT Parabens and Sulfates, so it’s literally, formulated for EVERYONE. AND 5% of profits sold, will go to The Nonhuman Rights Project, so when you purchase this dreamy little palette, you can feel good about where your money is going… Right in time for The Holidays!




Morphe Cosmetics’ 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette






Morphe Cosmetics keeps getting better and better, every season! And for Autumn 2018, Morphe’s 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette, is every Beauty Babe’s bright, multi-shade, dream palette, with each hue being ON POINT, with Autumn 2018’s hottest color shades. Packed with bright neons, and TONS of sparkle, this pigment packed palette, has every color you need, to create endless glitter based, bright, creative eye looks. So if you’re already feeling like Autumn is dulling your color game, then Morphe’s 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette, is probably something you should invest in…. you know, to beat those “Seasonal Blues”.




I mean, just look at those GORGEOUS glitter based shades, and those rich AF mattes! How could you NOT want this palette?! I’m more of a nude or gold based eye babe, myself, but The 35M BOSS MOOD Artistry Palette definitely makes me want to try some bright and bold looks…. even if I feel a little over the top. But hey… over the top IS IN.





Kat Von D *LIMITED EDITION* Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipstick Set 


31629Autumn Fashion Trends, tend to ALWAYS be neutral. So Kat Von D and her Beauty Genius-self, released her *LIMITED EDITION* Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipstick Set, which is perfect for Fall and Winter. Best of Nudes comes with six Mini Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipsticks, in all of the brands most wanted/most gorgeous Creme’ Nude Lipsticks, which caters to every skin shade, and ranges from true nudes, deep browns, toasted mauves, and muted siennas. So whether you’re feeling more of a natural lipstick shade, or a lighter nude, or darker nude, this lipstick set has you covered. And my favorite part?? Each of these shades melt into each other with ease, so you can create THE PERFECT ombre’ lipstick application. This is definitely one of my favorite Lipstick Sets of the season. This is definitely any Nude Lipstick Lover’s *DREAM*.

The Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick Set contains the following shades:


Kat Von D is one of the TOP THREE most pigmented Beauty Brands in the ENTIRE Industry. And with all of the pigment packed, popularity and staying power of Liquid Lipstick, your mind tends to wander to the blatant question of why creme lipstick is still around…. BUT, this is why; Liquid Mattes and Liquid Velvets are great for one color and done, lipstick applications. But with the gorgeous ombre’ and multi-hued lipstick application trends, Liquid Mattes and Liquid Velvets just don’t get the “ombre’” job done, like a classic Creme’ Lipstick. And with the highly pigmented color payoff that Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Creme’ Lipsticks give you, you can create ombre’ lip applications, which melt into each other with ease, and still get that gorgeous color payoff and those long wearing properties of a basic Liquid Matte/Velvet lipstick. And the best part?? Creme’ Lipsticks don’t dry out your pretty pout, like Liquid Matte’s can. And they don’t flake off, “ball up” with re-application or touchups, or crack.





Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sultry Eyeshadow Palette



Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, is one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, that Anastasia Beverly Hills has EVER released, (even the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Master Palette By Mario) which is saying A LOT, considering all of the other GORGEOUS palettes that have been released from this, practically perfect in every way, Beauty Brand.




The Sultry Eyeshadow Palette contains fourteen cool toned shades, (two of which are BRAND NEW) and are all absolutely PERFECT, for Autumn/Winter 2018. The cool toned nude shades, a mix of matte and glitter based finishes, are perfect for a cool toned, nude, smokey eye. The silver glitter based shade, Cyborg, is the perfect addition to add a pop of silver-y glam, to any nude based eye. Bloom, a matte, peachy coral shade, adds a pop of color to the palette, as well as Noir, which adds a classic “ultra-matte” black shade, which can be used to line or perfect a classic smokey eye. And these shades look absolutely GORGEOUS, on ANY skin tone. Especially darker skin tones; The pigment-packed nudes, golds, and bronzes POP on darker to Ebony skin tones, and look absolutely FLAWLESS on those skin shades.






Melt Cosmetics’ GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette




Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 7.33.10 PM


Melt Cosmetics’ GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette, isn’t as brand new, as other palettes and collections on this list, but it’s still just as worthy for all the attention; especially when it comes to Autumn/Winter 2018. GEMINI Eyeshadow Palette was SOLD OUT, for a few months, after it’s initial release, earlier this year, which kind of broke my heart. On apps like Mercari and Poshmark, brand new GEMINI Eyeshadow Palettes, were going for $150 – $300, just for ONE, which proves it’s validity to the world of cosmetics. But now, that GEMINI is FINALLY restocked, you can purchase one of these beauty’s, which contains ten, pigment packed, HUGE eyeshadow pans, which are over double the size of Urban Decay’s Naked(s) eyeshadow pans! And the color payoff?? Absolutely INSANE.


Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 7.31.08 PM


Every shade looks beautiful on ANY skin tone, but the Olive Green shades, Leo, Goalz, and Fire OG, which come in matte, satin, and glitter based finishes, are perfect for Fall 2018, and make Brown/Hazel Eyes, POP, and the shades are perfect for medium to deep skin tones.  The matte shade Mochi, which is a true Mustard, looks GORGEOUS on Dark to Ebony skin tones, as well as Olive-toned skin shades. Luna (matte), Gemini (glitter), and Lorelei (matte), accentuate Brown, Hazel, Blue and Green eyes, and look beautiful on Fair to Ebony skin tones; and the color payoff is amazing, with each and every pigment packed shade.  The first five eyeshadow shades are absolutely perfect for Daytime looks for Lighter skin tones, as well as the last five shades being perfect for Daytime looks for Darker skin shades, and vice versa for Nighttime looks.



Each shade melts into one another, and blend like a dream. The creamy and velvety  textures of each color, are easy to blend out, or layer on for more intensity. You get full coverage with just one swipe, but the colors are buildable and you will get very intense color payoff, when layering on. The colors stay put, and when layered upon an eyeshadow primer or a liquid foundation used as a primer, the color payoff is even more intense, which is great because a little goes a long way; plus the pan sizes are HUGE, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

Hurry up and buy one before they sell out, AGAIN! Seriously. It’s SO worth it.





Too Faced Holiday Collection: The Gingerbread Spice Palette





I know I can always count on Too Faced, to produce gorgeous eyeshadow hues, lash plumping mascara’s, long lasting liquid lipsticks, along with ADORABLE packaging; probably the most adorable packaging out of ANY Beauty Brand… And this year’s Holiday Collection, really put on the glitz and glam, and will grab even the most drab of color-palette tastes, attention! The Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette, in particular, is The Holiday Collection’s most popular item, and has SOLD OUT TWICE, since being released, a few weeks ago, which is a big win for Too Faced.


Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette, is a collection of eighteen eyeshadows, that include nudes, pinks, browns, purples, and a muted orange satin finish shade (Spice Is Nice), and a glitter based Olive Green shade (Spice Of Life). One of my favorite shades, Reindeer Paws (matte),  is one of the richest, and truest Chocolate Brown shades I’ve ever seen, and looks absolutely flawless when applied. You can create gorgeous Daytime looks, add pops of color, or go all out and create a bold, colorful, statement eye look, that will turn heads at any Holiday Party.




Each shade is all skin tone friendly, and the color payoff is rich and beautiful. The colors can be layered on for intensity, or blended out for a more natural look, with ease, and any good eyeshadow brush can pick up the pigments extremely well. The colors apply evenly, and there’s zero lack of uneven coverage, with every shade. Too Faced also includes several shades for highlighting ANY skin shade’s brow bone, which is something that eyeshadow palettes these day’s have been lacking.

Great Job, Too Faced! We ABSOLUTELY ❤ The Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette!





Whatever palettes, sets, or collections that you decide to go with, or already love, be prepared to KILL IT this Fall, makeup artistry-wise. And these, of course, are NOT even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fall Makeup Collection Releases. These are just some of the best, and my personal favorites!

Which Beauty Item and/or Collection is your favorite for Autumn 2018?? What are your personal favorite Items and/or Collections?

We love your feedback, and we also love to try new, fresh, and lesser known, Beauty Brands! Comment on this post, with your Autumn 2018 favorites!



Have A Fab & Fresh Day, Beauties!







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